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How Can I Make My BMX Lighter? (Explained for Beginners!)

BMX bikes are great for performing tricks and freestyle riding. The weight of the bike plays a major role in the maneuver and performing certain tricks.

If you are a newbie and have proper control and proper understanding of the tricking basics then it’s time to enhance your bike’s performance by shaving off some of the extra weight off your BMX.

How can I make my BMX lighter?

To make a BMX bike lighter, the main focus should be on the major parts of the framework. Buying a lightweight frame and using lightweight bolts and tires is going to make a huge difference & reduce a huge amount of weight off the bike. Titanium bolts, nuts, and spikes can be a great choice.

Here are a couple of things that you can do to really shave off some weight and a couple of tricks that you can do to help your Boulder of a BMX bike become a pebble, So let’s get into it. 

Focus on the tires:

So a lot of people don’t think about it, but your wheels actually have a  lot of weight. So it would be wise to use titanium spokes & titanium bolts in the tires and in the round front alienation Rim. You can use folding tires instead of kg tires.

Folding tires  actually save a ton of weight, these tires are super tough and  really durable, stick well and they’re just really lightweight.

You can use toledo tubes, they are really thin and light. If you make these adjustments to your wheel, it’s gonna be a lot lighter, also the rotational weight would be far less than usual.

Use titanium tie bolts:

Top-load stem, you would find tie bolts in here. Use titanium bolts,  they are super lightweight. wherever you can put titanium do it. Don’t tighten the tie bolts too hard because they can strip.

Use sponge drive sprocket:

Going down to the middle of the BMX bike. Use a sponge drive sprocket and that way you don’t have to deal with an extra bolt.

When you have the bolt back here on like a normal sprocket that adds a lot of weight, it’s Extra metal on the crank. 

Use titanium spindle:

The titanium spindle bowl saves a ton of weight because you don’t want a giant piece of metal in there. You want some lightweight titanium 

Use a slimmer seat:

First, change the seat post bolt and use a titanium seat post bolt. Now switch the old seat with a slimmer seat. Slimmer seats are obviously a lot lighter because it’s less material. 

Adjust the seat and cut the remaining post:

If you like a low seating stance, you can pivot the seat post. And right where it ends, you can just cut the remaining part of the seat post.

You won’t have to worry about that extra material because it’s not doing you any favors like just being down here. So cut off that remaining material to save a little bit of weight.

Get a lighter fork: 

Try to find a lighter BMX bike fork, make sure  they have a nice taper that will keep them a good shape on them, but really lightweight 

Use Lightweight tooth bars:

Using a light tooth bar will save you a lot of worries. 

Cut the flange:

It’s not much, but you should cut off the flanges. It will give you a cleaner look, it also saves a bit of weight.

Use aluminum spacers:

Use aluminum spacers, these save a little bit of weight. and then same with the bottom bracket. 

Use plastic pedals:

You can use plastic pedals if you are thinking about a lightweight build.   

Use a lightweight chain:

The bike chain will hold quite a bit of weight. You can easily replace them with a lightweight chain. 

Use plastic bar ends:

Most people don’t notice but bar ends can add a little bit of weight to your whole setup. Using a plastic bar end will cost less and contribute towards your lightweight BMX setup. 

Why are BMX bikes heavy?

Cheap Metallic frame:

The majority of the BMX weight depends on the frame material built. Manufacturers tried using carbon fiber for lightweight but it didn’t provide proper durability and strength to the framework.

Making a BMX bike frame out of titanium is gonna be quite light but it’s gonna be really costly. So manufacturers try to find a cheaper alternative for BMX bike frames. At present, the materials used to make the BMX frame are a little bit heavier. 

Factory design molds:

The body parts, such as handlebar, seat extension, post, etc kind of put a little bit of extra weight. Users can cut down and shape them according to their preference. New unmodified bikes weigh a lot compared to the modified BMX

Not focusing on nuts:

Bike manufacturers put cheap metal bolts and nuts on the joints, these put on some extra weight to the BMX.

What’s the lightest BMX bike?

If you are looking for the lightest BMX bike, it’s gonna cost you almost $2000. It’s completely made out of titanium. Making it lightweight and durable. But buying $2000 might be out of your budget so here are some BMX bikes that will be worth your money.

  • Elite 20 inch BMX
  • Redline bikes MX 24
  • Mongoose legion L100
  • Big ripper 29
  • Dynacraft Magna Bike

What’s a good weight for a BMX?

A lightweight bike will be easier to maneuver and do a lot of tricks. But the weight of the bike only matters to a certain extent.

If you are a newbie you shouldn’t just focus only on the bike weight, you should focus on the bike control, basic understanding of how to do tricks once you get to that point then you can get into the weight upgrade To better your tricks and ability. 

The lighter the bike the better it would be to handle. An 18lb to 24lb BMX would be really great and usually, you might find 25lb to 32 lb BMX available on the market. You can modify them and reach your desired weight class. 

How can I make my fat bike lighter?

If you are thinking about shaving off the extra weight from your bike, you should start with the tires. Change the spokes, nuts, and tube for a lighter setup. If you can use folding tires or tubeless tires that’s gonna shave off a lot of weight.

Next, you can change the nuts and bolts around the bike. Titanium bolts are quite lightweight and reliable. You can change the fat seat to a slimmer seat and Cut off the extra post material. If possible add a titanium spindle and put as many titanium parts as you can find for your bike.

Are lighter bikes faster?

Lighter bikes are easy to handle and are quite faster than heavier bikes. A lightweight bike means a light body with light tires, the overall less weight would surely make it easier for the tires to pull the bike forward. 

What are the heaviest components on a bike?

The frame of the bike can be the heaviest component on a bike. There are few other components such as 

  • Tires: the tubes, tires spokes, rim holds a large amount of the overall weight
  • Bolts & nuts: they may look small but when it comes to the bike weight, these add on quite a bit.
  • Sprocket & spindle: spindle and sprocket kind of put a huge amount of weight. Especially the spindle of add on a quite a bit of weight
  • Seats:  Fat seats and the seat post also add quite a bit of weight to the overall framework.
  • Chain: The chain of a bike are made of metal and holds a lot of weight
  • Paddles: metal paddle also puts a lot of weight on the overall setup.

These components can hold quite a bit of weight on your bike.

Do lighter bicycle wheels make a difference?

Lighter bicycle wheels make a huge difference. A majority of the bike’s weight is on the tires. The tubes, the spokes, the rim will hold a lot of the weight. The heavier the bike gets the greater the drag force.

It’s gonna be quite difficult for a rider to move smoothly with a heavy setup. It will require a great amount of energy to pull the bike forward. But if the wheels are lightweight as well as the overall setup of the bike, it’s gonna be quite easy for the rider to operate the bike.

I hope you got the overall idea and proper guidance on how to remove the extra weight and make your BMX lighter.

Don’t make holes on the frame or do other unnecessary modifications, you don’t want to compromise the built quality over losing some extra weight. Always wear proper safety gear while riding your bike. Wishing you the best of luck, have a safe ride.

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