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Do Coffee Grounds Repel Moles? (All You Need to Know)

Moles are known as garden pests. They live in the garden where other insects live nearby. Moreover, they live on other insects, including earthworms, white grubs, beetles, and more.

If you have lots of insects and get bored, moles can solve your issues by eating them. From this perspective, moles are helpful. But, they are not good entirely.

In Particular, you need some beneficial insects to live in your garden. They will help your plant to grow naturally. That’s why you might need to repel moles.

In that case, gardeners use different methods and ways to get rid of moles. Sometimes they fail. Here come the coffee grounds. Do coffee grounds repel moles? Keep reading to get the answer.

Do coffee grounds repel moles?

Coffee grounds repel moles. Coffee has caffeine that creates an odor. That odor helps to repel moles. Mainly, moles cannot tolerate caffeine odor. They cannot inhale the chemical since it comes with some strong chemicals. That’s why coffee grounds repel moles. You can use coffee beans too.

On the other hand, coffee grounds can keep moles away from your garden. It has an overpowering odor that moles cannot inhale. That’s why moles leave the place and go away from your garden overnight.

However, you can use both the used coffee ground and coffee beans to get rid of moles. Both are proven ways to keep moles away from the garden or your house.

We are about to explore both the ways below to know how they can keep moles away from the garden. But there are more ways to repel moles from the garden. We will also explain them.

Used coffee ground:

Used coffee ground repels moles. You need to scatter it thoroughly and get the result instantly. Used coffee grounds also have caffeine that plays a role here.

You already know that moles cannot bear the odor of coffee grounds. That’s the reason why used coffee grounds keep moles away.

Coffee beans:

Coffee beans also come with caffeine. If you scatter the coffee beans on your entire garden and let them spread the odor overnight, coffee beans will repel moles.

Also, you can blend coffee beans and make coffee grounds. Therefore, you can use them to deter moles since coffee grounds keep moles away.

Do moles like coffee grounds? Can coffee grounds get rid of moles?

Moles don’t like coffee grounds. They leave the place where coffee grounds spread the overpowering odor. And, the odor comes with a chemical smell that moles cannot tolerate.

Therefore, they start leaving the place or garden. It’s been effective for years. All the gardeners suggest using coffee grounds to keep moles away. As a result, your plants and soils will get beneficial insects.

On the other hand, coffee grounds can eliminate moles because moles cannot eat or bother coffee grounds odor. Here, the overpowering odor plays a crucial role. That’s the only reason why coffee grounds get rid of moles.

However, coffee grounds are useful to control pests and damaging insects. It has a good reputation as well. You can also rely on coffee grounds and use them in your garden to get rid of moles and other insects.

4 reasons why coffee ground helps to repel moles

There are some reasons why coffee grounds help repel moles from your garden or house. We have found 5 top reasons in this regard. But there are more.


First thing first, coffee grounds are also a part of coffee. That means it contains caffeine. And most insects and pests don’t like caffeine. That’s the first reason why coffee grounds help to repel moles.


The second reason is the odor. Coffee grounds release an overpowering odor that’s the most compelling part that repels moles. Moles will go away from the garden overnight.


Again, used coffee grounds have already lost their effectiveness, and then they start to spread the chemical odor. That odor is toxic to moles. That’s why coffee grounds help to repel moles.

Pest controller:

Coffee grounds are a natural pest controller. You can use it to get rid of pests and insects. It remains the most cost-effective way. Therefore, people can use it pretty much every day.

So, these are the four reasons why coffee grounds help to repel moles. It has some chemical ingredients which repel the insects and garden pests like moles. However, you can make a spray and use it around the garden quickly; it’s a secret tip.

If you look for one particular reason, your answer could be a pest controller. That means the coffee ground is a pest controller. If you use it on moles, they will go away.

Where do you put coffee grounds to repel moles?

You can put it everywhere and make the environment anti-moles. It is the best way to repel moles. But you should not do this.

The best place is the mole’s holes to put coffee grounds to repel them. You need to find out the hokes first. And then scatter the coffee grounds on the whole mouth. Then put some soil on the coffee grounds.

After that, the chemical from coffee grounds will mix with the soil. That will ultimately create an unbearable odor for moles and other insects. If you wait for some days, all the moles will disappear from the garden.

Additionally, you can scatter all around the garden. That’s the ultimate goal. However, it has some drawbacks as well. First, it will surely repel moles; it will also destroy the other beneficial insects. It will negatively affect your garden.

How to get rid of moles with coffee grounds?

To get rid of moles with coffee grounds, you may follow our steps. They all come from practical experiences. Therefore, you can follow and repel your garden moles.

Blend into grounds:

You can make the coffee grounds by using coffee beans. You can blend them and use the grounds. That’s the first thing you will do.

Find the holes:

It’s time to put coffee grounds on the moles’ house. In this step, you will find the holes in your garden. You should walk through the garden and see all the holes.

Put coffee grounds:

After finding and marking all the holes, start putting coffee grounds into them. They will start working. But you have some more steps to follow.

Soil on them:

After putting coffee grounds, you have to put some soil on them. That will help to create a strong odor. If you let it overnight, moles will go away.

Wait for a couple of days:

After following these steps, you need to wait for a couple of days. And then, you need to put in some more coffee grounds to make the garden moles free.

These steps are proven. Hundreds of gardeners have already used coffee grounds and got rid of moles from their garden. You can surely follow all the steps one after another.

Moreover, never forget to follow step 5. It’s a game-changer. You may need to use coffee grounds after a couple of days and make the odor stay for a week. That’s how you will succeed to deter moles.

Remember, coffee grounds will also work for other beneficial insects. So, it will be better if you use coffee grounds before making a garden. In that time, you can clean the yard and remove moles.

After applying coffee grounds in the yard, you should wait for more days to grow beneficial insects. Then you can start gardening. It will be effective and the best way to repel moles.

What is the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard?

Eliminating all the food sources is the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard. Moles love to eat a lot. In fact, they can eat equal to their weight. Therefore, they can’t live without earthworms and grubs.

If you want to repel moles overnight or soon, you should simply eliminate all the worms from your yard. Moles will not be there anymore. They will starve and look for their food.

On the other hand, you can use anti-moles spray on your yard to get the fastest result. Though it is a costly way, it is effective and will keep moles away from your yard overnight.

Another way could be the coffee grounds. You can use coffee grounds and put some soil on the grounds. Let it be there and create odor. There is a high chance you will not get moles the following day.

In a nutshell, you should create an unfriendly environment that goes against the moles. This is the ultimate way to repel moles.

Final Thoughts

Coffee grounds are the best pest – controller. You can use it to get rid of different insects. It has an overpowering odor that keeps insects and garden pests away from the yard. Therefore, coffee grounds can repel moles too. If you want to deter moles, you should use coffee grounds.