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Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Rabbits? (Quick Answers)

Rabbits are mammals, and they love to stay in a group. When you pet a rabbit, you must keep a companion with the rabbit. They love to do everything with their paired partners. But when you want to get away from these small mammals, what are you going to do? 

Let’s discuss repelling rabbits.

Does Irish spring soap repel rabbits?

Irish spring soap repels rabbits. Rabbits stay together and they invade together as well. It is quite hard to keep the wild rabbit from invasion. Often, they ruin the plants in the yard. They will come over and over when they come across a good food source. Irish Spring Soap helps to keep them away.

Irish spring soap repels rabbits. They are not harmful to rabbits or to plants. These soaps don’t deter any harmful elements to nature as well. The amount of base these soaps have is not too much or too less.

The scent used in this smell is for a human to keep the fresh smell on their body for a longer time such as twelve hours. These soaps are traded as deodorant soap. So, the smell has to be a little energetic and strong. It doesn’t have a flowery scent, rather it has a little pungent smell.

Generally, rabbits are deterred by many things. There are rabbit deterrents as well. But those deterrents may harm the rabbit and can affect them severely. Sometimes these deterrents can affect the biodiversity of the place as well. 

Though these deterrents are effective, it comes with a bunch of side effects.

When you use Irish spring soap as rabbits’ repellent. It will not have any adverse effect on the rabbits or on any other animals. It keeps the rabbits away because of the smell. Also, Irish spring soap keeps other rodents away too. 

Along with that, some bad insects can be avoided by using Irish Spring soap.

For all these reasons, Irish spring soap is one of the most effective rabbit repellents. And you can get this repellent in any store near you. Or you can purchase them from online stores as well. Keep nature healthy and keep the rabbits away using these Irish spring soaps.

Is Irish Spring soap rabbit repellent?

Basically, Irish Spring is a deodorant soap. The smell of Irish spring soap is so robust that it stays 12 hours when you apply it to your body. It is a bathing soap. It is not harsh soap like normal cleaning or washing soap. But this soap has repelling capacities. 

The smell works as the repelling agent for some varmints and insects. By grating a bar of Irish spring soap and if you spread it throughout the place, it will work as a barrier for bigger mammals like deer and smaller mammals like rabbits, chipmunks, and different insects. 

Rabbits have a strong sense of smell. They can differentiate different smells, they keep them away from strong smells of perfume, any chemical smells, and spicy scents. Irish spring soap has a strong chemical scent that is not loved by rabbits. 

That’s why rabbits keep them away from Irish Spring soap.

Is Irish spring soap bad for rabbit?

No, it is not bad for rabbits, but it has a strong smell that rabbits cannot stand. When you ground some Irish spring soap and spread It all around the place, you will have different varmints to avoid your place. 

The smell is so harsh for rabbits, that they may not come closer to eat it or smell it. Remember rabbits have a strong smelling sense, and their smelling sense is twenty times better than humans. It will not harm them, as they are not coming to touch the soap. 

Also, this is not a harsh soap for the environment. The soap will cause the land to become a little less acidic for a short period. But it will not be going to harm any of the lifelines, as Irish Spring Soap doesn’t have any contaminant in it. 

Also, you may have to spread Irish Spring soap after every 12 hours.

3 reasons why irish spring soap repel rabbits 

Irish spring soap repel rabbits for the following reasons –

Strong Smell:

Rabbits dislike all types of strong smells. They don’t love Irish spring soap because it has a strong smell. Basically, Irish spring soap is used to cut off the bad smell that comes from sweating. 

It is a deodorant soap, so the main selling point of this soap is to have a strong smell that can stay up to twelve hours.  

Harsh for rabbits’ nose:

The scent of Irish spring soap is good for the human smelling sense. But this scent is harsh on the rabbit’s nose. Because the smell is too harsh for them. Rabbits have ten to twenty times stronger smelling sense than a human. 

So whatever smell you are getting is ten to twenty times stronger than a rabbit’s nose. That’s why rabbits avoid Irish spring soap.

Rabbits cannot smell food:

Irish spring soap smell is so strong that rabbits cannot even smell the food. They cannot locate food sources because of the Irish spring soap smell. That’s why they look for other food sources, instead of crossing the Irish spring soap scents barrier.

How to use irish spring soap to repel rabbits?

The following steps will help you to turn your irish spring soap into a rabbit repellent.

Bring Irish Spring Soap:

You will get Irish Spring Soap in any super shop near to your house. Bring a case of Irish Spring Soap. You can use it as regular bathing soap as well. This soap is famous as deodorant soap.

Slice the Soap Bar:

Take a bunch of soap bars and slice them into pieces. Then make a group of two or three slices of Irish spring soap bar. You can cut 4-to-6-piece slices of each Irish spring soap. And each group should consist of two slices of Irish spring soap.

Keep Sliced Soap Bar inside a Pouch:

Make pouches, and make sure that the pouch has the air-flowing capability. Or make a tiny hole using a sharp thing on the pouch. And you need to hang the pouches with a bamboo stick or metal sticks.

Spread the Pouches throughout the Garden:

Spread the pouches throughout the garden. Make sure that the pouches are dangled over the plants, 1 or 2 ft sticks will do the work perfectly. Ensure that the pouches are spread throughout every corner of the garden. 

Every possible place the rabbit gets in should be closed with Irish spring soap pouches.

Proper Monitoring is Required:

After spreading the pouches throughout the garden, you have to watch over the garden regularly. Because the Irish spring soap can be diluted with water, or the pouches can fall to the ground. So, monitor your garden properly.

What scent will keep rabbits away?

The following scents can keep rabbits away –

Blood Meal:

Blood meals are used to scare off the rabbits. Rabbits have strong sensing capability. It can sense predators as well. If rabbits get the smell of blood, they can sense predators. So, blood meal helps to rectify rabbits.

Red Chili Flakes:

Rabbits dislike strong smells. Red chili flakes have a strong smell that deters them as well. If chili flakes somehow get inside of their nose, it can be harmful to them as well. So, the smell of red chili flakes or any spicy things deters rabbits.

Ammonia (NH3):

Ammonia is used as the main agent of glass cleaner. Also, ammonia can be found in the urine of different animals. The smell is not so pleasant to rabbits. So, the smell of ammonia keeps away rabbits.

Whole Garlic:

Garlic also has an unpleasant smell to it. Though the smell doesn’t stay for a longer time. So, if you use whole garlic, it will not help you keep the rabbits away for a longer period.


Vinegar is an acidic compound. The smell of this element is pungent and harsh for rabbits. They are deterred by the smell of vinegar.

Peppermint Essential Oils:

Peppermint has a fresh beautiful smell to it. But rabbits don’t love this smell. If you use peppermint trees or the essential oils of peppermint trees, you can keep rabbits away.

Grounded Coffee:

Grounded coffee beans also help to deter rabbits. But the smell becomes less strong after a few days. So, if you use grounded coffee, you should replace grounded coffee every two to three days.

Final Thoughts 

Irish spring soap can deter rabbits. Using Irish Spring soap can save you money and it is not harmful to you, nature, and rabbits. So, you can use this soap as a deterrent. These Irish spring soaps will guard your garden against other garden invaders like rodents, mice, and different insects.