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Does Cedar Repel Carpet Beetles? (Read This First!)

Carpet beetles are not beneficial insects that you can ignore and let them live. When the carpet beetles fail to get their food for larvae, they might come to your house and search for their food. They will go through any obstacles and collect food for their child.

If you fail to terminate or repel them, your house will be infested with many carpet beetles and larvae. It will become a real challenge to get rid of infested carpet beetles soon.

Cedar to repel carpet beetles:

The cedar repels carpet beetles with its smell and inedible characteristics. Most essential oils can repel carpet beetles with their smell and taste. You can spread some cedar oil around the carpet beetle area. When they search for their food, they will come and eat it and taste some cedar oil.

Whenever they go and taste some cedar oil, they will be terminated and fail to collect any further food for their larvae. It could be an excellent trap to grasp the carpet beetle and eliminate it from your house, but there are more ways to repel carpet beetles and save your house and garden from this culprit.

You can also mix the cedar oil with beetle foods and scatter them around the garden or your infested house. They will come and eat the poisonous food and will fail to survive a few seconds.

If you don’t like this idea, you may spray over the carpet beetles. Take some cedar oil and pour it into a sprayer and start spraying.

This way could be another best way to use cedar to repel carpet beetles. Thus, the cedar does help you terminate the carpet beetles. Apart from the beetles, this oil or the cedar plant will also repel mice and other rodents. When you suspect some mice in your house, you can use the cedar oil to deter them.

Both the cedar chips and essential cedar oil will repel the beetles and mice. You can only spray some cedar oil or spread some cedar chips in narrow areas or where these insects live in your house. The cedar will do the rest and permanently deter them from your house.

If you ask, does cedar repel all the rodents and wild animals? The answer would be yes. Cedar has powerful ingredients that work against all rodents, wild animals, and beetles.

It will be better to get things easier with different varieties of cedar, including cedar balls, blocks, and oil. Let’s see how you can use them to repel beetles & rats.

Cedar balls:

The cedar balls are the natural repellent that can protect your house from insects and give you fresh air.

If you love using some cedar balls in your house, it will be an excellent choice. It’s not like you will get the cleanest house by using the cedar balls, but it will protect your house from different insects.

For instance, the cedar balls will repel carpet beetles. If you ask, does cedar ball repel mice? The cedar balls can also repel mice and other rodents from your house. It will give you the best repellent ever from nature. So, don’t avoid the cedar ball and use it like a pro.

Cedar blocks:

Cedar blocks are also known as cedar rings and can work against carpet beetles and other insects. Using the cedar rings in your house will fail to terminate the beetles, but it will surely repel every insect and other animal.

Does cedar block repel carpet beetles? The cedar block can repel both the mice & the beetles simultaneously through the acute smell and bitter taste.

Cedar oil:

Does cedar oil repel carpet beetles? The cedar oil can easily repel carpet beetles and mice. It has natural solid repellent ingredients and a bitter taste that no insects and animals can bear. So, when you spray this essential oil over the carpet beetles, they will be terminated.

How to use cedar to get rid of carpet beetles?

You can use cedar to get rid of carpet beetles in different ways. But you will find some best ways to use the cedar plant to repel the carpet beetles and other rodents with the same components. Let’s see some of the best ways to use the cedar.

A mixture of Cedar Oil:

You can use a different mixture of cedar oil differently. First, you should mix cedar oil and some water or other cleaner. Then, stir and get the best mixture to repel the carpet beetles. You can spray around the garden or spray directly on the carpet beetles.

So, you can use the cedar oil or the essential oil in different mixtures. It will work against the carpet cleaner and give you the best repellent.

Use Vinegar & Cedar Oil:

You should use some vinegar with cedar oil to make a perfect mixture to repel the carpet beetles. It’s not the best way to terminate the carpet beetles with cedar oil, but if you use vinegar, it will help terminate the carpet beetles.

You should boil the vinegar and water and add some cedar oil. Boil the mixture for a while and then spray on the carpet beetles. It will give you the best way to terminate the carpet beetles and get a clean house without insects.

Use Cedar Balls & Chips:

If you don’t have the cedar oil, you can use the cedar balls & chips. These two ingredients will help you to repel the carpet beetles & rodents from your house. The cedar balls & chips contain a strong smell that works against the carpet beetles.

If you use the chips, you can put them around your house. Especially. You should keep some chips on your house’s narrow spaces and don’t allow the carpet beetles to come and breed.

What attracts carpet beetles in the house?

The larvae of the carpet beetle are attracted to anything made from natural fabrics and dried foods such as pet food and flour as their primary sources of nutrition. Keeping this food in your house will normally attract carpet beetles and infest your house.

Keratin is a protein that many different kinds of insects adore eating, and it is this protein that draws them to natural fabrics like wool, fur, feathers, and leather. When inside, they will primarily consume foods high in animal protein because that is what is available to them.

In addition to this, they might consume foods based on grains or dried dairy products. This is because the larvae are drawn to these foods. So, these foods in your house attract beetles, rodents, and other insects. If you don’t use any repellent, they will damage your house.

“3” natural ways to get rid of carpet beetles:

There are so many ways to get rid of carpet beetles naturally. Here are 3 of the best methods you can follow to get rid of carpet beetles apart from using the cedar oil and related repellent.

Glue Traps:

To combat carpet beetles, glue traps are effective in two ways. In the first place, they can assist you in recognizing a carpet beetle infestation and determine its severity.

Second, they reduce the number of carpet beetles in your home in a way that does not involve any toxic chemicals.

If you look for the easiest and cleanest repellent to get rid of the carpet beetles, you must use glue tape. It will not make any mess to repel the carpet beetles, and you can clean the entire area.


An area’s cleanliness is likely the essential thing that can be done to prevent carpet beetles.

Carpet beetles can sustain themselves by feeding on various natural materials and other natural materials. It is imperative that you clean your home daily to get rid of these potential food sources.

For the best possible results, pay extra attention to the areas of your home that are prone to collecting dust and other forms of debris, such as the baseboards, the space under tables and cabinets, and any other nooks and crannies.


Removing carpet beetles from your home can be facilitated by daily vacuuming. It’s best to vacuum daily but doing it twice a day could be even more effective in heavily contaminated areas.

After each use, you should either throw the bag away in a trash can located outside or thoroughly clean the bag.

Otherwise, the carpet beetles might come from that bag and will breed and keep increasing in number. So, use a vacuum cleaner and try to vacuum the entire house to repel the carpet beetles.

Final thoughts

Cedar has some natural repellent ingredients that work against all insects. Therefore, the cedar repels the carpet beetle and mice. You can also use the cedar balls & rings to deter carpet beetles & mice. You will find it very helpful in repelling other insects.