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Will a Snowmobile Start Without a Battery? (Answered)

Suppose, you are riding your snowmobile in the heavy snow and suddenly it stops. After checking you find out that the battery is down.

In this case, there is a good possibility that you can still start the snowmobile without any battery. You can pull start it without any doubt but it is preferred not to use it like this for long.

Will A Snowmobile Start Without A Battery?

A snowmobile can start working without a battery. It can be pull start or jump-start it to make the snowmobile run. However, this is a short-term solution, and you should not use it like this for too long as it can create damage to the electric parts. The batteries should be kept for better support.

Pull starting a snowmobile is the most common way of making it going forward if you don’t have any battery. Nowadays, most of the people ride the snowmobile without any support from the battery.

But it is highly recommended to restore the battery immediately to save the snowmobile from electric dysfunction in the long run.

Does a snowmobile need a battery to start?

It necessarily won’t always need a battery to start operating. It also sort of depends on what kind of snowmobile you are using.

You can find it out by yourself whether or not your snowmobile needs a battery to work. You can simply remove the battery from the snowmobile and try to jump-start it. If it starts the engine without any obstacle then you don’t have to have a battery to start it.

And if it doesn’t start then you need a battery to begin with. There are also some snowmobiles that prefer not to have use of the battery while starting it.

Can you pull start a snowmobile without a battery?

Yes, you can definitely start a snowmobile by just pull starting it even if it doesn’t have a battery.

But sometimes, pull starting a snowmobile can be a difficult task, especially for those who are a beginner. You might fail to pull start it if you are not following the right order.

You have to pull the string in the correct way and give the required amount of force to start the snowmobile. Pulling it 2-3 times should do the job.

How to start a snowmobile with a down battery?

If you have a down battery then following these steps will help you to start the snowmobile without any obstacle:

Jump box:

A jump box can be used to start a snowmobile with a down battery. Just connect the cables of the battery and the jump box accordingly.

In short, connect the positive cable of the jump box to the positive cable of the battery and vice versa. Afterward, keep the jump box in the engine bay and start the sled. This will help the snowmobile to jump-start and you can ride it without any problem.

This is an easier way to kick start an engine because it is a device that can be carried around anywhere. And you also don’t have to connect it to any outlet to make it work. It only needs to be charged properly to give your engine the force it needs to start the snowmobile.

Pull starting the sled:

Pull starting the sled can also help a down battery to start the engine.

All you have to do is, turn the machine on, hold the cord with both of your hands and pull it with your force while leaning back. It will be simple for you to do it like this.

After some pulls, the engine will turn on and you will be ready to use the snowmobile.

Charge the battery:

Charging the battery can actually help you to make the battery work for some time as it will revive the battery and make it usable. It will certainly help out a snowmobile to start with that amount of charge.

If you charge it properly then it will serve your ride for a long time. But make sure it is not overcharged.

Make sure the battery is warm:

In winter, the batteries often get quite cold which is why you might face problems in order to start the snowmobile. This makes the battery down and unable from operating.

Before you start your ride, you can heat the batteries by simply charging for an hour. This will jump-start the vehicle in no time.

Can you run a snowmobile without a battery?

You can surely run a snowmobile without a battery. If you have a battery that suddenly doesn’t work in the middle of the road, then you have to remove it anyway from the snowmobile.

But, however, it won’t be a good idea to run the snowmobile without a battery for a long period of time. This is because the battery helps to keep the electric system of the snowmobile quite stable. And without it, you will have some electrical damages to the vehicle.  

Although the snowmobile can run without a battery, it is a good option to keep a battery within the vehicle for safety purposes.

Effect of running your snowmobile without a battery?

To be precise, the engine will have many different issues if you ride it without a battery for long.

  • It will destroy the fuses that are in your snowmobile.
  • Many electrical parts will be destructed as the battery works as a protectant for them.
  • The voltages of the engines might also start to spike if you continue to use them without the battery.

How can a snowmobile run without a battery?

It can run without a battery simply by pull starting the sled.

Pulling the string that comes along the snowmobile will come in handy to start the engine that doesn’t have any battery.

But at first, you have to turn on the start switch before pulling the cord. This will give you a ride for a fair amount of time but at least you can use it without any worry of it not working.

In the recent models, the batteries are only used to give the engine the electric kick that it needs. And the sleds will not need any assistance of the batteries to work.

How long can you run your snowmobile without a battery?

This really depends on what you are using to give the energy source to your engine before starting it.

For instance, if you are riding the snowmobile with a minimal amount of energy source then you will only be able to ride it for 1-2 miles.

But if you are using the jump box to start the engine then you can go on a long tour with it.

So, choose the energy source that is suitable for you and your journey.

How to make your snowmobile battery last longer?

Normally, a conventional battery will last 2-3 years. And, in order to make your battery last longer, you clearly have to follow some methods to do so.


Make sure you keep the battery in a clean state. As snowmobiles are used in the snow, there is a possibility of the snow being stuck in some places of the machine, especially the engine.

You have to clean it thoroughly so that the engine stays fresh and dirt-free.

Start once in a while:

As snowmobiles are usually used when the snow falls, there is a high probability that it stays unused for a long time.

It is not good for the engine to stay like this. So, you have to start the engine once in a while to keep it in a good condition even if you don’t go for a ride on it.


It is also necessary to completely charge the battery before starting the snowmobile. Half-charged batteries might not show the full potential of the vehicle and is also not good for the battery.

Keep it warm:

You can keep the battery in a warm atmosphere so that it doesn’t get cold inside. The cold causes the battery to stop working quite frequently and to avoid that you have to make sure the battery is kept in a warm and secured place.

In conclusion, there is no restriction in starting the snowmobile without a battery, but you surely have made an investment in buying this vehicle, and to make sure it survives for longer,  you should use it with a battery to keep it safe.

And it will provide you a service of comparatively longer years.

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