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Will Irish Spring Soap Keep Chipmunks Away? (Explained)

Chipmunks are tiny critters but have the potential to ruin your goodnight’s sleep. Garden owners get frightened just by the sight of chipmunks in their backyard. Soaps often work against the critters, but does Irish spring soap keep chipmunks away? 

Scroll down because we answered all your questions.

Will Irish spring soap keep chipmunks away?

Irish spring soap keeps chipmunks away. It is highly effective in keeping critters out throughout the year. Chipmunks have a strong, sensitive nose, and they detest the smell of a specific scent like citrus. Irish spring soap gives off a strong citrus smell which keeps chipmunks away.

Chipmunks are curious creatures. For their tiny size, they always have to be alert to their surroundings. Chipmunks have a strong sense of smell. You will often see chipmunks standing still, sniffing the air.

This activity serves two purposes. First, they screen out any possibility of predators nearby. Then they search for food sources through the smell. As they are curious by nature, they will not hesitate to take on new challenges.

Garden owners have known how much damage even only a chipmunk can do. You may have adopted various measures to keep those tiny creatures out, yet somehow, they find their way in.

Chipmunks are great at jumping and are known as great climbers. So, it becomes a really infuriating job to keep them out of your backyard as they seem to be impossible to control.

Now Irish spring soaps have a distinctly strong smell. They have several bar soaps, but the original Irish spring deters chipmunks most effectively.

The chemicals used in Irish spring soap spread a fresh bergamot and citrus scent. The scent is soothing to humans, but critters like chipmunks cannot stand the smell of it. But there are some ifs regarding the reliability of this soap.

Garden owners argued on some forums that Irish spring is not that effective in deterring rodents. There is evidence that rodents even chew on this soap. 

Chipmunks are part of the squirrel family. While their characteristics vary, most of them are repelled by this soap. 

Do chipmunks like Irish spring soap?

Chipmunks do not like Irish spring soap. The chemicals used in Irish spring soap are repulsive to chipmunks. They hardly go near the soap, so there is no way that chipmunks will like Irish spring soap.

Chipmunks are omnivorous mammals that are part of the squirrel family. They look a lot like squirrels, but they are smaller and have light and dark stripes.

Chipmunks are curious by nature. So, they take on exploring that may open up opportunities. Animals that are small have to be always cautious of their surroundings.

One of their defining characteristics is their great sense of smell. Chipmunks use this power to stay clear of hunting animals. They also use this to explore unknown areas.

So, we all know how strong Irish spring soap’s scents are. Chipmunks cannot bear the smell as it will be too much for them.

One reason why Irish spring soap keeps chipmunks away

Soaps have been well known for their repellent properties for hundreds of years. The practice was not as widespread in the past compared to the current rate of expansion. The ingredients used in the soaps have repellant properties.

Chipmunks are mammal pests. They are closely related to squirrels. They are part of the order Rodentia which means they are cousins to rats and mice as well.

All the mammal pests have a good sense of smell. Their sensors are thousands of times better than humans. The mammal pests can smell a larger area. This is both essential for their food search and survival.

Strong odor:

Soaps, in general, have common ingredients, but their quantities vary from producer to producer. Soaps contain potassium salt of fatty acids, and Irish spring soap is no different.

What gives Irish spring soap its strong scent is the following ingredients

Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water, Glycerin, Hydrogenated Tallow Acid, Petrolatum, Coconut Acid, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, and Mineral oil.

Chipmunks are easily bothered by the presence of a strong smell. In fact, they despise the certain smell of mineral oils. Other strong scents that chipmunks seem to abohar are peppermint, citrus, and cinnamon.

Irish spring soaps have bergamot and citrus scents. This type of smell works effectively as a critter repellent. Chipmunks, along with other critters, stay far clear from Irish spring soaps.

Irish spring soaps do not hamper nature adversely. It is a hundred percent safe and natural way to deter chipmunks.

Do squirrels eat Irish Spring soap? Will Irish spring soap hurt chipmunks?

Squirrels do not eat Irish spring soap. Squirrels have an excellent sense of smell that they use to search for food and stay away from predators.

Squirrels are mammal pests. Irish spring soap is not that good with deterring mammal pests such as mice or rats. But they are quite effective on other mammal pests such as squirrels, dogs, cattle, etc.

Squirrels with their strong sense of smell will not go near Irish spring soap, let alone eating the soap.

Irish spring soap does not impose any health risks directly on the animal kingdom. The risk only arises when the soap is ingested.

Irish spring soaps work as a repellent, and they easily deter chipmunks. So, there is a tiny chance that any chipmunks will ingest the soap.

However, chipmunks will have nausea and vomiting symptoms and will show unusual behavior if they ingest Irish spring soap by any chance.

How do you use Irish spring soap to keep chipmunks away?

Irish Spring soap repels chipmunks. All you have to do is place the soap in an appropriate position, and the soap will do the rest.

Basically, there are two ways you can follow to keep chipmunks away. Grating and making vectors. You will need a couple of bottles, long toothpicks, two bars of Irish spring soap, a grater, a bowl, a chopping board, and a knife. 

Vector method

Cut the soap:

Put the soap on a chopping board and cut the soap into small pieces using a knife. Gently press the knife and make sure you do not hurt yourself. The target for eight to twelve pieces.

Fix to the cap:

Cut the bottle in half. Attach the soap pieces into the cap from the inside of the bottle. Press with a stick, so it attaches firmly. One or two small pieces will do the work.

Place on ground:

This is the final step. Attach a long toothpick to the bottle from the inside. The soap should hold it in place.

Insert the stick in the soil and press it firmly. The bottle should be inclined at some angle.



Grating Irish spring soap is as easy as the name suggests. Hold a grater on a bowl and grate one or two soaps per your requirements.

Do it gently and carefully, so you do not hurt yourself.


After the grating is done, sprinkle the soaps around trees you want to save from squirrels. The sprinkled soap will stay on the ground until it rains.

What does Irish spring soap repel?

Irish spring soap has a strong smell that animals seem to detest. It repels several animals. Here are some animals that Irish Spring soap repels and does not.


Yes, Irish spring soap repels cats. Cats do not come near this soap.


Like cats, dogs dislike the smell of Irish spring soap. Irish Spring soap repels dogs. You will never see dogs near this soap.


Irish spring soaps repel foxes too. Even though they are good climbers and jumpers, your tree will be safe from them.


Mice are not repelled by Irish Spring soap. They even chew on the soap out of their curiosity.


Squirrels are deterred by Irish Spring soap. They despise the smell and always stay away from the soap.


Like other cattle, goats are deterred by Irish Spring soap.


Like mice, rats are not bothered by the scent of Irish Spring soap. 

Final Thoughts 

Irish spring soap does a great job in repelling chipmunks. This is a nature-friendly solution to the years-old problem. Irish spring soaps do not damage your trees, and it does the work as a repellant. Just spread it properly on your garden, and you will be safe from chipmunks in no time.