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Are BMX Bikes Good for Cruising? (Answered for Beginners)

Bicycle cruising is such a fun and interesting activity for a bicyclist to do. And for cruising, any bike needs to be comfortable so that you can seat on it for a long period.

Therefore, after getting to know about BMX bikes, you surely can think about whether these popular bikes are good for cruising or not. 

Are BMX Bikes Good For Cruising? 

BMX bikes are not good for cruising. Because it can’t be used for cruising for not more than an hour or a couple of miles. Also, it doesn’t support cruising with high speed. Moreover, Seats on these bikes are very low, so it’s lowkey not possible to pedal for a long time sitting feasibly. 

BMX bikes are designed for performing stunts, therefore the seat on them is very low. So one can’t sit comfortably and pedal for a long while going on cruising. As it requires much effort and strength. And might end up having a knee injury. 

Even if one takes out a BMX bike for cruising, he can not cruise not more than an hour or a couple of miles. And it is certainly not possible to cruise at high speed on a BMX bike. 

3 Reasons Why BMX Bikes Are Not Good For Cruising 

To clear all your doubts about why BMX bikes are not good for cruising, 3 reasons with proper explain have been provided below.

Seat Is Very Low

Seats on BMX bikes are very low because it is designed for performing stunts. Because low seats give space for acrobatic body movement. However, low-seat bikes for cruising are absolutely a big no.

Because it will no support having a generous amount of leg extensions. And you can not even sit comfortably and pedal effortlessly. 

Requires More Strength For Pedaling

As the seats on BMX bikes are low, therefore, you can’t have a decent amount of leg extension. This means you need to put more strength into the pedals for pedaling. And you will get full power only by standing up while pedaling. So it is just going to drain out all your energy and will leave you in a tired condition. 

Can’t Climb Up Hills While Cruising 

BMX bikes can’t climb up hills while cruising. Because the like size is short, the seat is low, and requires lots of power to pedal. Therefore, you might even have a knee injury. And will face an awful experience. 

What Makes A Bike Cruiser? 

As you must be wanting to know what makes a bike cruiser. Therefore, all the important factors/points are described below for your knowledge. 


Comfort is the most significant factor that makes a bike cruiser. Because a comfortable cruiser bile will allow you to go for smooth long rides. And will keep the stress away from your lower body. Also, your body will b in a comfortable posture while riding. 

Thick Tire 

Cruiser bikes should have thick tires because provide a more stable and comfy ride. Also, thick tires have broad and smooth tread which is excellent for going cruising at the beach, flat pavement, and urban riding. 

Large And Padded Seat

Another important feature is a large and padded seat that makes a bike cruiser. As riders want to pedal effortlessly while cruising, so a large and padded seat gives them the comfort of sitting feasibly and pedal effortlessly. 


Unlike other bikes, you can customize your cruiser bike by adding lights, saddlebags, fenders, etc. as per your choice to suit your lifestyle and this particular feature make it more like a cruiser bike.  

BMX VS Cruiser

To satisfy your curious mind and to give you a detailed insight into BMX and cruiser bikes, here are the main differences between a BMX bike and a cruiser bike. 

Comfort Riding 

The main difference is BMX bikes are not comfortable at all for cruising purposes. Because it is shorter in size and the seat is low which causes knee pain. Also, the riders need to put more strength while pedaling.

On the opposite, cruiser bikes have a larger and padded seat that is in an upright position. And such a configuration supports the lower body to have less stress while pedaling. Also, keeps the body straight.


BMX bikes have rear brakes that are beneficial while sporting the handlebar fast. And it allows the bike to jump from high. 

Cruiser bikes have coaster brakes and this type of brake is suitable for cruising. 


BMX bikes have strong and sturdy tires of 20”-24” which are better suited for doing tricks and stunts.

Cruiser bikes have 26” flat tires known as balloon tires which are perfect for rolling over the road debris. 


BMX bikes have a light and strong frame made of aluminium. And it is non-customizable. 

Cruiser bikes have also durable larger frame made of steel mainly, and it’s customizable. This means you can add lights, saddlebags, etc. 

Different Purpose 

Needless to mention, BMX bikes are designed for performing and learning stunts, tricks, and wheelies. 

Whereas, cruiser bikes are designed for beach cruising, mountain cruising, and general cycling. 


BMX bikes have straight handlebars that give a stronger grip and fast riding. 

Cruiser bikes have large and curved handlebars that keep the hands at ease. 

What Is A Cruiser BMX Bike?

BMX bikes are not cruiser bikes at all. But they are adaptable so if you change or choose a few particular features to add to your BMX bike, it will be a quite good cruiser BMX bike too. 

Cruiser bikes are mostly made of steel but aluminum works well too. As BMX bikes already have an aluminum frame that is durable and lightweight too. Therefore, it can be a cruiser BMX too. 

Then the wheels, a cruiser bike should have 26” flat wheels. Hence, change the wheels of BMX and upgrade it to 26” wheels. And then it will be like a cruiser bike. 

Some BMX bikes have a color choosing option so you can choose what you will like.

What Type Of BMX Can Be Considered For Cruising 

BMX bikes mainly can not be considered for cruising due to their specific design. However, recently some BMX bikes have been manufactured that can be considered for cruising. 

Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX is one of the bikes that can be considered as cruising BMX. Because it has a lightweight, durable aluminum frame.

It has a good braking system too. Tires can be upgraded as other cruiser bikes. And has two color choice options for you to choose. 

Another type of BMX bike is the Eastern Growler 26 LTD BMX Bike Men. This bike is considerably comfortable even for big folks. The frame is lightweight. It has mechanical disc brakes and larger tires so you can ride at ease.

If you want to cruise around urban roads, you can choose it. Noticeable point is, it is an underrated BMX cruiser bike that can be your cruising buddy. 

Frame Twenty9er BMX Bike, Mongoose Boys Tile Expert 20” BMX Race Cycle Bicycle are the other two options that can be considered as cruising bikes as well. 

How Do I Choose A Cruiser Bike? 

While choosing a cruiser bike you highly should look out for features such as bike size, comfortable seat, gearing and brakes, frame, wheel, front and rear fenders, as well as the price and quality. 

Bike size is important because it will allow you to have the right posture and stability. A comfortable seat will provide support to your lower body.

The wheel is another factor because it provides a smooth and comfy ride. A lightweight frame is easily manageable. And customizable front-back fenders give you several advantages. 

So you must consider all these features while selecting the perfect cruiser bike for you.

Can You Ride BMX Long Distance?

For a short period, you can ride a BMX bike for a long distance. But you definitely can’t ride a BMX bike for long-distance. Because BMX bikes are designed to ride by standing up and it is painful and difficult to ride them for a long time by standing up. 

BMX bikes have smaller tires, low seats, and they are small in size too. So you can’t extend your legs fully and have to put more strength while pedaling. And if you try to do it by standing up then it can cause massive strain on your back and knee injuries. 

Therefore, you can not ride BMX for a long distance. 

Are BMX Bikes Good For Roads? 

BMX bikes really aren’t made for riding on roads but they can be ridden at the skate parks, flat and hard surface, and urban areas to ride for sometimes and do stunts, tricks, and wheelies.

Roads are not always flat and hard, sometimes they have dirt trails with jumps and obstacles, sometimes they can be rough too. And BMX bikes can not be ridden smoothly on such roads. 

Moreover, they are shorter in size and have lower seats so you can’t sit comfortably and ride on-road unless you are standing and pedaling. And this can cause injury. So BMX bikes are not that good for roads. 

Due to the BMX bike’s special design and features BMX bikes are not so good for cruising. As it can be really painful and can cause injury too. Therefore, you are highly suggested for not taking a BMX bike for cruising at all. 

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