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Do Coffee Grounds Repel Raccoons? (Read This First!)

Coffee is a great drink to keep away tiredness and sleep. It is a popular drink and can be very useful in times of stress. But that is not the only time your trusted coffee can come in help. There might be other ways you can use the coffee grounds and coffee.

Just because we humans are coffee lovers does not mean every other animal will be too. For example, bugs and insects do not like the smell and taste of coffee. There might be other animals who feel the same way about coffee as well.

Do coffee grounds repel raccoons?

You may enjoy the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee but that is not true for everyone, especially raccoons. The small animals do not prefer the strong smell of coffee. Coffee is a strong repellent to raccoons. Even the taste of coffee is too much for the raccoons.

Raccoons are not a big fan of coffee, even any part it. Starting from the strong smell of it to the coffee to the bitter taste of it, none of it is liked by raccoons.

Raccoons are quickly deterred by the slightest smell of coffee. It is best to use coffee if you wish to keep raccoons away from your surroundings.

Coffee is used to repel a lot of bugs and insects. Just like them, some animals are also kept away with the smart use of coffee. The most notable animal is the raccoon. The animal is not a fan of the strong scent of the coffee. It does not dwell near any place that has coffee scattered.

Used coffee grounds:

Used coffee grounds may not be as strong as the unused ones but they still work to keep the raccoons away.

Most gardeners and home owners will leave or scatter used coffee grounds all over their garden and backyard to make sure no raccoon comes near the area.

Raccoons can be very bothersome. It can be very difficult to keep them away from your garden or back yard. The animal will somehow crawl back no matter the measures you take. One effective method to keep raccoons away is to scatter coffee around the area.

Just the smell of the coffee grounds are enough to keep the raccoons away from your garden. They can’t stand the smell and taste of coffee grounds. A handful of coffee grounds will keep them away.

Are raccoons attracted to coffee grounds?

The smell of coffee does not attract raccoons at all. On the contrary to this belief, coffee tends to repel raccoons. Unlike us humans, the animal is not a fan of coffee.

They absolutely detest the strong aroma of the coffee grounds, be it used or unused. The animal will not come near scattered coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds do attract some animals but not raccoons. Raccoons steer clear from any place that has the slightest aroma of coffee. This is why most gardeners randomly throw coffee grounds around their back yard, to keep the raccoons away. It works like a charm every time.

Just like squirrels, raccoons do not like the smell of coffee. Just a handful of coffee thrown around the backyard will give you the much needed break from the raccoons. Coffee aroma does not attract the raccoons but they are deterred by the strong smell and taste of coffee.

2 reason why coffee grounds repel raccoons

Raccoons are not fans of coffee grounds, this is very obvious. Like most other animals, the animal is deterred by the grounds of coffee scattered around.

Only a little amount, like a handful, will be enough to keep the raccoons away for long enough. There are mostly two reasons behind it-

Strong aroma:

The sweet smell of coffee is definitely a favorite of us humans. But It is not the same for raccoons. The aroma of coffees can come off as very strong for raccoons.

Which is why the small animals avoid any place that has even a little bit of coffee spread. This is a common method to keep the unwanted animals away from your backyard.

The smell of fresh and unused coffee works best to keep the raccoons away but you can also scatter used coffee grounds as well.

Bitter taste:

Without milk and sugar, coffee tastes very bitter. Sometimes us humans will also avoid having such bitter drink. So only coffee grounds will be very bitter for animals as well. And raccoons do not like bitter taste.

This is why they will avoid coffee grounds. The bitter taste of the coffee grounds will keep the raccoons away for a long time.

Basically the strong smell and taste of the coffee grounds deter the raccoons from your garden. So if you are worried about raccoons infesting your backyard or garden you can just spread a handful of fresh coffee grounds around the place and that will work just fine.

How to get rid of raccoons in your barn using coffee grounds?

Coffee is a natural repellent for raccoons. If you have a problem regarding these uninvited visitors in your barn area you should give the use of coffee a try. It is very much effective and cheap as well. Not to mention using coffee is very much easy, there is no difficulty in it-

Put coffee in the bowl:

Gather some cheap but unused coffee grounds in a bowl. Any type of coffee will work as long as it is not burnt or filtered too much.

Locate the areas where raccoons invade:

Locate the areas where raccoons dwell the most in your barn. Raccoons usually stay scattered but return to the same place to eat or sleep. You have to find out where they come back.

If the problem is too much you can use this method for your entire barn as well. It is not very difficult.

Sprinkle coffee grounds in the area:

Now it’s time to sprinkle the coffee grounds in your barn. Sprinkle the coffee grounds wherever you feel like. You can draw a boundary or just scatter it around the hay bales and stables.

Don’t forget the storage area.

Reapply after a week again:

Reapply the coffee grounds again in a week. The scent of the coffee ground works for a week to keep the raccoons away. So you should repeat the process again in a week.

Using coffee grounds to keep raccoons away from you barn is a very easy method. Which is why it is so widely used. By using the strong aroma of the coffee grounds you can keep the raccoons away.

What will keep raccoons away? What is a natural deterrent for raccoons?

Raccoons can be a good problem for barn and yard owners. The animals do not leave easily once they have made a cozy place for them to live.

But that does not mean you can’t do anything about it. Raccoons are known to have very strong smelling sense. You can use this to keep the raccoons away.

Find the scents that are disliked by raccoons and you can use them to keep your area clear-


The strong scent of coffee is not liked by raccoons at all. They tend to avoid even the slightest smell of coffee.

Hot peppers:

The very pungent taste and smell of the hot peppers are a great repellent for raccoons. Hot peppers have been used to keep the raccoons away for a long time.

Peppermint oil:

The essential peppermint oil has a slightly spicy taste and stingy aroma, which is a natural deterrent for raccoons. Leaving a few drops of the essential peppermint oil around your barn will definitely keep the raccoons away from your surroundings.


Garlic has a very strong and pungent smell. This keeps the raccoons away. Leaving a clove of garlic around the barn will keep your area raccoon free.

Onion and pepper water:

The strong smell of both pepper and onion will keep the raccoons away from your barn. Just spray some of the pepper and onion water around your barn and you will see the raccoons go away.

Keeping the raccoons away by using natural deterrents is very easy. You can use any of the methods listed above.

Final thoughts

Coffee can be considered to be an active repellent to keep the raccoons away from your yard or barn. Just sprinkle an amount of coffee grounds around the place where the raccoons tend to roam around the yard to keep them away. Keep in mind to redo it once a week to get the best output.