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Do Marigolds Repel Aphids? (Quick Answers)

Marigold is a flowering tree. But it has some other uses. For example, marigolds can deter different insects and pests. The central part of the marigold is its root.

Researchers found that marigolds have strong roots that go through deep soil. It has strong odors too. That ultimately repels insects and snakes. Additionally, marigold flowers are also intense, and most insects don’t like to eat flowers.

That’s another reason why the marigold is an essential plant in the garden. You can indeed plant some marigolds and let them grow to deter unwanted aphids and insects.

Here comes a question, do marigolds repel aphids? Well, you may already get the answer. But that’s not everything; there are more we are counting.

Do marigolds repel aphids?

Marigolds repel aphids because these plants have vigorous roots and flowers. These two parts are the main ingredients that repel aphids. You will find that roots have spread out a strong odor if you notice. The same comes from the flower that keeps aphids away from the marigold.

Marigold’s root is the crucial part. You will hardly find any aphids on the roots. One of the main reasons is the strong odor. You cannot expect to have aphids around the roots.

On the other hand, marigold flowers also have similar smells. You may like it, but aphids don’t. That’s why people from ancient times used to grow marigolds around their houses and gardens. It’s a natural way to get rid of aphids.

Let’s talk about aphids. Aphids are sap-sucking insects. They have small eyes and sucking mouthparts. They have different colors, namely green, red, and brown. They are so small that wind can blow them away from one garden to another.

Aphids are giant in number. There are more than 4000 aphids on the earth. Among them, 250 are found in most places. They can harm in many ways; that’s why you need anti-aphid plants in your garden.

The best way is to plant marigolds. They can deter aphids from every sense. Mainly, they spread a strong odor that aphids can’t bear. Therefore, they willingly leave that place.

How do marigolds stop aphids?

Marigolds have long-lasting and smelly roots. That’s the main part of this plant. However, roots play a role in deterring and stopping aphids from a long distance. Mainly, the odor that comes from roots is unbearable.

Therefore, it stops aphids from coming near the tree and surroundings. On the other hand, marigold flowers can also control aphids following the same strategy. They also release strong odors that aphids can’t inhale.

Moreover, most aphids cannot eat marigold leaves. That also works to repel aphids from the bottom. Additionally, aphids are being stopped due to all these reasons. There is nothing to worry about stopping aphids.

Which marigolds repel aphids?

There are different marigolds, namely Mexican, French, signet, and more. Most marigolds can repel aphids through their strong odor. Let’s see which marigold repels aphids most.

Mexican Marigold:

Mexican Marigold is a well-known plant to repel aphids. It has strong roots and flowers. These parts release odor which repels the aphids entirely.

Even aphids cannot live in the surrounding area. You must know how to get rid of aphids using Mexican Marigolds. Mexican marigolds are the best marigolds to repel aphids.

French Marigold:

If you want to increase your garden beauty, you should plant French marigolds. They have different and colorful flowers. For instance, you will get red and yellow flowers from French marigolds. It will look fantastic.

At the same time, French marigolds can also repel aphids. It also has long roots that come with a strong odor. Moreover, French marigold flowers also deter aphids. That’s why the French marigold is an excellent plant.

Signet Marigold:

When you have signet marigolds in your garden, you will love to see pumpkin orange and lemon yellow flowers all the time. These flowers have different smells.

However, they can deter aphids through the strong odor. On the other hand, signet marigolds also have their root smells which are unbearable to aphids. 

Due to these reasons, signet marigolds remain one of the best plants to remove aphids from the garden.

Do French marigolds repel aphids?

We have described in your previous section that French marigolds can easily repel aphids. French marigolds are the best in this regard. It has a strong odor that ultimately keeps aphids away from their surroundings.

On the other hand, French marigolds have different colors of flowers that come with anti-aphid chemical ingredients. That’s another reason why marigolds can repel aphids and help your garden look beautiful.

At the same time, French marigolds spread a smell that might seem good to you, but aphids cannot live and inhale that smell. Therefore, they start to leave that garden and look for odorless places to live.

Do marigolds attract aphids?

In some cases, marigolds can attract aphids. Some reasons are there why marigolds attract aphids. It was believed that marigolds could repel and deter aphids from ancient times. Nowadays, science has proved it slightly wrong. 

It is claimed that marigolds fail to deter aphids; rather, they attract aphids.

Researchers also find the truth of this theory. Some marigolds cannot repel aphids, instead, they attract aphids and help grow aphids in the long run. But, it remains the subject of investigation.

Can marigolds get aphids?

Marigolds can get aphids due to their leaves. There are some aphids, namely leafhoppers. They come to the marigolds and start to live on the leaves.

At the same time, there might be other similar aphids that also love to eat marigold flowers and leaves. SO, when you start to plant marigolds, you might see them, and you need to use different anti-aphids sprays to get rid of aphids.

So, the correct answer would be yes. Marigolds can also get aphids like other plants though it has anti-aphid smells.

How to get rid of aphids on marigolds?

To get rid of aphids on marigolds, you can simply follow our tips. They all are proven methods to get rid of aphids from the marigolds plant.

Anti-aphids spray:

using anti-aphids spray would be your best idea to remove aphids on marigolds. These sprays have all the materials to repel and deter aphids and other useless insects from the garden. 

On the other hand, spraying over plants has become common for all gardeners.

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Ammonia spray:

You can use ammonia spray on your plants or the surroundings. It is the best idea to get rid of marigold to a great extent. Ammonia has the strongest smells that aphids and insects always avoid.

Moreover, you can also create the ammonia spray by using water and total NH3. It will become an excellent anti-insect material to get rid of insects.

Neem oil or neem spray:

Neem oil or neem spray is another natural way and method to get rid of aphids on marigolds. You can simply make the neem spray using neem leaves.

Also, there are some commercial versions of the neem oil. You can buy them and spray them on the marigolds. Aphids will go away instantly or within a while.

What other plants repel aphids or attract aphid predators?

Some other plants except marigolds can also repel aphids or attract aphid predators. It’s time to explore them in detail.

Mustard plant:

The best plants have everything to repel aphids from the garden. Mustard is an anti-aphids plant. It has a strong odor and flowers. You can even find mustard oil to spray on plants to repel aphids.

Moreover, mustard can attract all the predators, including grasshoppers, to eat aphids. It is the best part of mustard plants.


Catnip has a worldwide reputation for controlling aphids or driving away insects from your garden. Though catnip attracts cats, it can repel many aphids from the garden.

So, when you look for anti-aphid plants, you should consider buying some catnips and planting them in your garden.


If you look for herbs that can also repel aphids, you should look at fennels. They have an excellent smell that will freshen your garden. At the same time, it will help you to repel aphids.


Another plant that can attract the predator of aphids is parsley. It can attract wasps which is the best predator of aphids.

So, if you look to plant some predator plants, you should consider planting more and more. You can use it in different ways. At the same time, it will attract wasps that will repel and eat most insects and aphids.

So, these are the four best plants to repel aphids from your garden. You can plant them all. They will together fight with aphids and attract predators.

Final thoughts

From the above discussion, it can be said that marigolds repel aphids. They have a strong odor that aphids don’t like. Therefore, they leave marigolds and the surrounding place. Additionally, you can follow some other ways to repel aphids. There are anti-aphid plants.