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Does Mint Repel Snakes? What About Peppermint Oil?

Snakes can be a great headache if you are living near forests. Often people might find snacks at their house. Well, all the snacks are not harmful yet scary. You indeed would not play with them. Meanwhile, mint and peppermint are known as fresh ingredients which can repel insects.

Following the below tips regarding mint and peppermint repelling snacks and if it works or not may help you to choose your remedy.

Does mint repel snakes?

Mint can repel snacks. Well, snacks are sensitive to odor. They can not stand strong odors or fresh ones as well. On the other hand, mint has a fresh odor which gives a refreshing feeling. This is not the same case for the snacks. Moreover, mint can repel other insects and rodents too.

Snakes are scary. Even though all the snacks are not harmful yet they can be scary to scare people off. Moreover, snacks help to protect the plants sometimes by consuming insects and rodents. Yet, it is not suitable for a home. If you are living near a forest, you might face snacks entering the house often.

You can repel the snakes by many methods. Nevertheless, some methods are either not effective or just bluff. Mint can be a great help to repel snacks. You can try keeping the mint plants.

Mint plant:

Mint is said to have a strong fresh odor. The fresh odor of it makes people feel refreshed. This is why mint is often used in juices and foods. It really does give a refreshed feeling and removes tiredness. Mint plants can work on snacks to keep them away.

Mint gives a fresh smell which is not well accepted by snacks. Snacks can not stand the odors that are strong. They would go away immediately after sensing a weird odor. Moreover, plants with unusual structures also repel snacks. Similarly, the unusual leaf of mint can seem a bit scary to snack on.

Mint oil:

Mint oil necessarily does not help to repel snacks. Mint indeed has a strong odor. But the mint oil does not give off the same vibe. You can try keeping it. Yet there is a huge doubt if it would work or not. However, there are other essential oils that work great on snacks.

Like clove, cinnamon oils are mostly used as a repellent for snacks. Meanwhile, mean oil repels other insects and rodents. Mint leaves may work to repel snacks but in the case of mint oil, it may not. There are other herbs and oils which are suitable for this purpose.

Does peppermint oil repel snakes?

Not necessarily, peppermint oil helps to repel snacks. The smell would not even attract the snacks. Rather there are more helpful oils that are effective for repelling snacks. Cinnamon and clove oils are mostly used for repelling snacks. Where else, peppermint oil repels insects and rodents.

Peppermint oil is good for repelling insects and bugs. You can get rid of bugs and insects by spraying peppermint oil all over the window or door. It would be an effective way to do that. But in the case of snacks, it is of no help. It will not even attract snacks.

Peppermint oil:

Peppermint oils are of great help when it comes to keeping bugs and insects away. Peppermint has a strong and sharp smell that can not be easily handled by insects. The strong odor repels the insects and bugs. You can use it to help the plants or home to keep the bugs away.

On the contrary, the snack has no reaction to peppermint oil. The peppermint oil would not help a bit to keep the snacks away. Instead, there will be no effect on the snack. The peppermint oil does not have as strong an odor as the peppermint itself.

Peppermint plant:

Peppermint plant can not help to keep the snacks away. Snacks are indeed tough to repel. They have sensitive sensors yet they are not easily repelled. Due to their high sense of smell, many may think peppermint plants would repel snacks.

But it does not have any effect on the snacks. It is said that mint plants help to repel snacks. It is not necessarily peppermint. The peppermint smell does not cause irritation in snacks. In other insects and bugs, the weird smell of peppermint causes irritation.

It is because of the high odor of peppermint. As a result, insects and bugs can not stand it at all. You should try other methods or use other plants to repel snacks rather than a peppermint plant.

Can mint or peppermint oil attract snakes?

Not necessarily, mint or peppermint attracts snacks. Both mint and peppermint have a strong odor. Peppermint is a species of mint. Though mint often can have an impact on snacks, there is a low chance of peppermint affecting snacks.

Snacks are sensitive to smell. They can smell far and prevent themselves from going near any unusual odor. Well, there are a huge number of plants that repel snacks. They mostly have a strong scent and unusual leaves. The leaves may look like they have thorns.

Meanwhile, mint may work and cause repulsion. But peppermint oil would have no hands-on repelling snacks. Try oils like cinnamon oils or garlic, onion, or repel snacks.

What insects can mint or peppermint oil can repel?

Mint and peppermint are known as the best herbs. They not only have a strong odor but also give a refreshed feeling. You can use it for drinks or meals. Well, mint can help to reduce tiredness. Moreover, it comes with many benefits like repelling insects, bugs, and animals.

Although there are contradictory statements on this. Some of the insects which can be repelled by mint or peppermint are given below to help you out.


You can keep away mice by using peppermint at home. Well, peppermint has a strong smell which can cause irritation in sensation in animals. The same goes for mice. They can not stand the strong smell of peppermint. Thus, mice are kept away.


Peperment also helps in repelling moths. You can try using extracts, oils, or powder as well. It will not terminate moths rather it will keep them away. They also dislike the smell of peppermint. You can put peppermint oil on stuff to repel moths.


Flies can be kept away by spreading peppermint oil on the house. Rather, you can plant or keep the leaves too. It would help to prevent damage caused by flies.


The strong odor of peppermint is disliked by almost all insects. The same goes for the mosquitoes. They will not be exactly repelled by peppermint rather they would keep themselves at a safe distance. Like if you apply peppermint oil on the body, mosquitoes would avoid you and will not bite you.

What remedies are actually good for keeping away snakes?

Snacks can be sometimes really dangerous. Some of them can be venomous or not. You will not be able to identify if the snack is venomous or not immediately. If you are in a place near a forest, you may encounter snacks every now and then. There are some remedies that can keep snakes away. Those are listed below.


Garlic contains a strong smell. Garlic not only repels animals but also bugs. Squirrels can not stand them due to the odor of the garlic. And same goes for snakes. You can mince garlic and make garlic spray to put it on stuff which can help to repel snakes.


Onions have a pungent odor. The pungent odor may make the animals feel irritated. Especially in snakes, it causes irritation. You can keep onions on the door or windows or make a spray out of it.


Vinegar can easily repel snakes. You can use it anywhere. You can spray it or put it in pools. It would be mixed with water and prevent the snakes from entering pools.

Cloves and cinnamon oil:

The scent of cloves and cinnamon oil is too much for snakes to handle. They will go away as soon as they smell these oils.

Final Thoughts

Overall, mint can be of help to repel snacks. On the contrary peppermint oil might have no effect on the snack. You can try home remedies to keep the snakes away. Or plant trees that contain a high odor. Moreover, this would repel the snakes as they can not stand high and have a weird odor.