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Do Dryer Sheets Keep Mosquitoes Away? (Answered)

Dryer sheets are known to have bug repelling properties. But how good do they work against mosquitos? What kind of dryer sheets can effectively repel them? This article will try to answer all the questions and some additional tips to repel mosquitos from your home.

Do dryer sheets keep mosquitoes away?

Some dryer sheets can keep the mosquitoes away, but they are not as effective as other natural and commercial mosquito repellents. Dryer sheets work best in closed places like a drawer or kitchen cabinets. Still, if you want to try, use bounce dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets are used to remove static energy from the clothes while washing. It comes with a fragrant that helps to keep the clothes fresh-smelling. The dryer sheets also contain some chemicals that work as bug repellents.

Dryer sheets help keep bugs and insects away, but what about mosquitos? Let’s break it down.

Dryer sheets have a range in which they can effectively keep the bugs away. Dryer sheets release some chemical particles and a strong smell.

The chemical blocks the sensing organ and irritates the respiratory organ of bugs. However, this effect can not work if the bug or insect is far from the dryer sheet.

A mosquito flies around, and they can easily keep their distance from the dryer sheet range and bite you. For this reason, we do not strongly recommend dryer sheets for repealing the mosquitos.

However, some strong-smelling dryer sheets can cover more space and can be used to repel mosquitos if you use them in the right place.

For example, if you keep a few dryer sheets near the windows of your house, it can stop most of the mosquitoes from entering your home.

Some people claim that you can stop mosquitoes from biting you if you keep dryer sheets in your pocket. Dryer sheets do not work that way. When you keep dryer sheets in your pocket, the sheet can not release chemicals that repel the bugs.

Another disadvantage of a dryer sheet is that it gradually becomes less effective when keeping it in the open air. But to keep the mosquitos away, you must keep the dryer sheets in open areas. Let’s find out which dryer sheet works best to keep the mosquitos away.

Do bounce dryer sheets keep mosquitoes away? Do gain dryer sheets repel mosquitoes?

Bounce dryer sheets have stronger fragrant and chemical properties than other dryer sheets, making them a better option for bug repellent.

But how good are they at repelling mosquitoes? There is no official evidence that dryer sheets can keep the mosquito away. But if we look at the repellent property of dryer sheets, it should work better than other dryer sheets that have a mild smell and chemicals.

Gain dryer sheets also have a unique fragrance that can repel mosquitoes. However, do not expect dryer sheets to vanish all the mosquitos magically. It will work best when used with other mosquito repellents like mosquito spray.

You may notice dryer sheets in your mailbox. Mail carriers keep some dryer sheets in the mailbox so ants and wasps can not make their home there. Dryer shit works best in a small place like that.

Do lavender dryer sheets repel mosquitoes? Does rubbing dryer sheets keep mosquitoes away?

Lavender plants are natural mosquito repellent. So what about lavender dryer sheets? If your lavender dryer sheet contains lavender oil in them, it can repel mosquitos around better than other dryer sheets.

However, it will work like other dryer sheets if the dryer sheet contains only the lavender scent.

In common sense says, rubbing dryer sheets in your arm and legs can be an excellent way to keep the mosquitoes away for a while

Yes, it can work for some minutes, but after a short time, the chemicals will fade away quickly, so you can not rely on rubbing dryer sheets to repel mosquitos away.

Moreover, applying the chemicals to dryer sheets can be dangerous for your health. Different sources claim dryer sheets’ health issues, but there is no scientific evidence. You can find mosquito cream that can be very helpful to keep the mosquitos away when you go outside.

Why do dryer sheets repel mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are common flying insects that you can find everywhere in the world. Humans have developed many techniques to fight these blood-sucking pests. But can dryer sheets be listed as mosquito repellent?

To answer the question, we will have to find out some components of dryer sheets and their effects on mosquitoes. Check out the following points,


Linalool is one of the main chemicals of dryer sheets. Research by the Journal of Vector Ecology shows that 93% of mosquitoes can not bear the presence of linalool.

However, some other research claims the opposite is true.

But even if the chemical is effective against the mosquito, the mosquito can quickly fly far from the chemical effect.


Beta-Citronellol is a critical component of dryer sheets, and its commonly used in most commercial repellents. According to the FDA, the best thing about this chemical is toxic to bugs and insects and safe for humans.

However, research from the University of Florida shows that Beta-Citronellol does repel mosquitos, but the effect does not remain for more than 20 minutes. In a closed place, the effect can stay longer.

Strong fragrant:

Most small animals and bugs are sensitive to strong smells. If a strong smell comes from something, they do not go near it. That is also true for mosquitos, but as we mentioned previously, mosquitos can easily escape strong-smelling areas.

In the next section, we will discuss the physiological effect of dryer sheets on mosquitos.

What kind of dryer sheets keep mosquitoes away?

Dryer sheets with more clothe softener chemicals are adequate to keep away other insects and mosquitos. How can you find out what works best to keep the mosquito away? Most strong-smelling dryer sheets work decently to keep the bugs and mosquitoes away.

Mosquito gave long feather-like organ that works as the antennae of mosquito. Mosquito detects the source of Co2 with those organs and finds out the presence of humans and animals. 

Strong smells make those antennae diable for some time, and they quickly move from the place.

Moreover, mosquito uses long skinny tubes called siphon for their respiration. When smelling particles and chemicals get inside the mosquitos siphon, they irritate mosquitos.

Here is a list of dryer sheets that work relatively better than other dryer sheets.

Bounce dryer sheets:

Bounce dryer sheets are the best dryer sheets on the market for repelling insects. However, no dryer sheets are scientifically proven or disproved as a mosquito repellant.

But somehow, bounce dryer sheets became famous as a bug repellant.

Lavender dryer sheets:

Lavender dryer sheets work great if they contain original lavender oils in them. Lavender plants and oil are great ways to keep the mosquitos away.

Homemade dryer sheets:

Did you know you can make dryer sheets at home? For that, cut a clean old piece of cloth in dryer sheet size. Fill a container with vinegar and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Then soak the clothes and close the lid to store.

Those homemade dryers can also repel mosquitoes as they have essential oils in them. You can use them in your washing machine like regular dryer sheets.

How to use dryer sheets to keep mosquitoes away?

Although dryer sheets are not super effective in keeping mosquitoes away, you can repel most of them by following some tips. Note that dryer sheets can never be a permanent solution to mosquitos. You can use it in situations like, “Nothing is better than something.” Here are some ways to use dryer sheets to repel mosquitoes.

Use with other repellants:

Only dryer sheets may not be sufficient in many situations. When there are a lot of mosquitoes, it’s hard to stop them with less effective repellents. First, use an effective mosquito repellent spray. 

Then keep some dryer sheets on the places you stay more, like the work table, bed, and kitchen.

Keep dryer sheets on the windows:

Keeping dryer sheets on the window can stop mosquitoes from entering your home while keeping them open. For maximum protection from mosquitoes, attach four dryer sheets on the four sides of the window.

Use dryer sheets on the dark and corner side of your home:

Mosquitoes tend to hide in the corners and darker places of your house. Keep a few dryer sheets on those parts of your house.

Final Thoughts

Dryer sheets are not suitable for repelling a lot of mosquitoes. Dryer sheets do have repealing properties, but mosquitos can simply fly away from the dryer sheet. You can use dryer sheets if you do not have other options to repel those irritating insects.