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Does Epsom Salt Keep Rabbits Away? (Quick Answers)

Epsom salt- commonly known as bath salt. However, it is a lot more than just bath salt. Epsom salt has multiple health benefits. It is known to cure body ache and keep your skin moisturized. 

Additionally, epsom salt can be used to keep animals away from your property. Imagine having a garden and little bunnies pounce on your green and plants. Disturbing, isn’t it? Anyhow, can epsom salt come handy? Does epsom salt keep rabbits away? 

If you are mind-stormed by these questions, then you have entered the right door. Today we are here to discuss whether epsom salt can keep rabbits away and how to do it. Therefore, bear with us till the end.

Epsom salt to keep rabbits away

Epsom salt can keep rabbits away. It is a great way to deter rabbits and it does not cause any damage to  the plants. Sprinkling epsom salt on plants and greens will discourage the rabbits from chewing them. Therefore, it can be considered to be an effective deterrent. 

In addition to humans, the animals around us also deserve to live a safe life. This is why many of us look for natural ways when it comes to deterring these unwanted guests. Using epsom salt in your garden will help you deter deers, rabbits, groundhogs and pets. 

Having rabbits, deers, groundhogs attract your home garden can be a nightmare. These little creatures will end up destroying your garden. Additionally, not all of us want to get rid of them completely. However, we would like a break from them or give them a small warning. 

Epsom salt is a completely natural ingredient that can be used to deter animals, and it does not cause them any harm. It is one of the mineral salts that are available naturally. This salt is a mixture of sulfate and magnesium that binds together to form a rock-lock structure. 

Epsom salt is also used medically. It is mostly utilized in the field of medicine known as integrative medicine, where therapies are carried out by focusing on both the body and the mind.

Additionally, you can sprinkle the salt around your garden or spay your plants using a water and epsom salt mixture. For, each cup of epsom salt or 240 ml of epsom salt, in 5 gallons of water. 

Moreover, remember not to overwater your plants. This can be proven harmful for the plants in the long run. The epsom salt mixture is known to be effective.

According to experts, the epsom salt-water spray does not only deter pests, it also gets rid of any sorts of insects it comes in contact with. 

Eventually, it will not encourage those little creatures to destroy your home-garden. Once they realize that the leaves have a smell of something unusual and strong, they would instantly back off from chewing your greens. 

How effective is epsom salt in deterring rabbits?

Epsom salt is way too effective in deterring rabbits. 

Infact, epsom salt is suggested by experts who give you natural ways to deter rabbits. The smell of the salt is what discourages the bunnies from striking upon the greens. Apart from epsom salt, there are other ingredients that can be used to deter rabbits. 

Additionally, if you do not want to spray epsom salt with water, then some suggest that you can use them in the dried state. According to some popular gardening websites, epsom salt is a great option for detering vegetable bugs and insects. 

Moreover, you can use epsom salt to get rid of roaches without adding any toxic ingredients. This prevents the indoor environment from being free of any toxic fumes.  

Keep in mind that, as long as the epsom salt is used judiciously, it should work like magic. Therefore, you can consider epsom salt considerably effective to deter rabbits.          

How long will epsom salt keep rabbits away?

Epsom salt will keep rabbits away as long as the rabbits can smell the epsom salt. 

Rabbits, groundhogs and other creatures that tend to harm your garden, are usually sensitive to smell. They cannot stand strong smells. Any sort of strong smell or unknown smell does not permit their instinct to consume that food. 

Although the greens and other plants in your garden look appetizing, the smell will discourage them. 

Most animals will not come near your garden and plants when they are able to receive the strong smell of epsom salt. Along with epsom salt , you can use other things as supplements. 

Additionally, if you want to deter rabbits for longer, then you would want to re-apply epsom salt. 

However, apart from using epsom salt, you can use other natural things to get rid of rabbits. Smelly herbs like lavender, basil, dill, thyme etc can help you deter rabbits. Along with rabbits it can also help you keep away deers and groundhogs. 

How to use epsom salt to keep rabbits away? 

One of the best natural remedies to get rid of rabbits is epsom salt. As it is a mineral salt that is extracted naturally, it does not cause any harm to you or the animal you are trying to deter. 

However, how can you use the salt? Here are a few ways how to use epsom salt to keep rabbits away: 

Spraying epsom salt and water mixture:

The first thing you can try doing is spraying your entire garden with an epsom salt and water solution. To prepare the mixture you would need water, epsom salt and a spray bottle. 

You would want to use around 5 gallons of water for every 240 ml of epsom salt. As the salt is mineral enriched, it will be good for the plants. Magnesium and sulfur from the salt will help you encourage the growth of your plants. 

You can use a regular spray bottle to spray the mixture all over the garden. Additionally, the smell of the salt will demoralize rabbits,deers, slugs etc from entering your garden. 

Moreover, you can reapply the solution if required in order to keep away the rabbits for once and forever. 

Sprinkling dry epsom salt: 

Many gardening experts say that you can use dry epsom salt directly in order to deter rabbits and other unwanted guests. 

Dry epsom salt is most effective when it comes to controlling slugs. You can simply epsom salt around the areas where you notice the presence of slugs or rabbits. 

Additionally, experts also suggest that you can directly apply epsom salt in the soil while playing or add it alongside the seeds when planting new plants. 

This will keep the rabbits and pests away from your new plantings without making things messier. Moreover, you can re-apply dried epsom salt to them. As long as they smell like epsom salt the pests and animals will stay away from the plants.

Using tomatoes and epsom salt together: 

Another effective way to get rid of rabbits can be using epsom salt with tomatoes. If you have tomato plants in your garden then, go ahead and sprinkle dry epsom salt around them. 

It is recommended to add at least 1 tablespoon of epsom salt for every foot. Which means for every 31 cm you are supposed to use 15 ml of salt. This should help you keep away rabbits and other vegetable pests.          

What other ways really work to repel rabbits?

Along with using epsom salts there are other natural ways to keep away rabbits. Here are a few other ways that really work to repel rabbits: 

Adding up a fence: 

The most common and effective way to deter rabbits is adding a fence. Along with rabbits you can also deter deers and other animals using a fence. You can either use a flexible fence or steel fence. 

Additionally, you may also use chicken wire. Chicken wires are also known to be effortlessly useful when buried a few inches under the ground. Although, it has a drawback of being rusted after a few years, yet it will not disappoint you.       

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Planting rabbit deterrent plants:    

Rabbits are sensitive to smells. They do not enjoy anything that smells too strong. It could be smelly herbs or spices. You can try planting cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, thyme, basil etc. 

Using a hot pepper spray: 

Apart from using a harmful commercial graded rabbit repellent spray, you can use a DIY hot pepper spray made at home. 

Just soak some hot pepper flakes in water overnight or for 12-16 hours at least. Then you can drain the water and pour the pepper soaked water into a spray bottle. 

To make it more effective you can add garlic to the pepper water. Mix them well, and spray your plants using the mixture.        

Final Thoughts 

Epsom salt is one of the most effective ways to keep rabbits away. However, there are different ways and measurements that are used to apply the salt. Additionally, epsom salt also keeps pests, groundhogs, deers, slugs etc away. The best part is you can use both liquid and dried epsom salt.