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Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Cats? (All You Need to Know)

Stray cats can ruin your garden and home if you leave them unchecked. Even your pet cats can cause problems by messing up the plants of the garden. People often fail to keep cats away from their garden due to lack of knowledge and experience. 

Today, we are going to discuss and find out whether irish spring soap repels cats or not.

Does irish spring soap repel cats?

Irish spring soap does have the ability to repel cats. The repellent quality of irish spring soap is often credited to its strong aroma. The smelling sense of cats struggles to handle the scent of irish spring soap. So cats generally avoid areas that have a bar of irish spring soap.

Irish spring soap is an effective cat repellent according to animal experts. Many experiments have shown that cats do not like going near a bar of irish spring soap. Most of the time, cats will be seen avoiding places with irish spring soap bars. 

Cats have been known for acting strange around a bar of irish spring soap. The reason behind this is the powerful aroma of the irish spring bar. The sense of cat smell gets disturbed due to the irish spring soap’s unique and strong scent. 

If you are a cat owner and struggling to deter your cat out of the garden, then you can take the help of irish spring soap as a cat repellent. Irish spring soap is considered as a successful cat repellent due to its instant effectiveness.

Do cats dislike irish spring soap?

Cats are known in the animal world for having one of the strongest senses of smell. Their sense of smell does not cope up well with the aroma produced by the irish spring soap. Cats find it disturbing and hence do not like irish spring soap

It has been noticed by animal experts that some cats have acted strange around their owner when the owner had recently showered with irish spring soap. So it is very hard to imagine cats liking the irish spring soap at all. 

They feel very uncomfortable around irish spring soap because of its smell. 

Irish spring soap emits a strong aroma that creates a certain amount of discomfort for cats due to their smell sense. It is not wise to have irish spring soap inside your house if you are a cat owner.

Is irish spring soap bad for cats?

Whether Irish spring soap is bad for cats depends on a lot of things. First of all, irish spring soap should not be used to bathe the cats. It can cause serious skin problems for cats as they are not used to the components of irish spring soap. 

On the other hand, irish spring soap should not be kept near your pet cat. Because most of the cats give negative reaction towards irish spring soap due to its strong scent. But some cats might be drawn to this same strong smell and try to eat the bar of Irish spring soap. 

However, eating irish spring soap will not cause the demise of your cat. But it can make your cat sick for a brief moment. So it is safe to keep irish spring soap away from your cat if you do not want to cause it any harm. 

But some animal experts suggest using irish spring soap as a repellent if you are trying to get rid of cats from your garden or yard. The effectiveness of irish spring soap as a repellent is proven by many scientific experiments. 

4 reasons why irish spring soap keeps cats away

There are a lot of reasons that enable irish spring soap to keep cats away effectively. Let’s discuss those reasons in detail. 

The aroma:

Irish spring soap is known for producing a strong aroma that is unpleasant to cats. Irish spring soap is preferred by humans for its aroma. But that same aroma makes it possible for irish spring soap to keep cats away by repelling them. 

The aroma of Irish spring soap is strong and unique. 

The smell sense:

Cats are known for having a strong sense of smell. But this strong sense of smell is the reason why cats find it difficult to be around irish spring soap. Cats have been seen avoiding areas that have irish spring soap bars in it. 

You can never know what is going to trigger the cat’s sense of smell. But irish spring soap is one of those things that possesses the ability to trigger cats by affecting their sense of smell. 

Non toxicity:

Irish spring soap has non toxic effects on cats as it only creates discomfort for cats and does not harm them physically. That is why irish spring soap has been termed as a non toxic repellent when it comes to deterring cats. 

The non toxic strong smell of irish spring soap keeps cats away without harming them.


Irish spring soap is a common brand of soap and can be found in most households. This has created problems for cats as they are not able to roam around a bar of irish spring soap because of the smell it produces. 

If irish spring soap was a rare product, then it would not have kept cats away.

How can you keep cats out of your yard with irish spring soap?

Keeping cats out of your yard with irish spring soap might seem like a daunting task if you have no prior experience regarding the matter. However, there are some steps and methods you can follow to accomplish the task. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Take a bar of soap:

First of all, you will need to take a bar of soap or more depending on the size of your yard to keep out cats. You will have to use a dry bar of irish spring soap for this step and avoid using a wet one. 

Cut the bar into pieces:

The bar of irish spring soap will have to be cut into pieces. The shape of the piece should be square preferably. The size of the pieces should not be more than half inch. If you cut large pieces, then it would be difficult to place them in the yard. 

Place them in bags:

The irish spring soap pieces will have to be placed inside small bags for placement purposes. After you have put them in the bag, you will need to dig several holes in the garden and put the soap bags into the holes. 

This should keep out the cats from entering your yard and turning it into a litter box of some sort. 

Use it as a spray:

Another way of using irish spring soap bar as a cat repellent is in the form of a spray. The irish spring soap bar can be diluted with water and applied using a spray bottle. 

What animals does Irish Spring soap repel?

There are a lot of animals that do not like Irish spring soap. Let’s discuss in detail about the animals that Irish Spring soap repels.


Infestation of rabbits can become a huge problem if you are a gardener. The plants of the garden are often destroyed by rabbits as they like to feed on them. Sometimes people find it difficult to deter rabbits away. But it is very easy to do with the help of irish spring soap. 

Animal experts suggest that rabbits do not enjoy the smell of irish spring soap at all. So you can easily place pieces of irish spring soap bar along the perimeter of the garden to keep rabbits away. 


Infestation of mice can create problems for you both inside and outside home. However, it is believed by animal experts that irish spring soap is able to repel mice away successfully.

The smelling sense of mice makes irish spring soap an effective mice repellent as they can not deal with the aroma generated by a bar of irish spring soap. 


Deer are often accused of eating the plants of the garden when they are in search of good. This problem can be solved by using an Irish spring soap bar. Deer will avoid entering your garden if it has a barrier of irish spring soap around it. 

Deer absolutely dislike irish spring soap because of its strong smell. 


Cats do not like the smell of Irish spring soap bars either. Because the sensitive nose of cats do not cope up well with the smell emitted by a bar of irish spring soap. This makes irish spring soap a successful cat repellent. 

Final Thoughts

Irish spring soap is able to repel cats as they do not enjoy the scent of irish spring soap. Animal experts recommend using irish spring soap as a cat repellent because of its non toxicity and effectiveness. Irish spring soap targets the smelling sense of cats and keeps them away.