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Does Moth Balls Repel Skunks? (Quick Answers)

A lot of us like to grow their own fruits and vegetables. However, there are animals who choose to be in your yard and ruin it.

They will consume your food and rather do it happily. Additionally, they can end up digging holes and even forge into the trash can to look for food.

We are talking about none other skunks. Skunks a great threat to your yard!! These little creatures can dig up a hole under your deck or the house itself.

And which can result in destroying the wiring system along with causing internal damage to your house. Therefore, you need ways to repel them.

So, what can be used to repel them? How about mothballs? Does mothballs repel skunks? If you are wondering the same thing, Congrats, you have almost reached your goal. We are here with your answers. Therefore, bear with us till the end.

Moth balls to repel skunks

Mothballs do repel skunks. Mothballs are basically a mixture of chemicals that are usually used to repel uninvited guests. Although most balls are effective in repelling skunks, they need to be reapplied. Due to rainfall and other reasons. The effectiveness may get reduced. 

If you are looking for ideas to get rid of skunks or any uninvited guest, then there’s a chance that you have heard a thing or two about mothballs. Mothballs are usually used to repel insects, groundhogs, rabbits, and other creatures.

There can be various types of critters in your garden; however, before acting you need to be sure that it is indeed skunks. Insects are their favorite food. So, the first thing you’d like to do is, start with eliminating the source of food first.  

You will notice shallow holes. However, raccoons also tend to do the same, so be sure before you act!

An easy way to figure if skunks are your actual enemy or not, is looking out for their feces. Usually, their feces are an inch or two long and contain insects.

Another way to figure it out is their smell of spray. It smells a lot like chemicals that contain sulfur.

Once you have figured out that it is indeed skunks, who are creating the mess, you’re good to go! 

Mothballs are usually made from naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene. Bear in mind that these two chemicals aren’t safe for humans either.

These chemicals are brought into room temperature and given the shape of balls, which later slowly changes into gas and turns to fume in the air.

Now, although these are greatly used to keep pests away, they are not good for human and pet health. Smelling mothballs makes you exposed to the chemicals present in them. If you have younger children, make sure you keep mothballs away from them.

There are cases where they have misunderstood mothballs for candies or toys and consumed them. This could lead to serious health issues. Most commonly caused health effects are headache, nausea, coughing, nose and eye irritation.

Mothballs should be used as described in the label. However, it is better to avoid the usage of mothballs at places where,

The smell of mothballs deter skunks:

Like all other animals that like to invade your garden, skunks are sensitive to smell too. Mothballs have naphthalene as one of its main ingredients. The strong smell of mothballs makes the skunks leave your property in no time.  

Although the smell is harsh and keeps them away, it cannot be considered as a permanent solution. Mothballs need to be reapplied.

However, they are very effective. Additionally, Mothballs should be kept away from the reach of children’s and pets. The chemicals used to produce mothballs are highly risky for humans.

Apart from using mothballs, there are other ways that can be used to keep skunks away. 

How effective is a moth ball in repelling skunks?

Mothballs are quite effective at repelling skunks. The harsh smell of ammonia and naphthalene scare away the skunks. However, it will not be a permanent solution.

Apart from using mothballs, you can use ammonia-soaked rags. Simply, drop these ingredients where you notice the shallow holes created by skunks.

The chemicals will create irritation inside the nasal cavity and cause them to leave your property.

However, bear in mind that it can be dangerous for your pets and children. Coming in direct contact can create severe health risks. However, the common effects might be headache, nausea etc.

However, there can be times when things can get out of your hands. Under such circumstances, you would want to contact a professional.

Additionally, if you want to proceed on your own, you must be extra careful. You can start with least invasive ideas that will not harm your property or you.  

How long will mothballs keep skunks away?

Mothballs will keep skunks away till their smell exists. Mothballs are basically chemical balls, which need to be reapplied after a certain duration. Before you think of how long they last, you might want to think why do they keep coming back.

There are certain things that tend to attract skunks.  Some of the most common reasons are garden plants, pet food, garbage, insects, worms etc. You might want to get rid of these before you move on to getting rid of skunks. 

Mothballs will infuse their fumes in the air and keep skunks away. However, rainfall or coming in contact with moisture for too long can reduce the effectiveness of the mothballs.

Additionally, you can either choose to reapply them or you can find permanent solutions to get rid of skunks. Moreover, it’s important to bear in mind that skunks cannot be repelled with natural remedies or DIYs.

Therefore, you can use skunk deterrents or repellents. However, make sure to keep them away from the reach of your children and pets. 

How do you use mothballs to get rid of skunks

Mothballs can be of great use when you use them in the right way. They can be used to keep skunks away from your property.

Here is how to use mothballs to get rid of skunks:

Figuring out skunk holes:

First things first. Before you move on to applying mothballs in your skunk holes you need to make sure they are actually skunk holes. Skunks like to eat insects and worms. Therefore, their holes are shallow. Find out the places where you find more food sources.

Additionally, you may notice holes around the trash can or so. You can also trace their feces to ensure that they are in fact skunk holes.

Applying mothballs:

Once you have successfully found the skunk holes, it’s time to apply mothballs into the holes. Additionally, you would want to take protective measures as it can lead to causing health risks.

The chemicals present in the mothballs are considered harmful for humans and pets. Therefore, you would want to use a mask and protective glasses.

Once you are fully secured, you would want to drop the mothballs around the holes or into the holes. The fumes from the balls will help you keep the skunks away.


After a few weeks, you will need to reapply the mothballs. If it rains, you may need to do it more frequently or so.

Bear in mind that mothballs aren’t the permanent solution to skunks. They will help you keep them away but it will not help you get rid of them. In order to get rid of them, you would want to look for permanent solutions.

How do you get rid of skunks permanently?

Mothballs are useful, however they aren’t the permanent solution for skunks. However, here are some permanent ways to get rid of skunks:

Applying repellent:

In the case of skunks, one of the best ways to keep them away is to use a skunk repellent spray. There are different commercial graded sprays available in the market. Read the labels before you buy them.

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Using bright light:

Another effective way to remove skunks is using bright light. Skunks are known to be nocturnal, and their eyes are very sensitive to light. 

Therefore, they can be repelled using bright lights or motion sensing lights. Any motion sensor flood light will be proven effective to keep skunks away. 

Using citrus fruit peels:

Skunks aren’t a fan of citrus fruits. You can use orange or lemon peels . just simply throw them around your yard. They should scare the skunks away from your ground. They act more like a natural skunk repellent.

Predator urine:

Predator urine is another permanent way to deter skunks. Urine of dogs and coyotes are usually sold in garden centers. Spraying predator urine around your garden will help you keep the skunks away.

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Final Thoughts

Mothballs are effective when it comes to repelling skunks. The fumes from the mothballs is what deters the skunks from your garden. The balls are made from raw chemicals that can be harmful for humans. However, they are not considered to be permanent solutions.