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Do Coffee Grounds Get Rid of Frogs? (Read This First!)

Used coffee grounds are the result of brewing coffee, and are the byproduct after the preparation of a popular drink named coffee. Coffee grounds are generally known as waste, and are thrown away to garbage or might be composted somewhere.

However, people are yet to know all the bountiful things this byproduct can do. Today we’re going to find out if coffee grounds can act as a repellent for the frogs. Keep reading below as we discuss the nuances of this amazing byproduct of our favorite drink.

Do coffee grounds get rid of frogs?

Coffee grounds can get rid of frogs. Coffee grounds are an excellent repellent as they are the byproducts of the coffee we drink every morning. The frogs dislike coffee grounds. This is because it makes their skin feel an unpleasant feeling like that of salt.

This byproduct of a product can outshine many other materials similar to this in terms of usefulness. The coffee grounds can be an amazing repellent against frogs. There are many uses of this byproduct which costs nothing in return for its benefits.

It is almost jokingly stupid at how many uses it has and yet it is a free product. If we were to sprinkle some of the coffee grounds around our property then there will be an excellent aroma around the whole property.

Moreover, that aroma will be the one that will get rid of the frogs in the first place. Frogs cannot stand the strong smell of coffee grounds. 

Another way the coffee ground repels the frogs is that, once the coffee grounds touch the frog’s skin, it gives them an uncomfortable irritation, similar to that of salt.

Therefore, in repelling frogs or toads alike, nothing comes close to coffee grounds. Even the usage of it is so simple. It is almost absurd how this is a free material that we just produce ourselves.

What do coffee grounds do to frogs?

Coffee grounds that are already used can provide nature with a lot of resources it might need. The used coffee grounds contain a huge amount of beneficial nitrate that can go into the soil and plants. 

However, this beneficial attribute might be good for the plant life and earth but it makes the earth around it highly acidic for the frog’s feet. Thus, the frogs become uncomfortable when they step on it because of their tender feet. 

Frogs are freshwater creatures and do not like anywhere that has salt. 

However, too much salt water can harm your plants. While coffee grounds might seem like a good thing for your plants, too much of it also can be harmful to your plants. Thus, use it with caution.

How to use coffee grounds to keep frogs away?

Coffee grounds may be a byproduct and for a long time used to be thrown away. It is now regarded as one of the most useful byproducts that gives so much back and in return costs you zero penny. 

There are many uses of coffee grounds like fertilizing our gardens, neutralizing other strong odors, using a natural cleaning scrub, repelling insects and pests, and many more. However, today we are only focusing on one particular use of it.

Today we will learn about how to use coffee grounds to keep the frogs away from our gardens or backyards. Let’s keep reading below to know more.

Spreading of coffee grounds:

Coffee grounds might seem like a weird remedy against frogs, but the spreading of coffee grounds in the vicinity of potential appearances of frogs can easily discourage them.

Sprinkle around your garden:

Now and then grab a pouch of coffee grounds from your usual morning cup of coffee and go on a walk around the vicinity of your homestead. Sprinkle around your garden, especially the edges. 

Spread the coffee grounds every day:

If you spread the coffee grounds every day in your garden, there will be no strong bad odors, rather there will be an excellent smell in your garden. 

However, this excellent scent will be a horrible smell to the frogs and will drive them away from your household’s vicinity.

Use the coffee grounds sparingly for the plants that thrive on extra nitrate and acidity of the soil. Due to the presence of coffee grounds, the acidity of the soil will be very high and thus it will be very irritating for the frog’s feet, and in turn, they will leave.

Are coffee grounds good or bad for the lawn?

Yes, coffee grounds are good for the lawn. Because coffee grounds on grass can stimulate a healthier turf just like how the aroma of caffeine from a cup of coffee in the morning can stimulate many good things among us. 

The good things that can come for the lawn are briefly discussed below.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and trace minerals:

Just like how caffeine stimulates our mind and body, it’s not the same in the case of the lawn. 

Rather than the caffeine, it’s the nitrogen, phosphorous, and trace minerals that the coffee grounds contain that stimulate the lawn.

Catalyst for the growth of the lawn:

Who would have thought that the coffee grounds are a delicious meal for the worms? They love coffee almost as much as we humans do. 

The earthworms will chow down on the coffee grounds and in turn, will aerate the lawn with castings from their side that will act as a catalyst for the growth of the lawn.

Eco-friendly alternative to the synthetic:

Sometimes the use of synthetic fertilizer can cause serious accidents on the lawn. It also contaminates the water via ground runoff. 

However, if we use coffee grounds as a fertilizer it’ll be an eco-friendly alternative to the synthetic.

What else can keep frogs away from your house?

There are certainly many things that can easily get rid of frogs from our household or garden. Some of them can be harmful if not used carefully and some of them can be beneficial for the garden upon use as well.

Whatever may be the case, here are some of the alternate things we could use instead of coffee grounds to help us get rid of frogs.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice just like the Vinegar is irritating to the skin of the frogs. Lemon Juice just like the coffee grounds emits a strong smell that the frogs are not a fan of. They will avoid any surface wherever there will be the smell of lemon juice.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda acts like Citric Acid to frogs and causes them to expire as soon as they come in contact with it or ingest the material somehow.


Many animals cannot handle the feeling of salt on their bodies as it gives them the sensation of burning which can be irritating. Frogs on the other hand also get dehydrated once they come in contact with salt. 

Frogs are freshwater creatures; a hint of salt water can make them dislike the surrounding area and become discouraged to come anymore. Salt disrupts their bodily functions, causes illness, or gets expired.


Vinegar is the ultimate weapon against frogs. We can make our vinegar mixture and use it as a repellent for the frogs easily in our homes.

All we need is equal parts of water and vinegar mixed in a spray bottle. After that, we just have to spray the vinegar on the border areas of our garden or yard. Soon there will be no sign or sound of any frogs around.

Is it good to have frogs around your house?

Frogs are peculiar creatures. They can play a significant role while being around our homes as well as a few bad effects too. Therefore, answering the question about having them around our homestead being bad or not is rather difficult to answer.

It is neither bad nor good but some good and some bad things about a frog being around our home. They can keep our home bug-free acting as pest control free of charge. 

They also keep us healthy by feasting on harmful insects like mosquitoes, disease-ridden flies, and fire ants sometimes.

Then there are the toads which are similar to the frogs that secrete poison when they face predators. That poison can be lethal, especially for house pets. Frogs sometimes give warts to humans and many of us are allergic to them. 

The most dangerous aspect of having frogs around our homestead is that they attract pests like the snakes and are pests themselves as well. Thus, we can clearly say that there are both good and bad sides in regards to frogs being around the house, good or bad.

Final thoughts

There are many uses of the coffee grounds. Many people just throw it away, but this byproduct has many secrets. There is a long list of uses of this product that many people don’t know. One of them is the fact that it can get rid of frogs easily due to its strong smell and acidity.