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Will Bleach Keep Raccoons Away? (Quick Answers)

Bleach is an excellent cleaning ingredient that we use pretty much every day to clean our clothes and kitchen appliances.

It has strong chemical bonding, which removes the dirt and strong stains from the clothes. In addition to washing the clothes, bleach can also be used as an anti-repellent and anti-aphid’s ingredient.

You can make a bleach mixture and spray it around the garden or the house to repel mammals and other unsafe animals. Mainly, it spreads a pungent odor that the animals can’t bear. As a result, they leave the place.

Will bleach keep raccoons away?

The bleach will keep raccoons away from the garden and the surrounding. You can scatter some bleach around the required places or around the trash. The smell and the active chemical ingredients will repel the raccoons quickly. Ammonia will give a permanent solution.

Bleach is an instant solution to raccoons. If you want to store the garbage for about an hour, but the raccoons are nearby, you can use some bleach on the trash. It will keep away the raccoons for an hour. Be sure to remove the garbage within this time.

If you have a garden, you want to get rid of the raccoons and protect your plants from them; you can’t rely on the bleach. It will only give you an instant solution. If you want to repel the raccoons permanently, you need to use ammonia.

Let’s say you have a garden full of beautiful flowers, or you want to plant flowers and vegetable trees. But you’re afraid of the raccoons. They might damage the entire garden. In that case, you can use the bleach and repel the raccoons within a while.

It will be better to use ammonia and deter the raccoons for a long time. Here comes the question. Can’t you repel the raccoons permanently? Unfortunately, you can’t. You need to use ammonia to keep raccoons away from their surroundings.

If you travel or go somewhere else to spend your vacation, you should spray mixed ammonia water instead of bleach to make the garden safe. It will repel all the rodents, mammals, and other animals from the garden and your house.

Does bleach hurt raccoons?

Bleach doesn’t hurt raccoons. It only spreads the smell and repels the raccoons from the trash in the garden. It has chemical ingredients, and the powder comes with some harsh materials which work on the clothes to clean and remove dirt and strong stains.

If you scatter bleach on the raccoon’s body, it will not hurt, but they will get sick if the raccoons eat bleach due to the chemical reactions. Since bleach has some strong chemicals, it will damage the taste and digestive system of the raccoons.

However, the raccoons will still live after swallowing the bleach, but they will go through a lot. To avoid such an incident, it would be better to use bleach around the trash and the garden instead of using it on the raccoons.

3 reasons why bleach keeps raccoons away

The smell is why bleach keeps raccoons away from their surroundings. There are more.

Chemical Reactions:

Bleach is a chemical product. It can mix with other ingredients, including water, soil and destroy the bacteria to clean the surface or the clothes. Therefore, it is unsafe to inhale and smell and swallow.

Using bleach around the trash and garden will spread the chemical reaction through the air and soil, ultimately repelling the raccoons.

Chlorine dioxide, gas, bleaching powder all are chemical ingredients. Most animals avoid the area where you use them.


Bleach is entirely an inedible cleaning material; most of the cleaning products are inedible. It has toxic ingredients that make it unsafe for eating. And the raccoons always try to eat whatever suits them.

If you use bleach around the garden and trash, it will make all the ingredients inedible. That’s why people use the bleaching powder on their trash to repel the raccoons and make their place clean and odorless.

Pungent Smell:

We talked about the bleaching powder smell. Bleach spreads a strong aroma to the air, which deters the raccoons for about an hour.

If you want to smell for a long time and keep raccoons away from the trash, you should use bleach and scatter it around and on the garbage.

The amount of bleach should be increased if you plan to keep raccoons away for a long time when you are not at home. The pungent smell will be there, and it will do the job perfectly.

What does bleach do to raccoons?

Bleach does some damage to the raccoon’s health. Keep with us and explore the causes of bleach in the raccoons.

Skin Irritation:

If the raccoons get attached to the bleach, the raccoons’ skin will irritate for an hour or so.

Mainly the chemical reaction is the leading cause here. Bleach will attack the raccoon’s bacteria and clean off their skins if they go through the water. 

People avoid using bleach on the raccoons; instead, they scatter the bleach around the trash and garden to prevent damaging the raccoon’s health. You can follow the tip; otherwise, the bleach will irritate the raccoon’s skin.

Damage Taste:

If you use bleach on the trash and raccoons’ food, there is a high chance that the raccoons will eat the food despite the bleach. If they do that, they will lose the taste & cannot eat other foods and struggle to fail.

If the raccoons eat the bleach, their taste will go away, and they can’t eat to a great extent. So, it’s another damage that bleach does to the raccoons.

Digestion Problem:

The crucial cause of bleach is the digestion problem. Sometimes, the raccoons mistakenly eat the bleach along with the food.

When they eat bleach, it directly affects their digestion. And the raccoon’s stomach goes wrong.

So, the raccoons always avoid bleach mixed food. It happens when you use bleach in the trash. The ideal practice to use the bleach is to scatter bleach around the waste or the garden.

Other Complexity:

Bleach is not recommended for the pet home. You should not use bleach around the pet. But when it comes to the raccoons, you might want to repel them from the trash and your garden.

But the bleach will react when it goes to the raccoon’s blood. Especially when the raccoons eat the bleach mixed food or trash, the chemical might go through the raccoon’s blood and create different health issues.

How do you keep raccoons off your property with bleach?

Different methods of using bleach to keep raccoons off your property are there. You can use bleach and make an excellent anti-raccoons spray. Let’s go through all the ways and follow the required steps.

Use Direct Bleach:

The easiest way to keep raccoons off your property with bleach is to use it directly. You don’t need to mix it up with the water. Instead, you can place the bleach or put it around your property or the trash.

It will spread out the pungent smell and deter the raccoons. It will work best if you scatter the bleach around the property. It will be effective and keep the raccoons out of the yard or trash.

Making a Mixture:

You can make a mixture of bleaching powder, hot water, and vinegar. It will become an excellent repellent. You need to boil the water, then add some vinegar to it.

After that, you may add some bleaching powder and complete the mixture. Eventually, it will become an excellent home remedy that you can use to deter raccoons from your property.

Scatter Bleach:

Another easy way to keep raccoons off your property is to scatter the bleach into the property or yard corners. It will help spread the pungent smell and deter the raccoons from every possible corner.

You can have a packet of bleaching powder and put some on different corners or around the yard or your property. It will surely keep off the raccoons.

What smell do raccoons dislike?

The raccoons dislike some particular smells. Mainly, it avoids inhaling all the pungent smells and chemical odor.

You can use them to keep raccoons away from your property or the garden. But the bleach and vinegar can produce the best pungent odor that raccoons dislike most.

You will find more ingredients that can also create the odor, and the raccoons feel uncomfortable going through those areas. It will be better to use them around the property and make it safe.

  • Bleach Smell
  • Vinegar
  • Hot Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Epsom Salt

Final Thoughts

Bleach has some strong chemical ingredients that make a pungent smell in the air and clean the surface. It can also remove the firm dirt and play a vital role as a repellent. For this reason, the bleach will keep raccoons away from your garden, property, and trash.