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Do Rabbits Eat Delphiniums? (Read This First!)

Rabbits are one of the most well known animals around the world. They are also famous for their notorious trait of eating unprotected vegetable and flower plants in the garden.

But people still do not what kinds of flowers and vegetables rabbit like eating. Today, we are going to discuss and find out whether rabbits eat delphiniums or not.

Do rabbits eat delphiniums?

Rabbits do not have the required digestive capability to eat delphinium flower and its plant. Delphinium flowers can cause serious health problems for rabbits because of the toxic reaction it creates after being consumed by rabbits. Delphiniums also do not hold any nutritional value for rabbits.

Delphinium flowers can increase the beauty of your garden significantly. But looks can be deceiving when it comes to delphinium flowers.

Delphinium flowers are poisonous to most animals and rabbits are part of the list of animals that delphinium has poisonous effect on.

So rabbits avoid eating delphiniums at all cost. Some rabbits might end up eating delphiniums due to lack of knowledge and experience. But they will soon realize that delphinium is not a safe plant for them to consume and will stay away from it.

Rabbits are intelligent enough to realize the side effects delphinium have on their health. Delphiniums are harmful for the health of rabbits and do not add anything positive to their daily diet.

Rabbits should not be fed delphinium under any circumstances. Delphiniums are far from being a good source of food for rabbits as they have no nutritional value for rabbits.

Do rabbits like delphiniums?

Rabbits might be attracted to delphinium flowers at first because of the color of their blossoms. But rabbits do not like the structure of delphinium flowers when they get close enough to them.

So It is believed by gardening experts that rabbits do not like delphiniums as they work as a rabbit repellent. But a rabbit might be compelled to eat a delphinium flower when it is in search of food and has no other option.

However, it is a very rare case as rabbits do not like delphiniums as a food source.

On the other hand, delphinium plants work wonderfully in the garden as a rabbit repellent and many people can be seen planting delphinium in their garden to keep away rabbits.

So it can be safely said that rabbits do not like delphinium flowers because od its taste and structure.

Do rabbits eat delphinium plants?

Rabbits do not generally eat delphinium plants. The reason behind this is the structure of delphinium plants which is perceived as being dangerous by rabbits. So most of the time, rabbits try to stay away from delphinium plants.

When there is no other source of food available for rabbits to feed upon, then they might be tempted to eat the leaves of delphinium plants.

But delphinium plant is not a regular part of a rabbit’s diet. In fact, it does them more harm than good by creating problems for the digestive system of rabbits. Rabbits are not built in a way to handle the components of a delphinium plant.

That is why delphinium plants should not be fed to your pet rabbit at all. Moreover, delphinium plants do not hold any nutritional value for rabbits. This includes the leaves and flowers of delphinium plants.

So it can be said that rabbits would not indulge in eating a delphinium plant if the circumstances do not call for it.

Is delphinium deer and rabbit resistant?

Delphinium is known for being both deer resistant and rabbit resistant plant. Deers would not try to eat delphinium if there is enough source of food available for them.

Hence, you can plant delphinium flowers in your garden to keep away deer. Delphinium is a natural deer repellent because of its deer-resistant ability.

The same thing can be said when it comes to rabbits. Rabbits also do not like the taste and structure of delphinium plants and tend to stay away from them. So you can also grow delphinium plants in your garden to keep away rabbits.

Garden experts suggest planting delphinium plants in the garden as a ploy to repel deer and rabbits. These two animals do not do well around a bunch of delphinium plants. Delphinium plant has been blessed with the ability of deer and rabbit resistance.

5 reasons why rabbits don’t eat delphiniums

There are a lot of reasons why rabbits don’t eat delphiniums. Let’s discuss in detail about them.


The main reason why rabbits do not eat delphiniums is because of their toxicity. Delphinium plants possess a lot of toxic elements for rabbits and these elements can create serious health issues if rabbits end up eating delphinium plants in large quantity.

It gives birth to a significant amount of physical damage for rabbits. Their body is not ready to deal with the effects delphinium has.

Problem with digestion:

Another major reason why rabbits do not eat delphiniums is due to the digestion problem it creates for rabbits. The internal system of the rabbit’s body is not built in such a way that it could break down the complex components of delphinium.

This has been noted as a major concern by animal experts and they have advised against feeding delphiniums to pet rabbits.

If you do not cause any harm to your pet rabbit, then you should refrain from feeding your rabbit delphinium plant. The consequences will be severe if your rabbit keeps eating delphinium on a consistent basis.

The structure:

The structure of delphinium plant and its flowers are not liked by rabbits at all.

However, rabbits can be attracted by the blue blossoms of delphinium plant, but rabbits do not enjoy eating delphinium plant because of its strange structure. That is why rabbits stay away from delphiniums at any cost.

You will very rarely see a rabbit enjoying the structure of a delphinium flower and plant. The structure of delphinium signals as being dangerous to rabbits.

Rabbits do not indulge in eating something that is coming across as dangerous. This is general thumb of rule that rabbits try to follow in their lifetime.

Nutritional Value:

Delphinium plant and its flowers do not have enough nutritional value for rabbits. Rabbits do not gain any positive feedback by consuming delphinium plant and its flowers.

Rabbits are smart enough to realize that eating delphinium plant and its flowers do them no good. This is another reason why rabbits stay away from eating delphinium plants.

Other sources of food:

There are better sources of food available for rabbits. Having better sources of food means rabbits do not have to rely on delphinium to make up for their need of food.

This has given rabbits the freedom to choose what they want to consume and they generally choose not to eat delphinium plant and its flowers.

What flowers do rabbits eat?

There are lots of flowers that rabbits love to eat. Let’s discuss in detail about some of them.

Pansy flowers:

Pansy flowers are one of the key features of a beautiful flower garden. They are known for producing blossoms of several bright colors.

Rabbits are attracted to these pansy flowers because of their beautiful heat shaped petals. And pansies also taste good to the taste buds of rabbits and rabbits enjoy eating pansy flowers because of the nutritional value they provide.

Gazania flowers:

The scientific name of gazania is gazania rigens. These flowers are known for producing orange and yellow blossoms. Rabbits tend to feel immense attraction towards these flowers and will be seen eating them most of the time.

Gazania flowers are tasty and they add massive nutritional value to the daily diet of gazania flowers.

Morning glory flowers:

Morning glory flowers are another favourite food item of rabbits. They are known for producing blue, pink, white, purple, and magenta blossoms.

Rabbits are attracted to the colorful blossoms of morning glory flowers and they also find the flowers tasty. Rabbits do not shy away from eating morning glory flowers if they get a chance.

Zinnia flowers:

Zinnia flowers are famous for producing blossoms of various colors. Naturally rabbits are drawn towards zinnia flowers because of their outlook.

Zinnia flowers also have a good taste that rabbits enjoy. Rabbits like eating zinnia flowers whenever they get a chance.

Petunia flowers:

Petunia flowers are good at producing multiple colors of blossoms. Rabbits are pretty much attracted to petunia flowers for their amazing blossoms. They also enjoy the taste of petunia flowers.

Snapdragon flowers:

The scientific name of snapdragon flower is Antirrhinum majus. Rabbits like eating snapdragon flowers because of their taste and texture.

Final Thoughts

Rabbits cannot eat delphiniums because of their toxicity. The toxicity of delphinium is strong enough to cause the demise of rabbits. Most of the time, rabbits tend to stay away from eating delphiniums because of its structure. Rabbits associate the structure of delphinium with danger.