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Will Mothballs Keep Fleas Away? (Read This First!)

Mothballs are a chemical method of getting rid of insects and bugs. Mothballs were primarily invented to protect clothes from any kind of damage. But there is some confusion about the list of bugs and insects mothballs work against. 

Today, we are going to discuss and find out whether mothballs are capable of keeping fleas away or not. 

Keeping fleas away with mothballs

Mothballs are more than capable of keeping fleas away due to several reasons. Firstly, the aroma of mothballs causes problems for the fleas. The respiratory system of fleas becomes weak when the gas vapors of mothballs enter it. However, mothballs are poisonous for both animals and children.

Many people do not know about all the correct methods of keeping fleas away. There are many chemicals that are good at getting rid of insects and bugs. But not all of these chemicals can effectively terminate fleas, flea eggs and larvae. 

But the good news here is that mothballs are one of those chemicals that are able to keep fleas away. The chemical reaction caused by the toxic components of mothballs is responsible for their success as a flea repellent. 

The chemical reaction of mothballs creates respiration issues for fleas in a contained environment. Fleas will meet their fate if the gas vapor produced by mothballs manages to enter their respiratory system. 

But the chemical reaction of mothballs is not considered as being safe for children and animals. So mothballs should not be placed in open places. 

Do fleas dislike mothballs?

According to insects and bugs experts, fleas do not like mothballs at all

There are some valid reasons behind it. First of all, fleas do not enjoy the aroma emitted by mothballs. Fleas are known for having a strong sense of smell. So they will try to stay away from places that have mothballs. Because mothballs can play with the fleas’ sense of smell. 

Another alarming thing about mothballs which make it impossible for fleas to stick around them is that mothballs can effectively terminate fleas. So the fleas will not go near mothballs in their right state of mind. Insects and bugs will avoid areas that have terminating components. 

Mothballs are quite efficient at getting rid of all sorts of bugs and insects including the fleas. 

In fact, insects and bugs experts recommend using mothballs as a flea repellent due to their smell and chemical reaction. So it can be said without a doubt that fleas dislike mothballs in order to survive. 

Do mothballs terminate fleas in yard?

It can be very difficult to terminate fleas living in your yard. But the fleas that are presently living in your yard will someday get into the house using your pet’s body or your body. So it is excessively important that you get rid of fleas living inside the garden. 

It is easy to get rid of fleas living in your garden using nothing more than mothballs if you manage to follow the right steps. 

You will need to combine the function of your vacuum cleaner with the function of the mothballs to terminate fleas in the yard. The mothballs will have to be put inside the vacuum cleaner using a vacuum bag. 

It is not safe to put the mothballs without an extra layer of protection. 

Then you will have to vacuum your yard with mothballs ingested vacuum cleaner to get rid of fleas. The chemical reaction caused by the mothballs inside the vacuum bag will effectively terminate the fleas in the yard. 

This method is recommended by many experts because of its rate of success. 

Do mothballs terminate flea eggs and larvae?

Mothballs are known for being an effective bug and insect repellent. The repelling quality of mothballs can be used on a consistent basis to get rid of all sorts of bugs and insects. Fleas fall in the category of bugs that can be easily terminated using mothballs. 

But mothballs can get rid of flea eggs and larvae due to their chemical components. The chemical components of mothballs create a strong enough chemical reaction to get rid of larvae and flea eggs. 

If you want to decrease the reproduction procedure of fleas and stop the infestation of fleas, then getting rid of flea eggs and larvae might be the best option available. Flea eggs and larvae can not cope up with the chemical function of mothballs. 

It can be very difficult to get rid of flea eggs and larvae if you fail to follow the most effective method.

5 reasons why mothballs keep fleas away

There are many reasons why mothballs are capable of keeping fleas away. Let’s discuss in detail about some of them.

Components of mothballs:

The major reason why mothballs keep fleas away is the components of mothballs. Naphthalene is the primary component of mothballs. The alternative to naphthalene is paradichlorobenzene. 

These two components possess the necessary ability to get rid of fleas effectively. 

Smell of mothballs:

One important thing to remember here is that mothballs have a strong sense of smell. So their sense of smell naturally can detect disturbing smells from miles away. 

The chemical components of mothballs emit a powerful aroma that causes discomfort to the sensitive smell sense of fleas. 

Chemical reaction of mothballs:

The components of mothballs are able to create a strong enough reaction that can successfully get rid of fleas for good. Mothballs belong to the category of chemicals that can be detrimental to the survival of fleas, flea eggs and larvae. 

If the chemical reaction of mothballs takes place near a flea infestation, then it can take out the entire herd of fleas. 

Gas vapor:

The normal form of mothballs starts turning into a gas vapor form after the chemical reaction starts. The mothballs will be seen emitting gas vapor that will begin terminating the fleas upon contact. It will make it unsafe for the mothballs to stick around. 

People often place mothballs in vacuum bags to get rid of fleas for good. 


One of the best things about mothballs is that they are not expensive at all and can be found at local stores. Their availability makes mothballs an effective flea repellent. There are not many better alternatives to mothballs when it comes to terminating fleas. 

Where do you put mothballs to terminate fleas?

If you want to know about the places you should put mothballs to terminate fleas, then you will have to first of all know about the places that should be avoided. 

You can not under any circumstances put mothballs in an open place that can be accessed by the children and pets of your house. Because mothballs are highly toxic to human beings and animals. 

According to chemical experts, the toxicity created by mothballs can make children and animals very sick indeed. So you will need to put mothballs in a vacuum bag or vacuum tube in order to terminate fleas

The fleas will be eliminated upon being vacuumed by a vacuum cleaner into the vacuum bag full of mothballs. 

It is not possible for fleas to fight against the chemical reaction caused by mothballs in the vacuum bag. Mothballs are effective at eliminating the fleas inside the vacuum bag. 

How do I get rid of fleas in my house fast with mothballs?

It can be difficult to get rid of fleas in the house fast with mothballs if you do not have prior experience regarding the matter. However, there are some steps and methods you can follow to accomplish the task. Let’s discuss in detail about some of them.

Prepare the vacuum cleaner:

One of the most tried and tested methods of getting rid of fleas using mothballs involves the vacuum cleaner. The method is very simple if you break it down. First of all, you will need to insert two or three mothballs in the vacuum cleaner bag and seal them tightly. 

Then you will need to place the vacuum cleaner bag into the vacuum cleaner. 

Vacuum properly:

Next, you will need to vacuum your house properly to terminate all the fleas, flea eggs and larvae. The first place you should target is the floor of your house. That is the one place that most fleas will be found. 

Your furniture will be another place that could be seen sheltering fleas and vacuuming the furniture will terminate fleas effectively. 

Use the freezer:

The vacuum cleaner bag containing the fleas will have to be placed in the freezer using a large bag. The cold condition of the freezer and the chemical reactions caused by the mothballs will be more than enough to terminate all the fleas, flea eggs and larvae. 

Final Thoughts

The chemical reaction of mothballs is able to keep fleas away for good. The mothballs target the respiratory system of fleas and neutralizes it. Fleas are not strong enough to fight against the chemical reaction of mothballs. They will slowly give up upon being stuck in a plastic bag with mothballs.