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Will My Snowmobile Fit? (Complete Fit and Size Guide)

Snowmobiles are big and can be expensive to transport to snowmobiling areas. It won’t fit all types of vehicles.

The expenses can be reduced if you have the right type of vehicle to transport your sled. We are going to discuss some of the vehicles by which you can transport your snowmobile. 

Will My Snowmobile Fit? 

Whether your snowmobile will fit or not depends on the size of your snowmobile and the type of vehicle you use. There are snowmobile trailers that can easily carry snowmobiles, including trucks. However, there are only a few vans that can carry snowmobiles without overhanging. 

What size trailer do I need for my snowmobile?

The larger your snowmobile is, the larger-sized trailer you will need. Your trailer size should be based on the size of your snowmobile, type of trailer, amount of gear, and more. Here is a size chart to help you figure out the size required for one snowmobile:

Type of TrailerDeck Length in ft.Deck Width in ft.Overall Length in In.
Open104 to 516
Open124 to 518
Open144 to 520

This is just an estimate based on average snowboard sizes. For exact measurements, check out size charts from the website of snowmobile trailer manufacturers. You can fit more than one snowmobile in a trailer and we’ll get to that later.  

Types of snowmobile trailer

Open Trailer:

As the name suggests, open trailers are the ones where the top of the trailer is open.

They are easier to tow and also cheaper than enclosed ones. However, since they are open, your snowmobile will be exposed which might attract dirt, debris, rain, and snow ice. 

Enclosed Trailer:

These trailers usually have a fiberglass top to cover the snowmobiles. They can haul your gear and around two to four snowmobiles.

The reason why people choose to buy it is to protect it from the elements of the air. However, they tend to be heavier than open trailers. 

Made out of steel or aluminum:

The most common materials used to make these trailers are steel and aluminum. Enclosed ones usually use aluminum. For durability, steel trailers are better.

They are also cheaper than other material types but require more maintenance. Unlike steel, aluminum trailers are lighter and don’t rust. They are less prone to damage. 

How big is a single snowmobile trailer?

Snowmobile trailers are usually 4 to 8.5 feet wide and are around 10 to 36 feet long. Single trailers are the smallest being around 4 feet wide and 10 to 16 feet long whereas double trailers are 7 to 8.5 feet wide. They are very heavy, typically between 350 to 3000 pounds. 

Can you fit a snowmobile in a short bed?

You can fit a snowmobile in a short bed but some of it will be hanging out as snowmobiles are large. It depends on the dimensions of the bed and your snowmobile. You can expect at least 4 to 5 feet hanging out of the vehicle. 

Will a snowmobile fit on a 4×8 trailer?

Whether your snowmobile can fit on a 4×8 trailer depends on the size of your snowmobile. Most snowmobiles are just too wide to fit on those trailers as they are around 10 to 12 feet in length.

If it’s an open trailer, it will be easier to fit. Normally, you will need a 4×10 trailer to fit one snowmobile but it is up to the width of your sled. Even the smallest snowmobiles will overhang in a 4×8 and this is illegal in many places.

Will a snowmobile fit on a 5×8 trailer?

Kid-sized snowmobiles can fit on a 5×8 trailer but not average ones as they are longer than 10 feet. You need a deck length of at least 10 feet.

Try to purchase a trailer that is at least 14 feet long to fit your sled comfortably. Make sure your open trailer is at least 4×12 or 4×14 feet in length. 

What size trailer do I need for 2 snowmobiles?

For an open trailer, your deck width has to be at least 6 and your deck length has to be at least 10 for two snowmobiles to fit.

In the case of an enclosed trailer, your deck length has to be at least 12 to fit two snowmobiles. To place two snowmobiles next to each other, your width should be 8.5 feet since you will need space for your gear as well. 

How big of a trailer do I need for 2 snowmobiles?

To place two snowmobiles next to each other, your width should be 8.5 feet since you will need space for your gear as well. If it is less than 8.5 feet wide then your sleds won’t fit comfortably.

This is because snowmobiles are usually 4 feet wide so if you want to fit two, there has to be double space. However, you can fit it on a trailer that is 7 feet wide if one sled is in front of the other.

Will 2 snowmobiles fit in a 6×12 trailer?

Fitting two snowmobiles in a 6×12 trailer is not possible unless they are kid-sized sleds. Snowmobiles tend to be longer than 12 feet which is why you should purchase one that is at least 14 feet long. 

What size trailer do I need for 3 snowmobiles?

The minimum trailer size for 3 snowmobiles is between 8×20-foot to 8×24-foot. You can fit it in a 7×16-foot one with short tracks if it has a v-nose. Around 20 to 24 feet is recommended to fit your gear at ease. 

How long is a 3 place snowmobile trailer?

They are usually 15 to 20 feet long and are 7 to 8 feet wide. It is a great way to carry multiple sleds while having space for gear.

Lower deck heights make it easier to tow but it will have less ground clearance. Pick the deck height according to your traveling requirements. 

What size trailer do I need for 4 snowmobiles?

Most trailers made to fit 4 snowmobiles are 22 to 25 feet long and 8 to 9 feet wide. They are typically the enclosed models and more expensive than other models.

For an open trailer model, make sure they are 6 to 9 feet wide and 22 feet long. Since they are expensive, more forms of protection are used on them. 

Will a snowmobile fit in a truck bed?

Truck beds are around 5 to 8 feet. Snowmobiles should be able to fit almost any size but some of it will overhang. You can expect 4 to 5 feet sticking out of the back if you use a short truck bed.

If your snowmobile length is 9’ then only 1’ will stick out of long 8’ truck beds. How much it will overhang depends on the size of your snowmobile and your truck bed. The easiest way to haul your snowmobile in is if you have a long truck bed.  

Will a snowmobile fit in the back of a truck?

Although truck beds are shorter than average snowmobiles, snowmobiles can fit in the back of a truck. It will easily fit long truck beds and can also fit short truck beds but some of it will be hanging outside.

Moreover, there are several ways to fit it. You can ride the vehicle right onto the truck bed or carry it up by hand with some help. The simplest way to load it would be by using a loading ramp or a snowmobile lift.

Will a snowmobile fit in a Tacoma?

This depends on what kind of Tacoma you have. You should be able to carry your snowmobile without facing any problems unless you have a 4-door double-cab Tacoma.

Since the regular and extended cab Tacomas both have 6’ beds, you can place your snowmobile on the bed after dropping the tailgate down. The sled might be tilted to one side. If you have a 5’ bed with a double-cab Tacoma then it will not be possible to carry your snowmobile. 

Put the sled backward in the back of your Tacoma. Remember to take the windshield off because it might get damaged. 

Will a snowmobile fit in a van?

It is highly unlikely that a snowmobile will fit in smaller-sized vans or minivans. Snowmobiles are very large. It can be very tough to fit inside vehicles and will need a lot of work. To see if it fits or not, measure the insides of your van to see if there is a possibility.

There are vans that fit snowmobiles such as the Bivy, a Mercedes Sprinter 144 base camper with 4×4 capabilities. 

You can try fitting it in large camper vans but check if the kitchen or cooking apparatus is too big to fit the snowmobile. 

Will a snowmobile fit in a f150?

Yes, a snowmobile will fit in an  f150. It might hang off a bit around a foot or two. Most of it will be on the bed but make sure to secure your snowboard properly with rope. If you don’t secure it properly, it will keep sliding out of the back of the bed.

Secure the back with a tow strap or bring a strap to tie across the back. You can also try loading the sled and lifting the back of it. The track will be sitting on the top of the tailgate once you shut it.

It is important to be cautious when you are carrying your sled because it can easily damage your vehicle. You should consider how you want to load your sled.

There are tilt trailers that assist with loading as well as trailers that come with ramps. There are accessories that you can buy as well to make your journey secure and peaceful. 

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