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Can You Grill Under a Covered Patio or Porch? (Answered)

Grilling a variety of meals in your backyard can be a very fun activity. It is a great way to share your food with your family and friends and enjoy your time together.

However, you might have some questions regarding it and if you can grill under a covered patio or porch. It is important to know all about it beforehand to avoid any issues. 

Can you grill under a covered patio or porch?

It is not alright to charcoal grill under a covered patio or porch. This is because not only can it start staining your walls, it also has a major risk of creating a fire in an enclosed area. Always grill in an open area or an area with proper ventilation or else you might create a grease fire. 

It is not really wise to grill under a covered patio or porch because even though the excessive smoke will not harm you, it can end up getting very risky.

First of all, the smoke will touch the walls constantly which will end up making your patio smell like char for a very long time. It can and will also stain your ceilings black very badly. This can be very off putting for many people. 

Other than that, there are additional risks. If it burns really hot there is a very big chance that you can start a grease fire which can end up getting out of control. Even if your porch is fairly open and has good ventilation, there is still always a risk.

This is why there are local neighborhood laws in a lot of places where you are not allowed to grill on your patio or porch. 

However, even though charcoal grills are the most common this ideology is limited to charcoal grills only. Modern forms of grilling methods actually do allow you to grill under covered patios or porches. 

Charcoal grill:

You should never use your charcoal grill in a fairly closed area such as under a porch or patio. Not only does charcoal heavily stain and leave behind a strong scent, but it also burns very hotly.

In an enclosed area it starts to consume more oxygen which can get quite dangerous for people who are grilling around the smoke.

It is also very likely to start a fire because of the embers getting onto your things so it is very important that you use your charcoal grill in a very well ventilated and open area.

Gas grill:

Gas grills are much more flexible because there is no excessive smoke, very high heat, and potential dangers if causing a fire. You can actually use gas grills in an enclosed space like under your porch or patio.

This only applies if there is adequate ventilation as well as ceiling height that is above ten feet. This will stop the smoke from reaching your ceilings and staining them. Also, do it facing the side where the air is hitting the grill more to vent the smoke produced.

Pellet grill:

You can also use a pellet grill under a porch or patio as long as you are following proper protocols in using it. This includes grilling in an area that is fully and properly ventilated.

You will need enough airflow to blow the smoke out and avoid any damage. However, do keep in mind that a pellet grill will produce a lot of smoke. This means that there is a chance that your patio or porch will smell like smoke for a very long time.

This is why it is advised to actually not do it in such an enclosed area because the smell can be very off putting. 

Is it safe to grill under a covered patio or porch? Why or why not? 

If you are planning on grilling under a covered patio or porch then you must understand to what extent it is safe. 

High ceilings:

If your patio or porch has very high ceilings then you can give it a shot with gas grills and pellet grills. This is because they do not produce excessive smoke like charcoal grills.

However, even then, there is still a very big risk that the smoke will touch your walls for a period of time. This will result in your patio and porch smelling like smoke for a very long time. 


If you are using a charcoal grill then alongside the smell comes problems with staining.

Charcoal grills will cause bad stains on your porch and patio which is not only very horrendous looking, it is also nearly impossible to take off. It will cost you a hefty amount of money to get it cleaned by professionals. 

Risk of fire:

This is limited to charcoal grills only but since they burn very hot there is a very big risk that the embers that spit from them can cause a fire. Especially if it touches any wood or flammable material.

It can also cause a grease fire which is why it is very important to not use charcoal grills in an enclosed space. 

How to grill under a screened porch?

There are some tips you should follow if you decide to grill under a screened porch.

Keep a fire extinguisher around:

Even though gas grills are not likely to cause a fire you should still take the proper precaution and keep an extinguisher around for proper precaution.


Grills produce a lot of smoke. You must ensure that you are grilling in an area where there is proper ventilation. The breeze must blow the excess smoke away or it can cause health issues if someone is around the grill cooking. 

High ceilings:

Another tip you must also keep in mind is having high ceilings. This is because the smoke touching the ceilings and walls can actually stain them.

Not only that, it will keep your porch smelling like smoke for a long time. Make sure the ceilings are more than ten feet high. 

Do not use a charcoal grill:

If you are grilling under a porch due to rain always use a gas or pellet grill. This is because charcoal grills have a very high potential of causing a fire from the embers or a grease fire. This can get uncontrollable.  

How much overhead clearance is needed for a grill?

If you are talking about using a charcoal grill then you should always do it in a fully open space where there is no roof on top.

However, if you are talking about using a gas grill or a pellet grill then you should always opt towards having more than ten inches of overhead clearance. This will avoid the smoke from staining your walls badly as well as prevent your walls from stinking of smoke. 

Where should a grill be placed on a patio?

If you are grilling on your patio then always remember to have the grill facing somewhere where maximum ventilation is achieved.

This will ensure that all the excess smoke is blown away properly. Also, ensure that the ceiling is at least ten feet or higher because this will ensure that the smoke has cooled fully before it touches the ceiling of your patio. 

Can you grill under a pergola, awning, or carport? 

Before grilling just under anywhere you have to know if it is safe to do so to avoid any forms of accidents. 

Grill under pergola:

You can grill under a pergola as long as you are using a gas grill, it is much safer and as long as there is proper ventilation it will not cause any issues. It is also not at risk of creating any fires.

However, do ensure that the smoke is not fully touching most of the beams as it can badly stain them. 

Grill under awning:

Yes, you can also grill under an awning under certain circumstances. Your awning must be installed at a good height and not be made of vinyl as those are prone to causing accidents.

Other than that, also ensure to maintain and clean your grill so that any grease fire can be avoided. 

Grill under carport:

It is alright as long as you do it closest to an open area with the highest amount of ventilation so that all the smoke is vented out.

Also, avoid gas and charcoal grills because the space is too enclosed and both of the grills consume a lot of oxygen. It can start producing harmful gases which can affect the health of the people near the grills. 

Final Thoughts: 

Even if it is alright to use some forms of grills in more enclosed areas like a porch or patio, it is still advised to not go ahead with your plans. Grilling in an open space with the maximum amount of ventilation will prevent any accidents from happening and will also not harm your porch or patio.