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What Smells Do Rabbits Dislike? (All You Need to Know)

Rabbits- usually known as our furry friends. These little fur-balls make everyone fall in  with them. However, they aren’t always loveable. Rabbits can be harmful for gardens. These little mischievous creatures have a gnawing of the plants up to their roots. 

However, the good news is keeping rabbits away is easy and simple. These little animals have a really strong sense of smell. This is something you can use against them. There are smells that can be used to deter rabbits. 

If you are wondering what smells deter rabbits and how to use them then you are at the right door. We are going to have a detailed discussion on what smells deter rabbits. 

Let’s get started. Shall we? 

8 smells that rabbits dislike and how to use them:

Rabbits tend to have a really strong smelling sense, which is why they would dislike the smell of anything that is too strong. As they can be a higher risk to your garden, you can use smelly herbs and plants to keep them away from your garden. Garlic, lavender, and basil are some good options.      

Bunnies- one of the cutest creatures. Whether they are house rabbits or not, they live around humans. Moreover, shelters and food are what attracts them in your property. Therefore, if you have a garden and like growing your own goods, then rabbits are prohibited for your yard. 

Here are 8 smells that rabbits dislike and how to use them to prevent rabbits: 


Every kitchen is almost incomplete without garlic. More or less we all enjoy the taste and smell of garlic. However, the smell of garlic is a major turn off for rabbits. 

Garlic is one of the most used ingredients for keeping rabbits away. Pre-made garlic sprays come very handy when it comes to deterring rabbits. Additionally, you can make a pepper-garlic spray. All you have to do is spray the mixture around your garden over the plants. 

The strong smell of garlic will discourage the rabbits from snacking around it.


Vinegar is your good old friend. Vinegar has a sharp smell, and is usually disliked by animals. It is a great option if you are looking for a home remedy. Additionally, it is cost effective. 

Experienced users soak corn cobs in vinegar and place them near the areas where they want to prevent animals. The corncobs help the scent last longer. Therefore, they will keep the rabbits miles away from your garden. 

However, make sure not to spray vinegar directly on the plants. Direct contact with vinegar may be harmful for your plants.


Sulfur is a commonly used chemical that can be used to keep bunnies away.    

Sulfur is present in most garden essentials. It is good for plants and keeps unwanted guests away. Sulfur smells a lot like rotten eggs, which rabbits despise, therefore. Just  sprinkle around some dried sulfur and the rabbits should stay away. 

Blood meal: 

Dried blood or blood meal is another ingredient that can be used to deter rabbits. Dried blood adds healthy nitrogen to the soil and works as a natural fertilizer. Justa s sulfur the smell of blood meal also deter rabbits.

However, it loses its effects after a rainfall, which means you may need to reapply it after a rainfall to  maintain its effectiveness. 


While we humans enjoy the pleasant scent of lavender, rabbits do not. It is one of those few smells that turns up their nose. They will  avoid any area where they smell lavender. 

Additionally, you will also notice many commercial graded rabbits repellent use lavender scent. Moreover, you can also use lavender essential oil. They will work just fine as fresh lavender. 


Germanium- a taste and smell that rabbits would love to avoid. However, it is considered to be one of the most used scents in candles and perfume. It has a long lasting smell. 

Therefore, having a bunch of fresh geraniums in your garden is a win-win. As rabbits will avoid them and you would have a garden filled with freshly smelling germanium.   

Wax begonias: 

Wax begonias are not as common as geranium and lavender however, these flowers are a great option as they help you deter rabbits too. These plants smell strong and do not have an edible texture. Which is why rabbits would avoid any interactions with these plants. 

Predator urine: 

Predator urine is something that can help you scare away rabbits. There are many predator-pee sprays available that come with the strong smell of bobcat pee or other predator pee. 

You can use these sprays  around your plants and that will do the job. The smell of the predators make rabbits feel uncomfortable,  therefore they avoid crossing those areas. 

Additionally, you can also adopt a dog. Rabbits also do not feel safe around dogs. Therefore, they will stay away from your yard and garden.

Are rabbits bad for your lawn and garden?

Rabbits are bad for your lawn and garden. Rabbits are a no-no if you love your plants. These little creatures are known to gnaw plants down to the roots, which is clearly harmful for the plants. Additionally, their urine can create brown spots in different places in the lawn. 

Which is why they are undoubtedly harmful for your lean. 

If you are noticing brown spots in the lawn recently, then it is bad news for your plants. They are strongly capable of destroying fruits, vegetables and other perennials. Therefore, you would want to take necessary measures to keep them away from your lawn and garden.  

What attracts rabbits in your lawn, yard, or garden?

Food and shelter attracts rabbits in your lawn, yard or garden. It is of no surprise that our gardens are often filled with bush and grass. However, bear in mind that these are considered as easy shelters for rabbits. 

Like every other animal, rabbits need to hide from predators. And often they would hide in tall grass and bushes. 

Plant bushes, evergreen along the edge of the garden, bush piles etc attract rabbits the most. They are also attracted to weedy areas. Therefore, if you want to keep them away, make sure you mow the grass regularly.   

Fresh fruits and vegetables also attract rabbits. Clovers, carrots, lettuce, strawberries, blackberries etc attract them. They usually avoid potato, cucumbers, and tomato plants. 

The scary part about rabbits is that they tend to gnaw on a plant up to their roots. As a result you lose the plant.     

A rabbit’s diet also includes woody vegetation during the cold months. They tend to consume white oak, dogwood and sumac.Rabbits usually eat the bark of the plant, twig and buds of the young woody plants. 

Young wood plant bark is smooth and thin, therefore they are easy to consume. 

Additionally, they are an easy food source. However, they would not consume the tough brakes of older plants. Therefore, you may want to take necessary measures before you plant these woody plants.  

Tips to prevent rabbits from nesting in your yard or ruining your garden:

Rabbits are most likely to nest in your backyard, if they notice there is enough shelter and food supply for them. The good news is there are ways to prevent it. 

Here are a few tips you can follow to prevent rabbits from nesting in your yard or ruining your garden: 

Rabbit-proof fences: 

The first and the most used option is to put around a rabbit-proof fence. To protect your garden you would want to surround it with fences. The fences deter the rabbits and keep them from having access to your garden.  

Additionally, adding fences is a great option, as it does not hurt your pockets. You wouldn’t have to get yourself an expensive privacy fence. A simple fence made with chicken wire is good enough to protect your garden. You can also use hardware cloth or mesh wire. 

You do not need a tall fence. However, you need to make sure that the openings aren’t too big. Additionally, rabbits can get into your garden underneath the soil. Therefore, you would want to make sure that you bury the fence a few inches deep into the ground. 

Chicken Wire Fencing Mesh 16.9 inch X 32.8 Ft, 0.6 Inch Hexagonal Galvanized Floral Chicken Wire Fence for Crafts Garden Poultry, Metal Hardware Cloth Netting for Chicken Coops Rabbit Rodent Cage

Used coffee grounds: 

Used coffee grounds are a gem. They can be great for gardens. Most experts add them to their compost piles to prevent pests. Additionally, it also enhances the richness of the soil.

Like most herbs, coffee grounds have a strong smell to themselves. And it is of no surprise that rabbits dislike the smell of coffee grounds. Therefore, they will avoid snacking around them. 

So, you can spread around used coffee grounds to keep rabbits away from your yard or garden.  

Final thoughts

Rabbits dislike the smell of anything  that is too strong. From herbs to chili pepper there are multiple options that you can use to keep rabbits away. These little furry creatures can destroy your garden in no time. Therefore, to have a decent garden rabbits are a no-no.