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Are BMX Bikes Good for Long-Distance? (All You Need to Know)

If you love spending a fun-adventurous weekend with your friends and family, like to roam around in the neighbourhood with bikes, or go on thrilling mountain trails, you have most likely ridden a BMX bike.

Are BMX bikes good for long-distance? 

No. You will not get the best experience riding a BMX bike for long-distance because it’s designed with short wheelbases, lower tires, and a single gear system. These lower average length and height of BMX make it efficient for off-road racing and stunts for short-distance rides.

Six reasons why BMX bikes are not good for long-distance- 

Single gear system:

Bikes having single gear systems mean you get to work with one gear only. Despite having a braking option, you can’t adjust your pedalling like multiple gear bikes. Hence, not eligible for long-distance rides. 

Small frame size:

For long-distance rides, you have to extend your legs while riding. But you can’t do that because of its small frame size. And you have to stand up after a few minutes into riding to do pedalling at maximum speed. One cannot ride for a long time by standing up. 

No suspension:

BMX bikes with no suspension make your body use it as a suspension. That becomes a lot of pressure on your body to keep the wheel spinning while making a long-distance ride. 

The seats:

The seats on a BMX bike are not comfortably designed. Even if you sit down after riding for a while, the experience will be unbearable for long-distance travel. 

Weak brakes:

BMX bikes come with no front brakes. You won’t be able to apply a hand brake with the single brake that is available. While riding for long-distance or in cities, you will get many obstacles, and these weak brakes can’t give you the instant brakes back up. 


The handlebars of BMX bikes are pretty exhausting for long-time rides because of the way it is designed. Your hands will get numb, and your arms will get stiff after riding for quite some time.

What bikes are good for long distances?

Six types of bikes good for long distances-

Hybrid bikes:

Hybrid bikes are perfect for long-distance rides because they are very comfortable riding a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. You can hang on to them for the most prolonged period but can’t count on their speed.

These will give you both the facilities of off-road and on-road bikes along with non-sports activities.

Endurance road bikes:

Endurance bike comes with an upright ride position, drop bars and a weight balance. These bikes provide comfort in long-distance tours featuring a race bike’s traits more than a traditional bicycle.

Its tires, dropper seat, front and rear racks and disc brakes make it ideal for long-distance trips.

Road race bikes:

This bike is designed for bumpy and bristly roads. It can accompany you on both of your short race trips and full-day trips trained with disc brakes. Its versatility allows it to adjust to different widths through the unique interchangeable configuration.

Adventure or gravel bikes:

You can ride to fuzzy off-road roads, including dirt, mud and other obstacles with these bikes.

These will give you a better grip, surface tolerance, and you can get comfortable on long rides because it offers you a bigger space. If you’re up for adventure on a rugged trail for a long time, then you can opt for these bikes.

Cycling cross bikes:

Cross cycle bikes are gaining fame because they provide you with the features of a mountain bike as well as the productivity of a road. Despite not having any suspension, it will support you with the wide road tires in your all-day trips.

However, you can easily trust these bikes for an entire day trip with speed. They also come with additional racks and water bottle space. 

Front suspension mountain bikes:

You can get comfortable on your off-road trips with these bikes any day. With the thinner tire, smooth gear and front suspension, you can ace both flat roads and bristly roads. You can opt for these bikes if speed and bumpy roads are not an issue.

Is folding bike good for long-distance?

There is a common misconception regarding folding bikes being efficient for short rides only. But their excellent portability, lightweight, flexibility and all-terrain suitability make them just as suitable for long-distance as well.

You can feel your most comfort and stability on folding bikes as they are designed like traditional road bikes.

These are easily portable because of light and small frames, so you’ll also be able to carry them in cars easily, buses, trains or even in a suitcase in a folded position.

These bikes can even get combative on your road trips with just a few adjustments. They can be a good companion on rugged or bumpy roads as well as your long adventurous mountain trails.

Can you convert a BMX bike for long distance?

Yes. You can convert a BMX bike for long distance by following some easy steps.

Six simple steps to convert a BMX bike for long distance-

Install higher tires:

Take out the old lower tires. Use a hacksaw to unscrew the tires. And place the higher tires. Ensure you can touch the ground with your feet and get comfortable. With rigid, solid and firm tires, you can go on a full day of cycling. 

Multiple gear system:

Increase one or two more gear systems in your single-geared BMX bike. Thus it can allow you to pedal for an extended period adjusting the gear systems.

Increase the saddle height:

Make your BMX seat stand higher according to your suitable sitting position. This way, you can pedal for a long time while sitting, avoiding the hassle of cycling in a standing position.

Install front brakes:

Make the brake system stronger by installing front brakes. Now your bike can support you in making stronger brakes with both front and rear brakes.

Place a suspension:

Upgrade your BMX bike with a suspension. It will take off a lot of pressure from your body, and you’ll be easily able to ride for a long time. 

Add water bottle cage:

You have to remain hydrated while long rides. So add a lightweight cage in front of your bike to carry a water bottle.

Is a BMX bike good for commuting? 

You can commute on your BMX bike as long as you’re riding in urban areas for short distances. Because of their small frame size, they can make your ride less hectic on a busy traffic road. You can even adjust your bike in buses or trains comfortably. 

BMX bikes offer you more facilities to commute in cities or urban areas with their durability and strongly built structure. These easy-going bikes are ready to take your rough rides and city abuses with just a little maintenance. You only have to choose the suitable BMX to buy. 

If you’re choosing to commute in cities, you should opt for BMX bikes as they are suitable for your mental health and eco-friendly. 

Can you ride a BMX bike on the street? 

Though BMX bikes are famous for sports or racing, you can ride them on the street at your most accessible convenience. Their smaller frame size, rigid and robust structure, thick tires and simple gear system make them easy to manoeuvre on the street. 

BMX bikes are smaller than most other bikes, which makes them comfortable riding on streets. The durability and efficiency of these bikes make them strong enough to tackle the obstacles of busy streets.

Can You ride a BMX on the pavement? 

Yes. You can ride a BMX on the pavement, as it was originally designed for stunts or sports. You can easily adjust your BMX on the pavement because of its small frame size and lower flat, thick tires. 

Since BMX have a slow speed, you can have an excellent grip and control your bikes with rear brakes as long as you go slow. 

However, in some places, it is illegal to ride your bike on the pavement. So do check the traffic rules in your area before riding onto the pavement.

Why are BMX bikes so small? 

BMX bikes are so small because they were built with small frame size, lower tires, single gear hub, lower height and smaller length so that riders can easily avail it to make a stunt move and withstand hard impacts while riding trials. 

In most races like the Olympiads, racers use BMX bikes to make high impact jumps in the air. The wheel is just 20 inch which allows the rider to accelerate quickly with great speed and win the race. 

Because of this smaller frame size and lighter weight, the BMX freestyle rider finds it very efficient while performing any impact tricks or jumping higher in the air.

How can I make my BMX bike faster?

With time, your bike tends to move slowly, and it becomes tough to pedal. You can solve this problem with proper maintenance of your bike and save yourselves some bucks! 

Five easy steps to make your BMX bike faster- 

Step 1:

Lube your bike chain with a good lubricator to make it run smooth. It will spare your bike from mechanical inefficiency. 

Step 2:

Lower the front end of your bike to ride in an aerodynamic position. Riding in this position can increase your speed up to a substantial amount if you’re up for a harsh ride.

Step 3:

Check the tire pressure of your bikes and pump air in them if necessary before riding. A much smoother tire will have less resistance and may give you a flat tire or slower speed. 

Step 4:

Always clean your bike regularly. Remove the mud, dirt, stones or any other dirt particles. A cleaner bike will give you a much smooth and fast ride. 

Step 5:

Ensure that your saddle is in the proper position before riding on your bike every day. Depending on a lower or higher saddle position can make your bike slow.

However, BMX bikes are very popular among most cyclists due to their high durability, robust and rigid structure. You can have quality time riding on a BMX any day in busy urban cities or even perform stunts.

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