What Is A Pack Boat Canoe? (Explained for Beginners)

The concept of a boat as a transport system originated from the necessity of easy access to any place by the water. With the gradual development of civilization, boats have evolved. This evolution has necessarily divided the categories of boats according to their shapes and purposes.

The pack boat canoes are being used by the outdoorsmen, aka the huntsmen or even the fishermen, for more than a century and a half! They have been the bourn champions of their time. Such boats have always been popular for their lightweight and easy transportation.

What Is A Pack Boat Canoe?

A pack boat canoe is traditionally the hybrid of a canoe and a pack-boat. It has a canoe body. The seat is set deeper inside the boat. It spares some extra free space and makes it comfortable for the rider. It also has kayak-style two-blade paddles. Henceforth, paddling becomes easier.

Pack boat canoes are great for carrying gears and other stuff. Although the boats are smaller in size, they have a pretty big room. The seats that come with it are set deep inside the boat. It frees up some extra space making the rider comfortable enough to go for a ride.

The extra room here allows the rider to get their necessary stuff without having any second thought. This kind of boat is really suitable for going on a solo trip with necessary accessories such as- crates of foods, fishing tools, tackle boxes, and many other things.

This type of boat is extremely lightweight, which makes it easily carriageable. You can easily carry it to the deck of your car! Also, weighing light makes a pack boat canoe float easily on the water.

Even with the extra accessories on it, the weight is balanced. Besides, it helps the boat get through the bush whilst on the water. Another perk of weighing light is that it makes the paddles fleeting. Thus, the boat moves faster with the two-blade paddles.

These boats are extremely stable. For being from the canoe family line, the stability is almost inherited. The pack boat canoes allow you even to stand up and pitch. Also, they give you access to roam free and however, you please.

These are less wind-effective, which keeps you dry and lenient while sailing.

The versatility of the pack boat canoes is what has made them so popular for personal use. You can move it by paddling the paddles, use oars if you want, run them by the motor engines, or even you can sail!

How Much Does A Pack Boat Canoe Cost?

A pack boat canoe is user-friendly in almost every way possible. There are a bunch of categories that are taking over the boat market. Pack boat canoes can weigh as low as 18 pounds!

The outer canoe body can sometimes even be in carbon innegra h-weave finish, aka the hybrid weave finish. And the inner wetlands are, in most cases, made of hardwood packages. There are a bunch of vibrant color variations seen in the boats as well.

Including all these additional or default settings, the pack boats cost starting from 3200$ to up to 4400$. The cost might be pretty high for mediocre lives, but it’s worth it. You can easily make a budget of 5000 bucks and create a whole package of your own.

The package will definitely include the boat and a fishhook in case you’re going fishing. However, the budget we’ve suggested will buy you or help you include everything you need for going on a ride.

Just make sure not to exaggerate the purchases and buy the things you actually need. So, 5000 bucks it is!

Why Is A Pack Boat Canoe Better Than A Canoe?

As followed by the definition, it’s easy to realize that the pack boat canoe is better than a canoe. A pack boat canoe is the hybrid of a canoe and a pack-boat, whereas a pack-boat is the hybrid of a canoe and a kayak. 

So, A pack boat canoe has the combined qualities of a canoe, a kayak, and a pack-boat.

The boat has a canoe body. It’s open from the top and has pointy edges. In the middle of the boat, there’s a seat that is set deep inside the boat. This is what we call a kayak-style seat.

The boat grants you to have a lot of extra space. You can keep your extra accessories without the doubt of leaving anything behind!

However, canoes are just canoes. They are the base structures of the canoe-style boats. So, the facilities you are assured of having with the pack boat canoes are not granted here. 

These do have paddles as well but not faster than the pack boat canoes. The seat here is not kayak-style. 

With whatsoever differences mentioned, only a user can determine the comfort they are getting from each watercraft. Here, the preference may vary.

But according to statistics, people are more fond of the pack boat canoes than they are of the canoes because of all the remarkable facilities this particular boat provides. 

Difference Between Pack Boat Canoe and Canoe

There are quite a few differences between a pack boat canoe and a canoe. The differences are why the pack boat canoes are famous and popular among outdoorsmen these days.

Difference In Origin:

The pack boat canoes possess the qualities of the canoes, the kayaks, and the pack boats altogether. On the other hand, the canoes are just the basic shaped canoes side by side, being the partial origin of the pack boat canoes.

Difference In Seat Set-up:

The pack boat canoe has a kayak-style seat set deep inside. However, the top of the boat is open, unlike the kayak. (The seat of the kayak is originally set deep inside, and the top of it is covered like a hollow surface.)

Only one person can ride and sit on them. On the other hand, the canoe traditionally has seats on both sides. So, two people can easily ride and propel it. The seat height is on the knee-level. Meaning, the seat is set higher than in the pack boats.

Difference In Propelling Process:

The pack boat canoes come with paddles. Paddling the boat is easier than the traditional rowing of a boat. Not only that but also, paddling propels the boat faster. However, sailing, rowing, or even using motors are also optional here.

On the contrary, traditional canoes don’t have paddles. Although nowadays they do, they are not as fast as the pack boat canoes.

Difference In Weight:

The pack boat canoes are so light in weight that they can be easily lifted and carried without any hassle. We’re talking about 18 pounds! Anyone strong can easily lift it. The canoes are also lightweight, but in comparison, the pack boat canoes will win!

Difference In Pricing:

In case of price, the pack boat canoes are always more expensive than the canoes. If you want to buy a pack boat canoe, you’ll have to keep a budget of 5000 bucks. On the other hand, 3000 bucks are all you need to buy a canoe and necessary equipment.

Pack Boat vs Solo Canoe

Pack boats and solo canoes are pretty much the same. Some even use the two categories in the same term as if they are two names of the same boat. However, it’s not entirely correct.

Pack boats originated from kayaks and canoes. Whereas the solo canoes are just canoes with single seats set in the middle of the canoes. The seats here are kayak style, aka set deep inside.

This is where people combine the two different categories. Nonetheless, Pack boat canoes and solo canoes don’t display much difference.

Why Is A Pack Boat Canoe Getting Popular?

The concept of the pack boat originated almost one hundred and fifty years ago. Back then, it used to be pretty famous among people who used to do business abroad or anywhere where the path was river-based. These tandem-boats used to be popular for boat-race as well.

However, these got forgotten for quite a few decades for some unknown reason. Just as history repeats itself, the long-gone pack boats are back with their graces and modern facilities.

The Lightweightness And The Versatility

Whatever the prices of these are, people are still willing to buy these. They last longer than usual boats and are extremely lightweight. As mentioned above several times, these boats are mostly famous for their weight.

Anyone; simply anyone, can lift these boats singularly and carry them anywhere. These are versatile in use and spare a lot of extra space for extra accessories.

Size And Shape

Pack boats are smaller in size, and their shape is also not too wide. So they easily fit anywhere. For example- the deck of a car! It is easy to put the boat inside a car and take it to the designated riverine area and float it.

All the benefits that the pack boat canoes give away are easy answers to why they are so popular among people these days.

All over, the pack boat canoe is just a boat. Only, it is benefitting than most other boats out there. If you are looking for a boat for your solo trip anywhere, we suggest you buy this pack boat canoe.

It may need a bigger budget, but it will be suitable for your trip unconditionally. So, rest assured, just go for it!

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