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Does Cayenne Pepper Keep Armadillos Away? (Explained)

Cayenne pepper is a kind of hot chili pepper whose primary job is to bring flavor to dishes. But it can be sometimes used to repel insects and animals. Today, we are going to discuss whether cayenne pepper keeps armadillos away or not.

Does cayenne pepper keep armadillos away?

Cayenne pepper has the ability to keep armadillos away as it is a natural armadillo repellent. The strong smell of cayenne pepper can make the armadillos uncomfortable. Cayenne pepper can be applied as a powder. But it is most effective when it is applied as a liquid solution.

Cayenne pepper is a natural armadillo repellent. You can apply cayenne pepper to stop armadillos from entering your property, lawn, and garden. The smell of cayenne pepper absolutely deters the armadillos. Armadillo is a burrowing animal. 

That is why it has a strong sense of smell despite having weak eyesight.

The powder version of cayenne can be used directly or it can be turned into a solution of water and cayenne pepper. The solution gives better result than the powder form.Armadillos are usually seen burrowing in the garden and lawn of the property. 

You can apply the cayenne pepper at the entrance of the burrowing holes to deter armadillos.

Cayenne pepper is an effective and proven armadillo repellent. Armadillos will leave your area immediately if they smell cayenne pepper. You can spray cayenne pepper solution along the perimeter of your property, lawn and garden to keep the armadillos away.

However, it is not a permanent solution as the process needs to be repeated every week. Nevertheless it is an effective method of getting rid of armadillos.

How much cayenne pepper to deter armadillos?

How much cayenne pepper you need to use to deter armadillos depends on the size of the area you are targeting. A larger area will require more cayenne pepper repellent than a smaller area.

Usually, cayenne paper comes in a bottle that weighs sixteen ounces. You can mix water to the cayenne pepper bottle to make the repellent more effective.

You will have to reapply the repellent made from cayenne pepper and water after some time. Because rain water can wash it away. The amount of cayenne pepper to use also depends on how many armadillos are invading your property.

How to use cayenne pepper to get rid of armadillos?

There are several steps involved in getting rid of armadillos with the help of cayenne pepper. They are:

Mix it with water:

First of all, you will need to mix the cayenne pepper with water and create a solution. The water will make it easier for the pepper to be applied.

Sprinkle the cayenne pepper:

Then, you will have to find out if any armadillo is already living inside your garden. If there are armadillos already living, then you will start by sprinkling cayenne pepper around its hole. Armadillos are a burrowing animal. 

The strong smell of cayenne pepper will make them come out of their holes and leave your garden.

You will need to put the rest of the cayenne pepper around the fence and perimeter of your garden.It will keep the armadillos away from your garden for good.

Water the cayenne pepper:

For long lasting result, you will need to water over the cayenne pepper to mix it evenly with the ground. Otherwise, the effect of cayenne pepper will not last for long.

Reapply the cayenne pepper:

You will need to reapply cayenne pepper in your garden after some time. This has to be a continuous effort. Otherwise the effect of cayenne pepper will wear out and your garden will once again get infested with the armadillos.

Take safety precautions:

While applying and reapplying the cayenne pepper, you will need to wear gloves, googles, and a mask to keep yourself safe from the irritations of cayenne pepper.

How do I apply cayenne pepper to my lawn?

Let’s discuss in detail about how you can apply cayenne pepper to your lawn.

Make a cayenne pepper spray:

At first, you will need to cut dried cayenne pepper into several pieces and boil it in the water. After the boiling process has been done, add some cooking oil to the mixture. Then you will need to put the liquid cayenne pepper into a spray bottle. 

The ratio of water and cayenne pepper in the mixture will have to be 10:1.

Spray the cayenne pepper:

Then you will have to spray the liquid cayenne pepper onto your lawn. You will need to reapply for the same procedure once a week. Otherwise, the armadillos might come back to destroy the flowers and vegetables on your lawn.

Will cayenne pepper hurt my lawn?

Cayenne pepper generally does not possess the ability to hurt your lawn. You might think that it will damage the grass on your lawn. But it does not do any damage to the grass. But to be extra precautious, you can rinse your vegetables and fruits before eating them. 

Because some of the cayenne pepper might have been sprayed onto the fruits and vegetables unintentionally.

Is it illegal to put cayenne pepper in your yard?

There is no legal restriction on the usage of cayenne pepper in your yard. But cayenne pepper is not a pleasant thing to be around. It can cause irritation and allergies to humans and animals. So the usage of cayenne pepper needs to be controlled and moderate. 

Heavy usage of cayenne pepper as a repellent can cause discomfort to the animals and humans of your neighborhood.

You are not legally bound to seek permission from authorities for the usage of cayenne pepper in your yard. But you have to be careful about the amount of cayenne pepper you use and the method of usage.

How long does cayenne pepper last on the lawn?

The lasting period of cayenne pepper on the lawn depends on the way it has been applied. If you have applied the powdered cayenne pepper on the lawn without turning it into a mixture, then it is more likely not to last more than one or two days.

The liquid solution of cayenne pepper lasts for about four or five days.

If you can water down the cayenne pepper solution into the soil of the lawn, then it lasts for about a week. In that case, you will need to reapply cayenne pepper repellent at least once a week.

The important thing to remember here is that you will have to be smart about the way you apply cayenne pepper on your lawn for better lasting period.

Will black pepper deter armadillos?

Black pepper and cayenne pepper do not belong to the same group of spices even if they sound the same. Black pepper is made from black peppercorns while cayenne pepper is made from hot chili.

Black pepper is not a proven armadillo repellent. Because it does not have capsaicin in it which irritates the strong smell sense of armadillos. So it is more than unlikely that black pepper will deter armadillos.

What are the best ways to deter armadillos naturally?

There are several natural ways that can be applied to deter armadillos. They are:

Use of vinegar:

Armadillos do not enjoy the smell of vinegar. It is a natural armadillo repellent. You can spray vinegar in the area that is most affected by armadillos. The smell of vinegar will bring out the armadillos from their holes and keep them away for good.

Use of castor oil:

Just like vinegar earlier, armadillos can not stand the smell of castor oil. You can make a solution of castor oil and dish soap and spray it onto the armadillo affected area. This will deter the armadillos with immediate effect.

Use of cayenne pepper:

Another natural armadillo repellent is cayenne pepper. Armadillos do not do well when they sense the smell of cayenne pepper. You can use the powder form of cayenne pepper or mix it with water and spray it as a solution.

Use of garlic:

Garlic is one of the best natural armadillo repellents. You can grow garlic plants in your area to keep out the armadillos. The strong smell of garlic deters armadillos.

Keep your area clean:

You can keep your area clean by getting rid of foods that armadillos usually eat. Not finding their desired food will keep the armadillos away. This method works as a precaution against infestation of armadillos.

Final Thoughts

Cayenne pepper generally keeps the armadillos away as they can not stand the smell of cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper can be used to drive away the armadillos burrowing in the garden and lawn. But cayenne pepper does not last more than one week and it has to be reapplied once every week.