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Do Marigolds Keep Snakes Away? (Read This First!)

You may hear of the importance of marigold flowers. They help you to repel aphids and other harmful insects. If you plan to make a garden, you should plant some marigold plants.

However, gardeners also want to know if marigolds keep snakes away from the garden. That’s what we will look for today. But there are some concerns regarding snakes and marigolds.

Marigold’s roots can go deeper. These are the main part of the plants that help repel different rodents and insects. Apart from that, marigolds will make your garden colorful.

Marigolds have various colorful flowers. You should plant marigolds and make the garden aphids-free. Also, you can enhance the beauty of your gardens too.

Do marigolds keep snakes away?

Marigolds keep snakes away. If you plant marigolds in your garden, you will hardly find any snakes. One of the main reasons would be the smells. The smells from the flowers and roots keep snakes away from the garden. If you want to save your garden, plant some marigolds.

If you are a marigold lover, you will be fond of marigold smells. But the snakes don’t love that. Marigold smells deter snakes from the surroundings. 

When you plant marigolds, you may find snakes around the garden. After some days, when the plant grows bigger and delivers flowers, you will not find snakes. The main reason is flower smells.

Marigold plant:

Marigold plant can deter snakes by its roots. Basically, marigold roots have a strong odor that is unfriendly to insects and snakes. That’s why the marigold plant repels snakes.

However, there is one more reason why marigold plants can deter snakes. They have a natural ability to deter snakes. They are not sweet or good to snakes. That’s why snakes always try to avoid marigold plants.

Marigold flowers:

If you talk about one particular element that keeps snakes away, it will be marigold flowers. Flowers have natural smells that attract insects and pests. But marigold flowers have something different.

It doesn’t attract pests and insects; rather, it works like anti-aphids and anti-insects. Since marigold flowers have a strong odor, they can repel snakes. So, the strong odor is the main reason why snakes keep away from marigold flowers.

Do snakes like or dislike marigolds?

Snakes do not like marigolds. They constantly avoid marigolds and go somewhere else to live or stay. The main concerning fact is the marigold smells.

Marigold has an anti-snakes smell. It keeps snakes away from their surroundings. If you look for the anti-spray to deter snakes, you will find that different brands come with marigold smells.

One of the main reasons snakes dislike marigolds is the roots and flower smells. Nothing more is there. These two are the main reasons.

How do marigolds repel snakes?

Marigold repels snakes through their roots. Marigold’s roots are more profound and spread fast. Therefore, it can go through the soil and make the environment friendly.

However, that’s not the actual reason how marigolds repel snakes. The main thing is the root odor. Marigolds have their odor and smell. Therefore, they use the roots to spread the odor deeply to the soil.

Whenever snakes pass through the marigold plants, they smell that odor and go back; eventually, they leave the place. Maybe there are some snake holes. Marigold will come to the holes too.

That way, marigolds repel snakes and other garden pests. So, if you truly want to repel snakes from your garden, you should plant some marigolds. Then, you can safely enjoy the garden.

What marigolds deter snakes in the garden?

Most of the marigolds deter snakes in the garden. But some specific marigold types will quickly deter snakes in the garden. Let’s look at them.

French Marigold:

It is our best finding. French marigolds can successfully deter snakes in the garden. At the same time, French marigolds come with different colorful flowers.

These flowers also spread the smells that snakes and rodents dislike most. That’s why French Marigolds are the best ones that deter snakes in the garden.

Tagetes Marigold:

Here is another best quality marigold type that repels snakes entirely. It also comes with deep roots and flowers. On the other hand, tagetes marigold can create the smell that repels snakes.

Moreover, there are more on the way. If you look at the tagetes flowers, you might find it a bit weird. But, it can successfully deter snakes.

Southern Marigold:

If you want to know which marigold repels snakes, you might get a list of names. There, you should get the name of Southern Marigold. It’s a fantastic anti-snake plant.

It creates an odor that keeps snakes away from the garden. So, you can say that Southern marigolds can also deter snakes in the garden.

How to landscape with marigold to prevent snakes?

There are some common tips to follow while landscape with marigolds to prevent snakes. We have come up with all the tips. You need to follow them and get the instant result.

Make the yard dry:

To landscape with marigolds, you need to make the yard dry. Make sure there is no water left because snakes love to live in water or damp places. That’s the first tip to landscape with marigolds to prevent snakes.

Remove rocks:

Removing rocks from the garden and yard is your second tip. Rock or large stone would be the place where snakes and other animals love to live behind. You need to make the place clean.

Direct sunlight:

Another tip could be to make the place or garden under direct sunlight. You should know that all plants need sunlight. Therefore, you will make your garden where sunlight gets through. It will also help you to prevent snakes a bit.

Cutting off:

Cutting off all the bushes and jungle area is the next tip you need to follow to make the landscape perfect to plant marigolds that will ultimately repel snakes and prevent them too.

At the same time, you should get rid of plants and flower plants that can attract snakes. Notably, the Cider Trees can attract snakes. Try to avoid planting them.

No food sources:

You should ensure that the garden has no tiny rodents or food sources. If you have any rodents or insects, the snake will come ahead and look for their food. 

So, you need to clean the landscape or your garden; thus, you can make the landscape perfect to plant marigolds to prevent snakes.

So, these are the primary tips to follow. You can make your landscape perfect to plant marigolds to prevent snakes by following these tips. After having a garden full of different flowers and plants, you can follow them. They are effective in every way.

What other plants help to keep snakes away?

Some other plants will also help you keep snakes away from the garden. It’s time to explore them.

Onion & Garlic:

If you look for the plants that will keep snakes away, you should hear the name Onion and Garlic. It has a strong spicy odor that keeps snakes away from the garden.

In fact, most rodents and snakes don’t like spicy smells. They avoid coming near the onion & garlic.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue:

If you want to make your garden anti-snakes, you should plant some mother-in-law tongue plants in your garden. They have sharp leaves, and they rejuvenate oxygen at a higher level.

These two things will keep snakes away from the garden. Therefore, you must try some and plant them.

West Indian Lemongrass:

Before gardening, you should have some ideas about anti-mosquito and anti-rodent plants. If you look for the right plants, you will find that west-Indian lemongrass is the best match in this regard.

They have citrus smells that repel snakes from the garden. Therefore, you should plant some West-Indian lemongrass around the garden and make mosquitoes and snakes free.


Have you ever heard of snake plants? You might. However, snake plants have a frightening look that helps to repel snakes from the garden and house.

Therefore, you can also plant some snake plants in your garden and keep snakes away from your garden.

Indian Snakes Root:

Here are our last anti-snake plants that will keep snakes away from the garden. However, the Indian snake’s root is the plant that spreads an odor. That odor is unfriendly and toxic to snakes to some extent.

That’s the reason why Indian snakeroot plants are considered the best to repel and deter snakes.

We have found these five plants are the best among hundreds of other plants so far. You will get more names if you search. But these five will be enough to repel snakes.

Final thoughts

Marigolds have a strong odor that most rodents and snakes don’t like to inhale. On the other hand, marigold roots grow fast and spread a strong odor. For these two reasons, marigolds keep snakes away from the garden. You can plant some marigold plants and make your garden safe.