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Can an Air Mattress Blow-Up? (All You Need to Know)

Inflatable beds or air mattresses are a great addition in any situation be it going on a camping trip, having overnight guests over, or being on a budget. 

These comfortable and convenient mattresses, although they can assist with their durability, portability, and accessibility, will eventually succumb to blowing up or damage as many things naturally do in life.

Can an Air Mattress Blow-up?

Air mattresses can surely blow up if it is not handled with care. Air mattresses are made airtight however, they lose air by overusing, differing temperatures, overinflating, and being poked with sharp objects. The different air levels resulting from these facts will cause air mattress to blow up.

Will the air mattress blow-up?

Air mattresses will definitely blow up. Although air mattresses offer longevity, it is still prone to exploding when it is used carelessly.

One of the reasons to have an air mattress blow-up is due to overinflating especially if you are using air mattresses that do not come with automatic pumps. 

The material that the air mattresses are made of is not super durable for most of the parts and can cause exploding if exposed to pets and sharp objects.

Why does the air mattress blow up?

These comfortable and convenient air mattresses are very prone to popping and blowing up if you are not fully careful with them.

The materials that are used to make these air mattresses are prepared with durability in mind. However, nothing lasts forever and it is the same case for these lightweight air mattresses. 


One of the most common reasons for having your air mattress blow up is because of pets. If you have pets, chances are that your air mattress will be more prone to blowing up than usual.

Pets have sharp claws and they can easily poke a hole in an air mattress causing it to blow up. Kittens and puppies can also try to bite the air mattress which will again cause the air mattress to pop. 

Filling the Air Mattress with Too Much Air: 

Another reason why your air mattress can blow up is because of having too much air pressure by overinflating the mattress.

Consequently, this will put unnecessary pressure on the seams of the air mattress and it is more likely that your mattress will end up blowing up.  


Although malfunctions are not a regular event, it surely is something to be considered while owning an air mattress.

There are some automatic electronic pumps that automatically pump up the air mattress and automatically turn it off when it is finished.

However, these automatic electronic pumps due to malfunctions can continue pumping air even after the recommended amount has reached. Consequently, it will cause the air mattress to blow up. 


One of the simple causes of blowing up your trusty air mattress is due to carelessness. If you are not careful enough around your air mattress, you can end up with a damaged air mattress.

Additionally, you may blow up your air mattress with your pointy nails, with pen or pencils, and so on. The possibilities of having your air mattress accidentally popped up by everyday objects around you are endless. 

How do I stop my air mattress from blowing up?

Unfortunately, your air mattress can blow up very often if you are not careful with it. You need to be familiar with the ways of stopping the air mattress from blowing up. The following ways will help you to alleviate the problem regarding the blowing up of air mattresses.

Looking for Air Holes and Air Bubbles to Patch:

Air holes and air bubbles most of the time are the leading reasons why air mattresses blow up. 

For that, you will first need to find out where the air holes are. This can be tricky but once you find it, all you need to do is to patch it to prevent it from blowing up.

After that, you can patch up the air holes using different kinds of tapes and so on. However, this is a temporary solution and cannot cater to guaranteeing that your air mattress will not blow up. 

Storing It Safely:

You should always store your air mattress safely. Storing air mattresses is one of the most important things to do. When you are storing it, you need to look for holes, you need to make sure it is dry, and you need to check if the plastic of the mattress is distressed or not. 

You also need to fold the air mattress nicely and put it in the bag it came with to lessen the probability of having your air mattress blow up. Additionally, it is better to deflate your mattress occasionally to keep it sturdy. 

Using Mattress Topper and Bedding:

By using a mattress topper, you can very easily protect your air mattress from all unnecessary incidents. You can use blankets, rugs, and mattress toppers on top of your air mattress to lessen the probability of having your mattress popped.

You can also use a rug or a blanket to cover up the bottom of the air mattress to keep it safe from pets and sharp objects.

Inflating According to Limit:

There is always a limit to the level of air a pump can insert into an air mattress. If you keep on inflating your air mattress and go beyond the limit, you will eventually blow up your air mattress. 

You should always inflate your air mattress according to the limit. Moreover, you can also use electronic automatic pumps or built-in pumps to better secure your air mattress.  

Can you leave an air mattress plugged in?

You can leave an air mattress plugged in but it is advised not to. Additionally, air mattresses naturally deflate overnight. 

However, if you want your air mattress to automatically go back to full firmness, only then you can keep the air mattress plugged in. On the other hand, if you keep it plugged in, there may be some risks due to many natural disasters, lightning, and so on.

How long should an air mattress last?

Air mattresses are mainly used for temporary use however, you can use them for everyday use as well. Additionally, how long an air mattress will last highly depends on your usage

If you use them only occasionally or only for your guests, your air mattress has a chance to last up to five to eight years or more. Nevertheless, if you use them regularly, their life expectancy will be shortened. 

Therefore, if you use your air mattress regularly, the life expectancy of an air mattress will reduce to six months or more. 

How can I make my air mattress last longer?

You can make your air mattress last longer if you follow some necessary regulations and abide by them. If you want your air mattress to last longer, you need to store it securely, use mattress toppers, inflate the mattress according to the right capacity, and so on.  

You should also use rugs or blankets underneath your air mattress to make it guarded against all the sharp and pointy objects. Additionally, you have to make sure your pets do not puncture holes in it.

Why do air mattresses always leak?

It is very natural for your air mattress to leak air. The materials that are used for making the air mattresses such as rubber, plastic, and vinyl are prone to losing air over time and usage. 

Air mattresses are very convenient but they are not the most solid. Consequently, air mattresses can leak due to improper use, air holes, air bubbles, leaks, and so on. For example, varying temperature also causes leaking of air. 

When the air level is low in the mattress, it does not function properly as a result, air holes can develop and cause air to leak.

Why is my air mattress deflating but no holes?

Although air mattresses are supposed to be airtight, they still deflate without any potential holes in them. Air mattresses are made out of polymers which are basically pressurized boxes.

Air mattresses will eventually lose air even with no holes because that is the characteristic of gas molecules. They naturally deflate overnight. They also deflate depending on the temperature, pressure, body weight, and so on.

At nights, cold temperatures can also make the air denser in an air mattress without any holes which in turn will cause the air mattress to lose air and deflate. 

Is it bad to leave an air mattress inflated?

There is no actual guideline regarding whether it is bad or not to keep your air mattress inflated. However, you can keep your air mattress inflated as constantly inflating or deflating it can cause unnecessary tension on the seams. 

Nevertheless, it is not a very good idea to keep it inflated as by doing it, you are making your air mattress prone to air holes, air bubbles, and blowing up. Additionally, by leaving it inflated, you will also be exposing it to pets. 

To sum up, although air mattresses can come in handy in many varied situations, it is still a health risk to encounter an air mattress being blow-up. It is highly needed to be careful and look for signs and thus prevent an air mattress from blowing up.

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