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Does Lime Repel Spiders? (Read This First!)

You might find spiders anywhere in your house. But spiders can be irritating for many people. 

Even a lot of people have a spider-related phobia. Moreover, insects like spiders carry germs and other viruses with them. So, deterring spiders becomes essential sometimes.

You might know that lime is a good repellent for insects. But you might be confused about whether lime repels spiders or not. You have to know the ingredients of lime and its effects on spiders.

Moreover, learning about the application process is also essential. So, let’s see details about lime and its effects as a repellent.

Does lime repel spiders?

Lime can repel spiders. Lime is a natural and non-toxic element that can deter spiders. Generally, the smell of lime and the acidic nature make it a good spider repellent. Moreover, lime is available and cheap. So, it can be a good and cost-effective repellent for spiders.

However, when repelling spiders, you might have used different products. But most commercial repellents have toxic chemicals. So, these repellents are not safe for the environment and other animals.

That’s why you might be searching for something non-toxic. From this perspective, lime can be an excellent fruit that can deter spiders. You can use lime directly to repel spiders. Moreover, you can also utilize lime juice as a repellent.

Lime juice:

If you want to use lime juice as a spider repellent, you can also use it. Like lime, lime juice has the same ingredients. Lime juice is an acidic liquid. Spiders don’t like acidic liquids. Moreover, lime juice has a strong flavor.

Spiders don’t like the lime flavor at all. When you make lime juice, the scent spreads through the area. So, spiders can sense the smell of lime juice from a distance. For this reason, lime juice is an effective repellent.

Spiders dislike the acidic nature of citrus fruits. Though lime is a citrus fruit, spiders will also go away from this fruit. Lime juice is one of the most cost-effective products that can deter spiders. Moreover, you can find lime and make the juice easier to keep away from spiders.

You can mix lime juice and other citrus fruit juices if you want to make a stronger repellent with lime.

This mixture can be an excellent repellent. You can spray lime juice on spiders directly. Besides, you can spray the juice around your house to keep the home safe from spiders.

Do spiders dislike lime?

Yes, spiders dislike lime. Spiders don’t like lime juice also. Generally, lime has some ingredients that deter spiders. For example, citrus fruits like lime have acid. Though the amount of acid is low in lime, it can affect spiders.

Spiders don’t like the acidic taste of lime. Moreover, the smell of lime is not pleasant for spiders. Lime has a strong scent that keeps the spiders away. Besides, spiders have a strong sense. They can sense the smell of lime from a distance.

If you keep lime or lime juice in your house, a spider will not come close to your house. So, there is no chance of liking lime for spiders.

Many people have a phobia of spiders. Moreover, spiders can bite animals and humans. If you want to deter spiders with natural ingredients, you can use lime or lime juice.

Does lime terminate spiders?

Lime might not terminate spiders permanently, but it can keep spiders away. Sometimes you might see spiders in your house. Especially, you will find them in the bathroom most times. So, you might want to terminate them.

You can dry the peels of lime and make powder from the dried lime peels. Then you have to sprinkle some of the lime powder in the bathroom. This will deter spiders from that place and keep the bathroom fresh.

You might want to keep your house clean, spider-free, and fresh. You can get these all by using lime.

If you use lime juice, you have to wipe away the excess lime from the surface. But if you sprinkle lime powder, it will not make the place messy. So, lime doesn’t terminate spiders directly but will repel spiders.

Will hydrated lime terminate spiders on the ground?

Hydrated lime is an effective ingredient to repel spiders. It can deter spiders from the ground. Sometimes, the spider can live on the ground. So, if you want to repel spiders from the ground, you have to use the repellent on the ground.

Generally, hydrated lime is calcium hydroxide. This compound is a colorless powder that is famous as a repellent. People use hydrated lime in their garden to repel insects. So, it can also deter spiders.

If spiders come close to hydrated lime, they will go away when they sense the smell. But it can terminate spiders if spiders consume this compound.

Because hydrated lime works as an insecticide. If spiders come in contact with hydrated lime, they will absorb moisture from their bodies. Eventually, the termination of spiders will occur.

Three reasons why lime repels spiders

Now that you know lime can repel spiders, you might want to know the reasons. So, let’s see why lime repels spiders.


One of the main properties of lime that can help repel spiders is its smell. The smell of lime is strong. Spiders don’t like the scent of lime at all. Even if they sense the smell of lime from a distance, they will not come to that place.

For this reason, people also use lime juice. Because lime juice helps to spread the smell of lime. That’s why lime can deter spiders with its scent.

Acidic nature:

Lime has acidic nature. Generally, lime juice contains acid. The amount of acid might not be high. Moreover, this acid is harmless for humans and animals. But spiders can’t bear the taste and scent of acid.

In particular, the acid in lime is unsafe for spiders. Spiders avoid those places where you spread lime juice.

Citrus fruit:

Another reason for repelling spiders is their being citrus fruit. Citrus fruits like lime, orange, etc., have properties that are helpful to deter spiders and insects.

Spiders also dislike citrus fruit. So, many people grow lime plants in their areas. Moreover, you can use citrus fruits in different ways to deter spiders.

How to keep spiders away with lime?

You can use lime in different ways to keep spiders away. But you might not know the appropriate methods of using lime. So, let’s see how you can keep spiders away with lime.

Locating spiders:

First, you have to know from where the spiders are coming. The bathroom is one of the common places for spiders. If you can locate the places, you can apply lime there effectively.

Preparing lime:

Applying lime directly will not be very effective since lime will not spread much smell. So, you can peel the lime peels. Then you can dry the peels in direct sunlight. When the peels are dried completely, you can make powder from the lime.

Applying lime:

Then, you can apply the lime powder to the located places. You have to sprinkle the lime powder in those places. You can also sprinkle some lime powder around your house. This will keep spiders from entering your home.


Finally, you need to keep clean all the places. Dirt, grease, residue, etc., will attract spiders. So, if you can clean your places, spiders will avoid the places.

How to make lemon spray for spiders?

You might know that lemon is an effective spider repellent. But you might not see the process of making lemon spray. So, let’s see how you can make a lemon spray for spiders.

Collecting lemon:

First, you have to collect some fresh lemons. Don’t use damaged or dried lemons. These lemons might not be effective. So, you have to collect lemons that are fresh and ripe.

Collecting lemon juice:

Then you have to collect the juice from the lemons. Cut the lemons into slices and squeeze them to make juice. Collect the juice in a bowl.

Spraying bottle:

After that, pour one cup of water into a spraying bottle and add two tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix the liquid well, so that lemon juice and water get mixed. Then the liquid is ready to use as a repellent for spiders.

Final Thoughts

Lime can repel spiders. You might have heard that lime can deter insects. But it can also prevent spiders. Because lime has acid in it that spiders don’t like. Moreover, spiders don’t like the smell of lime at all. So, you can use lime, lime juice, or powdered lime to deter spiders.