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Do Deer Eat Almond? (Read This First!)

DEERS-one of the most majestic and graceful animals you would ever see. However, they have quite an ugly reputation for eating out crops and other plants. Additionally. They would consume almost anything and everything. 

But, this is only valid when they do not have enough food resources available around them. 

Apart from this, here comes the actual question, do deer eat almonds? Hold your breath and bear with us till the end to find all your answers. Today we shall have a detailed discussion on this very topic. And you will get to know whether or not deers eat almonds or not.

Let’s get started, shall we? 

Deer eat almond

Deers do eat and enjoy the taste of almonds. However, they can’t only survive on almonds as they won’t get the necessary amount of nutrients. Additionally, not all almonds taste good and are considered safe for deers. Moreover, they would love and enjoy it if almonds are offered to them.

Generally, deers are known to be herbivores. Research has shown that these grazers aren’t picky. They would feed almost all types of plants. Their diet may include apples, nuts, corn, and fruits. 

However, they cannot have a proper diet all year. Due to seasonal changes, their diet requires changes too. They would eat whatever they can find and that is safe to eat. For example, during the winter deers tend to eat a lot of buds, bark and branches. 

Additionally, during the summer days, they survive on nuts, fruits,and of course a lot of green elements.

Like humans and other animals, deers have their food preferences too. There are certain food that deers enjoy more than others. Deers absolutely love fruits and nuts.  

Therefore, there remains no confusion that whether deers eat almonds or not. They do and they must enjoy the crunch. Along with almonds, pecans, hickory nuts and beechnuts are their favorite. 

Among fruits, they truly enjoy apples, blackberries, blueberries and also persimmons.      

One thing you should know about deers is that these animals like to munch a little only in one area, and then they would move to another spot without a second thought. 

However, deers don’t enjoy eating anything that has a stronger smell to it. Smelly herbs in your garden or around your home, may help you keep deer out of your home space. 

Additionally, deers deeply enjoy the crunch and taste of nuts. Therefore, they will surely consume almonds.

Do whitetail deer eat almonds?

White tail deers do eat almonds. In fact almonds are one of their favorite pastime snacks. They can directly eat almonds from trees or from the ground. However, it is not possible for them to eat almonds from fully grown trees. 

Whitetail deers enjoy consuming fruits and nuts. It consists of a large part of their diet. However, their diet might keep changing throughout the year. As the seasons change these animals may face a scarcity of food. 

Under such circumstances, they are most likely to eat with whatever food is available around them. 

Additionally, deers are most likely to stretch their hind legs and directly consume almonds from the trees. Their actions create a higher probability of causing damage to the trees. 

During the late winters and early springs, whitetail deers and other deers like to rip and twist the tip of the branches, this causes severe damage to your almond trees. Therefore, whitetail deers not only eat almonds, they are also interested in consuming branches of younger trees.  

Can deer eat raw almonds? 

Deers can eat raw almonds and mostly they consume it raw. Deers enjoy having different types of nuts and fruits in their diet. Specifically, whitetail deers have a preference for peanuts as they are high in protein. 

However, walnuts, almonds, pecans, and acorns are also in their list of favorite foods. 

As deers are an integral part of our ecosystem and they consume most of their food directly from nature. Therefore, most of the time they are consuming food that is raw. 

When it comes to raw almonds and branches of the trees, the owners are recommended to not add excessive amounts of fertilizer to the trees. As adding more fertilizer may result in growth of more vegetation. Which clearly means deers would get more attracted towards the trees. 

The digestive systems of deers are designed and proven to be adaptable towards raw food. Whether it is a green, a fruit or nuts, they are meant to be eaten raw by deers. 

If deers start consuming food that is well cooked and not adaptive with the deer’s digestive system, it may create health hazards for the deer.  

Therefore, you will notice deers grazing on raw vegetables. However, they do not consume any sort of animal protein. 

Do deer like almonds? 

Deers do like almonds. Deers like almonds and will consume them happily. Almonds are an easy meal option for deers. However, they cannot only survive on almonds as they would gain enough energy and minerals. 

Apart from almonds, deers can also be interested in younger branches and branches of an almond tree. Another reason for deers getting attracted towards your almond trees may be the amount of mulch, grass and weed present around the tree. 

Deers will take interest in your almond trees and almonds as they enjoy nuts. Nuts are an integral part of their regular diet. 

Therefore, if you want to protect your almond trees, you may wanna act fast. You may need to take necessary steps. 

The easiest way to prevent deers is to add high fences. Additionally, you can plant smelly herbs around your garden. Deers dislike the smell of anything that is too strong, therefore it will keep them out of your space.

Two reasons why deer eat almonds

Almonds are one of the most common nuts that are consumed all over the world. However, animals may eat almonds under different circumstances. 

Here are two reasons why deers eat almond: 

Deers like to eat nuts: 

In general, almonds are enjoyed by deers. Along with almonds, acorns and other nuts are also enjoyed by deers. Almonds can be considered to be a pastime snack for deers. Whether it’s a whitetail deer or not,they will consume almonds if they are available. 

Fruits,greens and nuts can be a regular part of a deer’s daily meals. 

Almonds are easily accessible: 

Young almond trees are easily accessible. Along that almonds can also be found fallen near the trees. When it’s time, the drupes split open and fall on the ground. 

This is a simple way for deers to find their food. Additionally, this makes almonds a convenient food for deers. But,they cannot only survive on almonds. 

However, it will not prevent them from consuming almonds.

If you need to keep deers away from your garden or home space, you may want to take necessary measures. Such as, adding a fence, or planting strong smelling herbs etc. 

Doing these will make almonds less accessible to deers.

Do deer eat these parts of almonds?

Deers are known to eat almonds. However, they also believe in giving a taste test to edible items that contain almonds. 

Almond trees:

Almond trees are highly affected by deers. When almond trees are grown they are fertilized with nitrogen. 

Adding nitrogen to the almond tree increases in the growth of the tree and new vegetation growth can be experienced. Greens are everything that would attract a deer.  

Younger almond trees are more frequently pounced on by deers, as they have branches that are easily chewable. 

To prevent this from happening, you can add double fencing, or add a higher fence. You may also add a deer netting or mesh.   

Almond extract:

Almond extract is most likely to get attracted by almond extract. Nuts are one of the most favorite snacks for deers. 

And by this point you would have the idea that they would eat almost anything and everything. Almond extract can be consumed by deers. However, like everything else consuming excessive amounts of almond extract may cause health hazards in the deer’s health.     

Additionally, if you only plan on attracting the deer, you may use vanilla extract too. 

Moreover, there’s a higher chance that the deer may consume almond extract as it smells like raw almonds.                

Flowering almond: 

Flowering almonds can be consumed by deers. However, No shrubs are truly known to be deer resistant. Deers would consume almost everything when they face a scarcity of food.      

However, the scenario is different when it comes to herbs. Most herbs that are commonly used in our households contain a strong smell.  

Therefore, deers usually avoid herbs but shrubs do not.

Final Thoughts 

Deers eat almonds and in fact they love munching on almonds. Afterall its an integral part of the nut family. Along with almonds, deers are also caught grazing the leaves and branches of the almond tree. However, a deer cannot just live by eating almonds only, but they will surely give it a taste.