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Does Bleach Repel Roaches? (All You Need to Know)

You might have tried different things to repel roaches. But repelling them is pretty tricky because they return again and again.

Moreover, most roach-repelling elements are chemicals. You might be searching for something readily available. Besides, you might have heard about bleach’s insect repelling ability.

So, you might be confused about whether bleach can repel roaches or not. You must know about the safety of using bleach to repel cockroaches.

Moreover, learning about the consequences and advantages of using bleach is also important. Besides, knowing about the application method of using bleach to repel roaches is essential. Let’s see details about it.

Bleach to repel roaches

Bleach can repel roaches. Generally, bleach terminates roaches. Moreover, if they ingest bleach, it will affect their breathing system. So, the roaches will be terminated. So, it doesn’t work only by the smell of bleach. However, you must be careful while using bleach since it is highly toxic.

Generally, bleach is a cleaning product. So, you might be confused about its use for repelling roaches. But bleach can indeed repel roaches. So, let’s see how bleach works to repel cockroaches.

When you use bleach to repel roaches, you have to follow a specific process. Because bleach doesn’t work like other repellents. Most roach-repelling elements work with the smell. For example, the roaches can’t bear the smell and go away.

But bleach also has some properties that help to repel roaches. Generally, bleach has a powerful smell. Roaches dislike this smell. So, when the cockroaches find any detergent scent, they will immediately disappear.

However, bleach also terminates roaches by drowning them. Generally, when cockroaches come close to the bleach, their breathing system is affected. Roaches breathe by their tiny openings called spiracles. These openings are affected by the smell of the bleach.

Moreover, when the roaches ingest bleach, it immediately makes them suffocate. Because bleach is highly toxic for them. Even bleach can work to terminate roaches within a couple of minutes.

But for the termination of roaches, you must make them drown in the bleach. Otherwise, the drowning and termination effect will not work well. If you only depend on the smell of bleach, it might deter roaches, but they will return soon. So, you have to find a permanent solution.

You must use a sufficient amount of bleach to repel roaches. But you must be careful about your and your family’s safety while using bleach to repel cockroaches. Because bleach is a very toxic element that might cause medical emergency if inhaled or ingested.

If you want to use bleach to terminate roaches, you must use chlorine. Because chlorine bleach is stronger.

But you have to remember that the roaches must come in contact with bleach if you want to use the bleach effectively. Otherwise, the bleach might know to affect the roaches.

So, bleach can repel roaches. You can use bleach to repel roaches effectively, but you must use it carefully.

What does bleach do to roaches?

Bleach is an efficient element to repel or terminate roaches. But you might want to know how bleach can repel or terminate roaches. Generally, bleach removes roaches by ingestion or drowning roaches.

When you apply a sufficient amount of bleach to repelling roaches, the roaches come close to bleach.

Then roaches ingest the bleach, affecting the whole body of the cockroaches. Even bleach can eat away the entire body of cockroaches. In this way, bleach terminates the roaches.

On the other hand, when the roaches get in contact with the bleach, it affects their breathing system. So, the cockroaches suffocate and can’t breathe anymore. Moreover, roaches dislike the smell of bleach.

Generally, bleach has a powerful smell. When the roaches get the smell of bleach, they immediately go away from that place. Roaches can sense that bleach can be dangerous for them. Bleach is also a highly toxic element.

So, bleach is harmful to roaches. However, when you apply bleach to repel roaches, it generally does three things.

The smell of bleach distracts the cockroaches. Besides, bleach terminates roaches by drowning. Moreover, cockroaches are removed if they ingest the bleach.

So, bleach does these things to roaches. That’s why bleach is so effective in repelling cockroaches.

Does bleach terminate roaches on contact?

Yes, bleach terminates roaches on contact. You might already have known that bleach removes roaches by drowning or ingestion. So, the cockroaches must come in contact with bleach. Sometimes, we don’t use enough bleach to repel roaches.

But if the bleach doesn’t spread through the area, roaches might not come in contact with the bleach. To be drowned, bleach must terminate roaches on contact.

Bleach is very effective when it comes to repelling roaches. Even it can eat away the whole body of cockroaches. So, the effect of bleach is very toxic to cockroaches. While using bleach for repelling cockroaches, you must be careful because of the poisonous nature of bleach.

So, you have to use bleach so the roaches can come close to it. Otherwise, only the smelling effect is not enough to terminate roaches.

Does bleach terminate cockroach eggs?

When repelling roaches, you might want to terminate the cockroach eggs also. Because if you can remove the eggs, roaches will be terminated from the beginning, and they will not return.

Yes, bleach can also terminate roaches’ eggs. But you have to ensure that the amount of bleach is sufficient. Because for termination of eggs, the eggs must be drowned. When the bleach is in contact with eggs, it will eat away at them.

Eggs can’t ingest the bleach. Moreover, eggs can’t take the smell of bleach. So, the eggs must be drowned, which is the only process to terminate the eggs of roaches. But finding the eggs might be difficult since they are tiny in size.

So, like the termination of roaches, eggs can also be terminated by using bleach. But you must apply enough bleach to remove the roaches’ eggs. Also, you must be careful when using bleach to terminate roaches’ eggs because the element is very toxic.

How to use bleach to repel roaches?

Now that you know bleach can repel roaches, you might want to know the process. So, let’s see how you can repel roaches using bleach.

Prepare the bleach:

First, you have to prepare a bleach solution that you want to use to terminate roaches. Since you will need a sufficient amount of bleach to remove cockroaches, you can use water to make the solution. You can mix one part of bleach with one part of water.

After that, you have to pour the solution into a spraying bottle. Then you have to shake the bottle well to mix the solution properly.

Applying the bleach:

Next, you have to spray the bleach in those areas that are affected by roaches. You have to spread the solution so that it can be a sufficient amount.

You might know that roaches must be drowned in bleach to terminate. So, it will be ineffective if you don’t apply the bleach sufficiently. After that, you must wait for the next day because the bleach might take 24 hours to terminate the roaches altogether.


After removing roaches or applying bleach, you must clean the place well. You might know that bleach is a toxic element. So, you have to keep yourself away from bleach.

Moreover, other things might be bleached if you directly apply bleach to them. So, be careful while using bleach and clean the area properly.

Final Thoughts

Bleach is a very effective element that can repel roaches. Generally, bleach has a powerful smell. But the scent doesn’t always work for repelling cockroaches. You have to make the roaches drown in the bleach. Then the cockroaches will ingest the bleach and be terminated.