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Does Cayenne Pepper Keep Chipmunks Away? (Answered)

Cayenne pepper is a spicy material that belongs to the hot chili family. Some people also know it as the moderate version of the capsicum. Whatever the uses of cayenne pepper, you might wonder to know that cayenne pepper repels rodents.

I have a garden. My garden was infested with a lot of chipmunks and other rodents. I was too tired to use different home remedies, but nothing worked. Then I came to know about cayenne pepper.

Today, we will explore cayenne pepper and look at how it can keep chipmunks away from your garden. So, keep on reading.

Does cayenne pepper keep chipmunks away?

The cayenne pepper does keep chipmunks away from the garden easily. Since it has spicy smells and pungent odor, rodents like chipmunks don’t like it. They even leave the place as soon as they smell cayenne pepper. You can put some pepper blend onto your flowers; all the chipmunks will disappear.

Most of the spicy items can repel rodents. If you talk about zinger and onion, you will know that they can successfully repel all types of rodents and other insects. The main reason could be the smell and spiciness.

Therefore, when you use cayenne pepper blend in your garden, you will hardly find any rodents or insects around that area. Keep in mind; spicy is not an ideal practice to keep rodents away.

It will affect the other beneficial insects as well. They will also leave your garden if you use too much pepper blend. So, the best practice will be to use a moderate amount of cayenne pepper.

Additionally, you can select the place where chipmunks and other rodents keep going, then spray or put the blending cayenne over there. It will keep things safe and sound for your garden.

However, you can make the cayenne blender or buy the required spray. If you search in your locality or the super shop, you may find the cayenne pepper spray. Then, you can spray it on the flower or plants.

Why do chipmunks dislike cayenne pepper?

Chipmunks do not like cayenne pepper. One of the main reasons is hot pepper. That means cayenne pepper belongs to the hot pepper family. And, chipmunks and other rodents cannot tolerate the hot peppers in any way.

Therefore, when you use the cayenne pepper, it will surely repel chipmunks for a long time. The cayenne pepper keeps its effectiveness for a week or a couple of days.

However, cayenne pepper also spreads a strong odor. It is spicy and plays the role of anti-rodent ingredients. That’s the ultimate reason why chipmunks dislike cayenne pepper.

How much cayenne pepper to use to deter chipmunks?

Two tablespoons of cayenne pepper you will need to use to deter chipmunks. Let’s make it clear. You cannot use the cayenne pepper directly on the chipmunks. You have to make a spray using water and pepper.

In that case, you can use one quart of water and two tablespoons of cayenne pepper. Then, you need to make a blend of them and boil them. That’s the ultimate way to use cayenne pepper.

However, you should not use too much cayenne pepper. You have to ensure limited use. Otherwise, the beneficial insects of the garden will disappear. It will be a great loss indeed.

W​ill cayenne pepper hurt chipmunks?

Typically, cayenne pepper does not hurt chipmunks. Keep in mind; cayenne pepper contains capsaicin. It is not a safe ingredient for any rodents or pets. It can harm and hurt rodents.

Therefore, you should avoid using direct cayenne pepper on the rodents. They will get hurt from the hot pepper like cayenne pepper. However, if you truly search for the solution and want to know whether cayenne pepper can hurt the chipmunks, people will reply negatively.

But the truth is that hot peppers and cayenne pepper will hurt the chipmunks. So, if you have rodents, you must avoid using any hot pepper on them.

How to get rid of chipmunks with cayenne pepper?

To get rid of chipmunks with cayenne pepper, you can follow some tips and ways. They are the most effective and practical methods to get rid of chipmunks with cayenne pepper.

Hot water:

You can use hot water and cayenne pepper to use the home remedy. First, take one quart of water and mix two tablespoons of cayenne pepper. Then boil it to make the perfect blending.

After getting the boiled mixture, let it cool. After that, put the entire mixture into a sprayer or bottle. You can use anything to spray. However, you need to spray around your garden.

You can first find out the place where rodents or chipmunks come from. Then, spray on that area using that mixture. It will surely repel the chipmunks. Thus, you will get rid of chipmunks with cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper spray:

Another best way or tip is to buy the cayenne pepper spray. If you search in the super shop or local market, you will find many anti-rodents sprays. From there, choose the chipmunk’s pepper spray.

You will get some user manuals; you can follow these instructions. But the main motto and way remain the same. You need to spray it over the plants and area where chipmunks come from. That’s how you can get rid of chipmunks with cayenne pepper.

Plant some cayenne pepper:

You can plant some cayenne pepper plants. That will also work and repel the chipmunks from the garden. If you truly want to quickly and permanently repel chipmunks, you should plant hot pepper plants in the garden.

Is cayenne pepper bad for plants?

Cayenne pepper is not bad for plants. When you spray cayenne pepper spray on the flowers or other plants, it will only repel chipmunks and other rodents. But, it will not do any harm to your plants or flowers.

That’s why it is a safe practice to use homemade cayenne spray on the plants. IF you go for the readymade and buy the cayenne spray, the manufacturer might use other chemicals to make the spray last for a long time.

Therefore, it will become bad for the plants. Also, you must avoid using too much spray on the plants.

How do you use cayenne pepper in the garden?

You can use cayenne pepper in different ways in the garden. We find some best practices in this regard. Let’s get to them.

Mixture of water and pepper:

One of the best ways to use cayenne pepper is to make a mixture of water and pepper. Then, boil the mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, let it be cool. Then, you can use cayenne pepper in the garden.

Plant some cayenne pepper trees:

Another way to use cayenne pepper in the garden is to plant some cayenne pepper trees. This will become the best way to use this spicy item in the garden.

Scatter the cayenne pepper:

You can also scatter the cayenne pepper in the garden. It will make things easier, and you will repel the rodents easily.

Cayenne pepper spray:

You can also buy the cayenne pepper spray from the local market or Amazon. It will become the best way to use cayenne pepper in the garden.

These are the four ways you can follow to use cayenne pepper in the garden. Besides, you can invent some new ways too. In a nutshell, you have to make a mixture of cayenne pepper with water or vinegar.

Will crushed red pepper flakes keep chipmunks away?

Crushed red pepper flakes keep chipmunks away from the garden. It works like the original hot pepper and spreads the solid smells and spicy flavor around the garden. That’s why crushed red pepper flakes will also keep chipmunks away from your surroundings.

In other words, you cannot use the entire red pepper without blending it. You Have to crush the red pepper and then make the mixture using hot water.

Crushed red pepper and cayenne pepper come with similar spice ingredients. That’s another reason why hot red pepper can also repel chipmunks and other rodents like the cayenne pepper.

What spice do chipmunks dislike the most?

Chipmunks dislike all the hot spices, including hot red pepper and cayenne pepper. They both come with intense and spicy flavors. Additionally, they spread a smell that rodents cannot bear.

On the other hand, chipmunks also dislike onions and zinger. Both of them have a strong flavor. That’s why rodents like chipmunks cannot chew them properly.

It is another reason why chipmunks dislike most of the spices. You will not find a single spice that chipmunks love. For this reason, gardeners grow spice plants in their gardens. These plants work as anti-rodent plants.

Final thoughts

If you read the entire write-up, you already know that cayenne pepper keeps chipmunks away from the garden. But, it has different uses too. You can use the spice as a spray or make a spray using cayenne pepper and water and then boil them. It is your best remedy to repel chipmunks.