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Do Deer Eat Crabapples? (Quick Answers)

Crab apples might be great fruit trees for your garden if you are a fruit lover. It has a sour taste that gardeners like most to offer their family members and enjoy. The trees are all beautiful, especially when they are ripe.

But the struggle would be to choose the best protection for your crabapples since wild animals can eat them willingly. It might attract your pet and other animals if you don’t have any fences or barriers to protect your crabapples.

Deer eat crabapples

Deer can eat crab apples because of their taste, smell, and easy-to-digest reasons. If you have crab apple trees in your garden but want to protect them from deer, you must use deer-repellent sprayers. Or you can plant some deer-resistant and deer-proof plants around your garden.

If you look at the lives of wild deer animals, you will get their eating habits or diet. They mostly love to eat different nuts, fruits, and small grass with plants.

These are the basic diet for every pet deer as well. That also indicates that the deer love to eat crab apples since they have no unpleasant smell.

Deer only avoid those fruits and plants that spread acute or pungent smell. Besides that, deer can eat almost everything, including crab apple trees and other plants. Although most crab apples are sour, some crab apples are lovely. That’s another reason why deer eat crab apples.

If you plant sweet crab apples in your garden, you can offer that fruit to all your pets. You cannot even think how much deer love the sweet crab apples. If you don’t stop them from eating, they will overeat the crab apples.

So, you must create some barriers between your pet deer and crab apples. You can put a fence between these two, or you may use a different deer-resistant sprayer. Both ways will be successful if you can use them in the right ways.

Crabapple trees:

Deer can, of course, eat crabapple trees. These trees don’t contain harmful chemicals or harmful ingredients; that’s why deer will comfortably eat crab apple trees.

If you have small apple trees, and you allow the deer to eat them, you won’t find your apple trees anymore.

Crabapple leaves:

Crabapple trees don’t have any sharp smell or taste; it’s the main reason deer can eat crabapple leaves. If you have pet deer, you can frequently, or daily offer some crabapple leaves to them. They will be delighted to devour those leaves.


Since deer can eat everything from crab apple trees, deer can also eat crabapples. You can offer some crabapples to your deer; they will happily eat the entire crabapples.

The main reason is soft flesh and sweet taste. These two are the main reasons why deer eat crabapples.

Do deer eat Sargent crabapple?

Deer eat Sargent crabapple since they are small and can be easily digested. But they don’t like the Sargent crabapple like the regular crab apples because the Sargent crabapple is a flowering tree. It will give you different colors of flowers with a bushy tree structure.

Unfortunately, the Sargent crabapple is not entirely deer-resistant or deer-proof. It’s kind of a regular flower tree that deer avoid eating. If you go deep into the mechanism, you will find a flower smell that ultimately creates a barrier between the flower tree and the deer.

But deer will come and eat your Sargent crabapple trees if they are hungry and don’t find crab apples nearby. But you can easily control your deer from eating your Sargent crabapple by providing enough food timely.

As long as your deer find the proper nutrition, they will not go devouring your flower trees.

Do whitetail deer eat crabapples?

The whitetail deer can also eat crab apples since they also love to have sweet fruit. Moreover, the crab apples are sweet, and their flesh is soft.

The combination of taste and flesh will attract wild animals, including whitetail or regular deer. You must put a fence around your garden if you have such fruit trees.

Mainly, both whitetail and regular deer have similar food habits. They can eat different fruits, nuts, and grasses. So, you cannot differentiate their food habits; the only way to differentiate them is based on their body and skin tone.

So, you cannot expect your whitetail deer not to eat your crabapple trees. You must protect your crab apples from whitetail and normal deer or wild deer. They can eat your crabapples and digest them without facing any stomach issues.

Does deer-like crabapples?

Deer like to eat crabapples. Crabapples are one kind of wild or cultivated small tree that contain sweet/sour small fruits like apples. Deer mostly like to eat fruits. They avoid smelly, hairy fruits that have thorns in them. Other than that, deer want to taste all wild fruits.

The crabapples are mostly grown in the wild and have a very appealing scent. The taste is sweet, quite similar to our regular apple except for some bitter varieties.

Small in size and appealing taste and smell make it very attractive for deer. So, you cannot expect that your deer won’t eat crabapples.

You must take proper steps to protect your crab apple from the deer. Otherwise, you must put a fence around your crabapples to protect them from the deer. Otherwise, deer will get free access to eat crabapples.

When do deer eat crabapples?

Deer eat crabapples while being hungry or just by liking the fruits. Deer like to eat fruits. If you manage to give them fruits that are not hairy, thorny, or smelly, they will go for it, whereas crabapples are sweet and have a pleasing scent making them top on their meal list.

A study was conducted on deer providing them with crabapples, mangoes, and tomatoes.

Results were that they would go for crabapples first. They only eat tomatoes if the other basket is empty. That signals deer have a liking for crabapples. So they will eat it when they are hungry and sometimes consume it due to the liking of taste.

There is no particular time for deer to eat crab apples. They can eat anytime without any issues. Since the crab apples are sweet and have a sweet taste, they will love to eat crab apples at any time you allow them to eat or devour.

What kind of crabapples Do deer like?

Being picky eaters, deer prefer fruits that are sweeter, juicier, and have a nice odor. Deer like to eat crab apples.

Besides, they don’t show any side effects after consuming the fruit. While eating the crab apple, they eat the juicy parts and save the other parts that are less desirable until their alternative food sources run out.

The Red Vein:

Almost all crabapple fruits are edible, but not all have a sweet flavor. The Red Vein is a crab apple that does not contain acidity but is very palatable in nature, making it an ideal food for deer.

The Hope:

Deer love fruits, especially those that are not hairy or do not have any thorns. The Hope is neither thorny nor poisonous in nature. It does not cause any problem with deer-related ingestion.

The Centennial:

In general, Deer like tasty fruits. They like anything cute. Therefore, delicious crab apple varieties will attract them more than most other types of fruits; aside from its sweetness, deer-like fruits have a pleasant smell.

Since The Centennial has a beautiful scent, they are easily attracted to this type of crab apple.

How do you protect crabapple trees from deer?

You can protect the crabapples tree from deer with some simple tips. They are:

Sensor Equipment:

You may also try using sensors. Most of them have lights and sound installed well, and others are equipped in a way that scares and frightens deer.

You can find these devices in night and day modes, expecting 24/7 protection. Most importantly, its installation is just as easy, and since Artificial Intelligence powers the machines, they make an alarm when they spot an animal.

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Deer Repellent Crops:

You can quickly grow deer-resistant crops around your Crab Apple plants. Usually, deer don’t like plants that emit strong (bad) scents, so deer don’t get near the crab apples if you plant such plants around them.

However, you must spread the deer-resistant plants evenly throughout the plantation since deer avoid them and eat the crab apples. 


Another way to protect crabapple trees from deer is to make your orchard more challenging to access, which can also keep deer away.

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Final Thoughts

Deer can eat crabapples, including the entire plants, leaves, and other parts. If you want to have a live demonstration, you can offer some crab apples to your pet deer. They will love to eat crab apples and their leaves without any problem. So, you need to protect your crab apples from deer.