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Does Bleach Repel Mice? (Quick Answers)

It is not pleasant at all when you start spotting mice in your house. Mice might look tiny but once they get into your house they will destroy whatever they find in their way. So to get rid of this unwanted guest you have to take effective steps. 

There are many chemical-based repellents in the market that you can use to repel mice from your house or outdoors. But if you want something less harmful for your family and pets and also don’t want to spend a lot, we’d suggest you try things that are already in your hands. 

So it’s obvious for you to ask whether bleach can repel mice. You will have your answer here.

Bleach to repel mice

Bleach repels mice. Though it is not one of those highly effective mice repellents it will do a decent job to keep mice away for some time. The pungent and strong smell of bleach is intolerable to mice and so they maintain a distance from the place where bleach is used. 

It’s not pleasant at all to find out you have some uninvited guest in your house in the disguise of mice. Mice are not welcome at all as they never back off from destroying and damaging your property. Be it your important papers, stored food, or clothes. Intolerable right?

Before the team mice overtake your house it’s important to stop them. While looking for mice repellents you surely have heard suggestions that ask you to use bleach. Since bleach has acted as the cleaner all this year in your house, you may wonder whether it can repel mice. 

To let you know, bleach is able to repel mice. Bleach has a very strong and acute chemical smell that mice can’t stand. The pungent fume of bleach when sprayed creates many difficulties for the mice. 

Breathing in the bleach fume the mice can face respiratory issues, nausea, dizziness, blurry vision as well as brain freeze. 

Using its sharp smell, bleach repels mice. When sprayed, sprinkled in several corners, or used in mice traps the smell of bleach hits the smelling sense of the mice and distracts them from damaging your house. 

Since it causes harm to them the mice try to avoid wherever they smell bleach. 

However, bleach is temporary mice repellent. It will not terminate the mice or make them leave your space forever. To terminate mice with bleach you will need to make them consume a huge amount of bleach which is tough. 

So if you’re taking bleach as a long-term solution for a mice infestation, you may need to find another effective repellent to deter mice permanently. For example, live traps, ultrasonic sound, chemical-based marketed mice repellent, etc. 

But bleach is not that useless. Though it may not eliminate all the mice, bleach will only 

affect the mice as long as the fume is there. It’s partially helpful to give you a mice-free house for some time while you look for other options. 

Moreover, bleach is available and cost-friendly. It can be used in many ways without putting much effort, so for a quick mouse repelling plan, bleach is very effective. 

Does bleach terminate mice?

Bleach will not terminate mice unless you are able to make them consume it. But it will surely drive them away with its sharp scent. Bleach is basically a chemical mixture that’s used in our households for cleaning and sometimes disinfecting. 

But another job of bleach which is not that renowned is as a repellent. 

Bleach can repel mice. It comes with a very strong chemical smell which covers a larger range of areas. Mice cannot take this scent as it distracts them and makes them sick. 

But bleach is not a permanent solution for mice as it will not take their lives. Bleach can only make them physically ill with symptoms like nausea, blurry vision, breathing difficulty, etc. 

To terminate mice with bleach is kind of impossible unless you can make them consume a huge amount of bleach. So generally bleach doesn’t terminate mice. It only drives them away. 

How long does bleach repel mice?

Bleach repels mice as long as it smells strong. Bleach is popular as a cleaning and disinfecting agent. But apart from that, it is often used to deter mice. The scent of bleach is too strong and pungent for mice. Moreover, this ingredient is available and affordable for frequent use. 

However, if you’re thinking you will eliminate the mice forever with bleach then you’re not aware of the fact that bleach is not a permanent repellant. It may drive the mice away with its sharp chemical smell but that’s not for too long.

After the smell of bleach gets lighter and faded, this ingredient will not affect the mice anymore. So there are chances the mice can come back again. Usually, the smell of bleach when sprayed lasts for 1 hour to 3 days depending on how much you have applied. 

How effective is bleach in repelling mice?

Though bleach is quick mice repellent it isn’t much effective to keep them away from your house for a long time.

Bleach is a chemical that’s mostly found in cleansers and disinfecting products. It has a pungent smell that can produce strong fumes when used openly. This sharp smell of bleach is sometimes used to deter mice from indoors or outdoors. 

Mice cannot take the sharp pungent fume that bleach creates. It makes them drowsy, nauseous, and dizzy and also blurs their vision. Breathing the bleach-made fume makes mice physically weak as the fume hits really hard on the respiratory part of the mice’s body. 

Thus mice keep a distance from bleach scent.

However, bleach isn’t the perfect ingredient to repel mice as it will only keep them away for some time. Whereas other mice determent can drive mice away and let them not come near to the property for a long time being. What bleach cannot do?

Bleach doesn’t even terminate mice as that will require the mice to consume this chemical which is nearly impossible. But it is one of the most available options. Though partially but bleach is effective to repel mice quickly.

How to keep mice away with bleach?

Bleach is an affordable and available option if you’re tired of mice infestation in your house. The strong fume of bleach is intolerable to mice thus it helps to keep mice away. 

So if you want to know how you can use bleach to get rid of those tiny destroyers, we’d ask you to look at the list below:

Spray bleach solution: 

This is the easiest way to use bleach as a mice repellent. Mix 1 portion of bleach liquid or powder with 2 portions of water in a spray bottle. Shake the mixture well to mix it.

Then spray this bleach-water solution into the dark corners of your house, under the sink, in the store room, and in their hiding places. The smell of bleach will drive the mice away soon.

Use it with food: 

You can trap the mice by making them eat bleach. For that, you have to choose a food mouse prefers like bread or peanut butter. Then mix some bleach with the food and keep the food in their walking ways or in the corners where they are mostly seen. 

If the mice consume the food they will get sick or even lose their life getting poisoned by bleach. 

Sprinkle bleach powder: 

Use powder bleach and sprinkle it all over the outdoor area. Make sure you’re spreading the powder in the garden and around the garden fence. This way the mice won’t come close. 

Use bleach-soaked cotton: 

Bleached-soaked cotton is another way to repel mice. Soak cotton balls into bleach and keep them in the corners. The cotton will smell for a long time and deter mice. 

Final Thoughts

You can keep mice away using bleach. The sharp and pungent smell of bleach is not pleasant to mice thus they leave the areas where it’s applied. It can be used as a spray or you can sprinkle the powder. But bleach cannot prevent mice infestation for long.