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A Beginner’s Guide to BMX Bikes

If you are new to bike riding and want to try something fun and thrill for the experience, you can try BMX bike riding. BMX bikes are good in off-track racing and freestyle riding. 

You can have a great time learning stunts and riding in your BMX. The experience is fun and exciting. The bikes are not heavy and manageable as well. The manoeuvrability of BMX makes it cool and fun. You can try a BMX if you love to ride bikes. 

A BMX bike specializes in off-track riding. That is, BMX bikes are suitable to ride on groovy surfaces. You can also race them in the dirt, sand, and many other non-uniform tracks. 

BMX bikes are ideal for stunts and off-track racing. They are perfect for tackling these harsh tracks and pressures. 

The specialty of BMX bikes is in the construction structure. These bikes have a sturdy frame. They are light in weight and better in performance. 

BMX bikes can perform on rough and bumpy tracks. Their light frame and in-wheel structure of 20 or more wheels make them unique.

What are BMX bikes used for?

BMX bikes are hard-core in their performance. They are different than regular bikes. BMX bikes are in use for various activities off-road. 

These bikes are ideal for harsh sports for their configuration. They serve a lot of purposes. Off-track racing, stunts, freestyle riding, dirt-track racing, jumping ramps, riding downhill roads, etc., are the uses of BMX bikes. 

You can also use your BMX bikes for regular use. There are many uses for BMX bikes. And all of them specialize in their performance off-road. These bikes do not get dysfunctional if they make jumps or even perform stunts. 

Are BMX bikes good?

BMX bikes are good bikes to ride off-road. They possess the feature of riding in uneven tracks due to their body-frame and wheel frame structure. 

You can ride a BMX bike on regular roads as well. These bikes are good for beginners who are learning to ride bikes. They are as smooth inroads as they are in off-roads. 

The main difference between a BMX bike and a regular bike is in its structure and performance ability. Regular bikes are heavier and speedier than BMX bikes. BMX is light-weight and able to perform stunts. You cannot ride regular bikes off-road.

BMX bike Size:

You have to choose the right-sized BMX bike according to your height and convenience. 

For young riders who are shorter in height and weight, go for the smaller-sized bikes. From 3-5 feet tall people, choose a bike with the wheel size of 14″- 20″ and inner-tube of 14.25″- 20.5″. 

For 5-6 feet tall people, select the wheel size from 18″-26″ and inner-tube of 20″-23″. 

For 6+ feet taller people, they can choose anything from 20″-22″ according to their convenience. And the inner tube must be from 21″-23″.

Weight of BMX bikes:

The weight of the bike frame plays the most significant role in determining the weight of your BMX bike. 

BMX bikes are light in weight than regular bikes. But they should not be too light to become fragile. On average, BMX bikes can weigh from 20-28 pounds according to their size. 

But the most common weight for BMX is 25 pounds. You are good to go for a BMX weighing 23-26 pounds. You can customize your bike with lighter accessories as well.

BMX bike Parts:

There are a lot of parts that make a BMX bike. You can also add different parts to your BMX bike for advanced performance. 

There are about 20+ parts in the BMX bike. You can increase these parts by adding some to the list according to your need and choice. 

Various parts of BMX bikes are the wheels, pedals, crank, handlebar, pegs, rotor, brakes, fork, stem, headset, grips, chain, seat post, hubs, rim, tire, 

The main parts of a BMX bike are its frames, wheels, top-tube, handlebar, cranks, pedals, etc. These parts play a vital role in all the stunts and flexibility actions of your BMX bike.

What makes a good BMX bike?

The configuration on the BMX bikes makes them unique and one of a kind. They are suitable to take the pressure of riding off-road and tackle jumps and stunts.

  • The wheel frame: Their wheel frame is in-built and durable. 
  • The bike frame: The frame and top tube make the bike adjustable and easy to handle. 
  • The pegs and cranks: These parts make them easy to perform stunts. 
  • Light-weight: The wheel frame and the body frame of BMX bikes are different than the regular bikes. They are lighter in weight and easy to ride. 
  • Speed and handling: There is no braking system in BMX bikes. But you can add one if you want to. BMX bikes are easy to handle and slower in speed, which makes them ideal for beginners.

Is it better to build your own BMX?

You can build your BMX bike on your own only if you are a pro in making bikes. But if you are a beginner in learning or assembling BMX bikes, it might not be a good idea. 

Building a BMX bike from scratch is an act of great precision and expertise. And if you get any measurement wrong, it can wreck the whole structure. And this hard work may result in futile. 

It is also more expensive to build a BMX bike on your own than to buy a readymade bike. Pre-assembled bikes are cheaper and available in different sizes and designs as well.

BMX bike price

The price of BMX varies along with its quality and features. You can get a BMX on a cheaper as well as expensive scale. Starting from 300$, a high-quality BMX can also cost up to 3000$. 

If you are in the learning phase of BMX riding, go for the low-budget but quality bike. Later you can also upgrade your existing BMX or buy a new one on a higher range. There are a lot of options available in the market.

BMX bikes are a treat for riders of all ages. From beginners to pro riders, all can try BMX for a fun ride experience. They are easy to ride and handle.

And be careful to get your measurement specifics when you are buying your BMX bike. The right size and right features of your bike can last a very long time.

So do not waste any time and go out and try a BMX for some adventure ride.