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Does Lime Repel Mosquitoes? (Read This First!)

When it comes to survival, mosquitos are one of the most skillful species. That’s why it’s still hard to deal with mosquitoes with all our technologies. They are weak against strong smells, so can lime repel mosquitoes? This article will explain how to repel mosquitoes using lime.

Does lime repel mosquitoes?

Lime can repel mosquitoes, but it is not super effective against many mosquitoes, and the effects do not last very long. Mosquitoes become desperate for blood, and some of them can ignore the lime scent and bite you. However, it is still strong enough to use in some situations.

Mosquitos are the most dangerous species to humans. They end the life of more than a 1`million people every year. We must take the mosquito issues seriously and eliminate all of them around our households.

First, let’s discuss some cool facts you need to know to understand why lime is effective against mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can spot CO2 we exhale. They follow the source of CO2 and find humans and animals they can bite. So, can they find us if we stop breathing or somehow hide the CO2?

Yes, they can also spot the lactic acid our skin makes. They can easily smell the lactic acid and find us. Mosquitoes are primarily dependent on their chemical signaling to find food and information about the environment.

So, the question is, do lime repel mosquitoes? And how does it work?

Lime does work to repel the mosquitoes. Lime has a strong smell that confuses mosquitoes’ chemical signaling organs, such as their antenna.

When there is a strong lime smell in the air, they cant find lactic acid and CO2 released from our body. When the citrus scent is in the air, mosquitoes lose the ability to find us, but that’s not the only reason.

Mosquitoes have smell pores in their body that they use to breathe. When the smell molecule enters inside the breathing holes of mosquitoes, it creates irritation in their body.

The lime smell makes them almost blind and irritates them. That’s why they escape from the place with the lime smell.

But how effective is that? Actually, there is no scientific evidence that lime can effectively repel mosquitoes. But it’s true that any strong smell interrupts them and makes them flee.

The lime smell is strong, but it does not stay much longer to keep mosquitoes away for a long time. But you can use it inside your home and close the window and doors after the mosquitoes leave.

Lime is not that effective in keeping mosquitoes away from outside. It works best to deter mosquitos from indoors. However, lime essential oils are more effective than lime juice spray. Check out if those lime product works to repel mosquitoes.

Lime juice:

Lemon juice spray repels mosquitos from your home. But make sure to close the doors and windows after applying as the effect does not last long. In the following part of the article, we will explain how to make lime juice spray to deter mosquitoes.

Lime oil:

Lime oil and water spray can help repel mosquitoes, but lime eucalyptus essential oil works more effectively to repel mosquitoes.

How can you use lime to repel mosquitoes?

Making lime juice to repel mosquitoes is quite straightforward. You can make a large amount of lime juice and use it for a long time. Here are the steps of making lime juice and applying them.

Lemon juice for mosquitoes:

Take six lemons and squeeze the juice out of them. Take one quart of water and mix the water with lemon juice. Boil the water with the lemon peels for 15 minutes. Leave the water for one hour. Now pour the juice inside a spray bottle.

Serve the juice in the evening:

Most of the mosquitoes enter our house in the evening time. So that’s the best time to spray lemon juice inside your house. Spray the juice in the corners first and cover all the areas of your home randomly. After spraying, wait 10 minutes to let the existing mosquitoes escape. Then close the windows and doors so that they can not enter your house aging. Store the rest of the lemon juice in the fridge.

What is lime powder?

Lime powder is calcium hydroxide made from ground-level calcium rock. It is used to make many things like cement, paint, hard rubber, plasters etc. It can also balance soil ph, repel pests and have many more uses.

Hydrated lime is usually used for building structures. When CO2 evaporates from lime, it becomes solid. It has some insect-repelling characteristics, and it is entirely safe for the environment. However, it must be kept away from the children. Consuming lime powder can be dangerous for your health.

Does First Saturday lime powder repel mosquitoes?

Fast Saturday lime is a safer version of lime. It can be pretty effective in repelling mosquitoes when appropriately used. It helps to repel any insects that have Exoskeletons. Spreading First Saturday lime in the bushy and messy part of your house will create unfavorable conditions for the mosquitos.

First Saturday lime is mostly the same as garden lime, but this commercial product made the lime safer for handling. Garden lime can cause a burn if handled with bare hands. But First Saturday lime powder is generally safe to handle with bare hands.

In the next part of the article, we will discuss more uses of lime powder to repel mosquitoes.

Does lime powder repel mosquito larvae?

Lime powder is pretty effective in repelling mosquito larvae. Mosquitoes lay eggs in the still water, and the larvae hatch in the water. Lime powder increases the PH of the water and makes a very uncomfortable environment for the larvae.

The female mosquitoes will also avoid laying eggs in the water with a high PH. Moreover, lime powder deters aquatic algae and other water food sources. So, when the larvae can not grow, mosquitoes will decrease dramatically.

How can you use lime powder to repel mosquitoes?

Lime powder can be used to repel mosquitoes around your house and property. Here is the most effective way to make mosquito repellents with lime powder.

  • Take ¼ cup of lime powder inside a bottle.
  • Mix 2 tablespoon of insecticidal soap (make sure to wash the spoon)
  • Add 2 cups of water and shake the bottle well.
  • Let the mix sit for one hour and then shake again and keep it inside a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mix outside your house, and cover the grassy and bushy areas of your home.
  • Store the mix in a safe place. The lime liquid can be risky for children and pets.

By applying lime powder this way, you can eliminate the mosquito hiding spots in your house. If you have still-water garden ponds in your home, you can use direct lime powder to stop mosquito breeding. You must encourage your neighbors to take steps against mosquitoes to get a long-lasting, effective result.

Is lime good for mosquito bites?

Mosquito release an anticoagulant inside our body that stops blood from clotting. That chemical is responsible for itchiness. But does lime juice helps to reduce the allergy to mosquito bites? Yes. Rub a piece of lime over the mosquito bite, and it will instantly reduce the swelling and itchiness of the mosquito bite.

Make sure not to go out in the sun applying lemon juice to your skin. That can cause sunburn.

Does lime or lemon tree attract mosquitoes?

Lime or lemon tree does not attract mosquitoes and does not repel too. However, every bushy plant can be a good shelter for mosquitoes. If there are lemon tree bushes in your house, mosquitoes can hang out there. That does not mean the lemon or lime trees are attracting the mosquitoes.

Although some source claims that lime trees release a certain chemical that can repel mosquitoes, there is not enough scientific evidence.

Final thoughts

Mosquitoes will fleet most of the time if they sense lime smell in the air. But the effect of lime does not last long and only work in indoor condition. Lime powder can be more effective in repelling mosquitoes from outdoor your house. It also stops the growth of larvae when used in still water.