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Will Lights Keep Coyotes Away? (All You Need to Know)

Are you frustrated with having coyotes lurking around your property at nighttime? Are you thinking of using lights as coyote repellent? However, are you wondering whether or not it is possible to effectively keep the coyotes away with different types of lights?

Will lights keep coyotes away?

Coyotes can definitely be dissuaded by lights and they like to stay away from it as much as they can. This is because coyotes do not really like bright flashing lights or motion-sensing lights being pointed at their faces as it can catch them off guard. 

Although it may come across as a surprise but it is very much possible that certain lights can work to keep coyotes away.

Moreover, coyotes are naturally very sensitive to motion, sound, and light and all of these things combined can really be a threat for the coyotes.

Additionally, as the coyotes are naturally nocturnal animals, they are very active at night and when they see blinding lights come their way, they will be startled and will perceive the situation as dangerous which is why they will try to stay away from that light source.

What color lights scare coyotes?

As coyotes are very much sensitive towards the light, it comes in handy for scaring the coyotes away from your property. Therefore, being knowledgeable about the proper types of coyote repellent lights can help you to make the task very easy. 

Red light:

When it comes to the red light, it should be noted that the coyotes do not mind being around it as it can even give them a calming effect. 

Additionally, red light is also on the higher wavelength which means this color will not even be that much noticeable to the coyotes as they are color blind.

However, if you happen to use some red spotlights, it can cause disturbance for the coyotes and they will initially like to steer clear of it. 

Do lights scare coyotes?

Lights can definitely scare coyotes and being knowledgeable about the type of lights that will scare coyotes will help you to mold your decisions accordingly.


When it comes to floodlights, it has the potential to scare coyotes away because the flashing floodlights will eventually confuse the senses of the coyotes and they will most likely to keep their distance.


Porch lights are also very effective and efficient when it comes to scaring the coyotes away off of your property. In addition, you will be benefited more if you go the extra mile and attach a motion-activated system to your porch light.

Strobe lights or Flashlights:

Because coyotes are nocturnal animals and they like to hunt in a dark environment, they will be startled and scared when flashlights or strobe lights are pointed at their faces.

Additionally, strobe lights are also motion activated and it combines both sound and light which is again best for keeping the coyotes at bay.

Blinking Lights:

When it comes to blinking lights, it will be more effective in scaring the coyotes away because the blinking or the flashing part of these blinking lights will be really blinding and confusing for the coyotes.

Motion light:

One of the perks of motion lights is that it notifies you whether or not there are coyotes on your property.

Although motion lights are in themselves not very effective, they nevertheless can awaken you from your sleep and then you can use the hazing technique to negatively condition the coyotes which will eventually scare them away in the long run.

Will coyotes come towards light?

Coyotes will never come towards lights because lights seem to scare them away and coyotes are highly sensitive towards lights and motion.

Accordingly, the bright motion sensor lights around your home can really keep the coyotes away but once they become aware of the fact that the lights cannot harm them anymore, they will not see it as a threat anymore.

Therefore, they will never come to the bright light source at the beginning but their realization of its being non-threatening can cause them to invade further.

Can coyotes see red light and green light?

Coyotes are naturally color blind which means they won’t be able to see such lights which contain bright colors except for blue and gray.

In addition, when it comes to green light, it can be seen by the coyotes a bit and will not give them a calming effect rather it will disturb them a lot.

Moreover, when it comes to red light, it won’t be seen by the coyotes as the wavelength of red light is much higher.

What color light can coyotes not see?

The coyotes do not really like bright lights therefore, they seem to walk away when they come across different types of light that don’t sit well with them.

Accordingly, coyotes are naturally color blind which means they cannot see several colors except gray and blue. Therefore, if you point a red light onto their face, they will not be able to see it. 

In addition, coyotes also seem to detest the red spotlights, bright flashlights, LED deterrent lights, night guard solar lights, and so on because these lights can be really blinding when pointed straight at the coyotes’ face which causes them to not see properly.

Do coyotes come out in the day or night?

Coyotes seem to come out in the day and night equally. Coyotes like to be very active, especially in the dawn and dusk.

Additionally, the activeness can depend on the species as well because there are many nocturnal coyotes that have adopted several nocturnal characteristics, and therefore, they only seem to be active at night times, dusk, and dawn.

However, it is actually in the time of sunset and dawn when coyotes seem to be the most active. Another factor that determines when the coyotes come out is related to the environment.

Therefore, when it comes to urban areas, the coyotes seem to be active more at night because people seem to be very much available in the daytime.

Additionally, in the case of rural areas, coyotes seem to come out equally during day and night because the visibility of people is less during the day in rural areas.

How to keep coyotes away from your house?

You definitely do not want coyotes wandering around your house which can sometimes end in negative consequences. Therefore, being knowledgeable about the proper ways of keeping coyotes away from your house can help you to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Keep the Area Neat and Clean:

If you do not want coyotes around your home, the first thing you need to do is to clean the parameter of your house very thoroughly.

Additionally, you also need to be mindful of the fact that any food scraps lying outside of your house can also attract coyotes.

In addition, coyotes seem to eat anything in sight therefore, they will even invade the garbage bin just to satiate their hunger.

Therefore, you need to make sure your garbage bin is put outside of your home or you can simply put your garbage bin inside of your house or in the garage to keep the coyotes away.

As coyotes have a very keen sense of smell, they will be aware of the odor related to garbage therefore, you can simply use some mothballs and ammonia-soaked rags around the garbage bin to confuse the sense of smell of the coyotes.

Fence the Area:

Another very effective way of keeping the coyotes away from your house is by building a fence. Accordingly, you need to build a fence that is high enough so that the coyotes cannot jump over it.

Therefore, you need to build a fence that is at least 18 inches high so that coyotes will steer clear of it. In addition, you can also put some barbed wire or PVC pipes on the fence to discourage the coyotes from climbing or jumping through the fence.

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Keep your Pets Inside the House:

Another really effective way of keeping the coyotes away from your house is by keeping all the pets or animals inside sheds or inside your house.

Accordingly, you also need to put bird feeders, pet foods, and water inside your house so that these do not work as an invitation for the coyotes to invade your garden areas.

Usage of Light and Sound:

Coyotes do not really appreciate loud sounds and light. Therefore, you can use air horns, phantom deterrents, and motion sensor coyote alarms to keep them away from your property.

In addition, coyotes also don’t seem to like bright flashlights and if you point bright flashlights onto their face, they will be scared and will run away.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, lights will definitely keep coyotes away from your property because bright lights can make the coyotes vulnerable and scared. However, once the coyotes realize that the lights are not that harmful to them, they can outsmart this approach as well.