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Do Snowboards Need to Be Sharpened? (Answered)

If you want your snowboard to be long-lasting, then there is no alternative to maintaining it regularly. However, while we are talking about maintaining your snowboard, the most common question people ask about this topic is, do snowboards need to be routinely sharpened? 

Well, in this article, we have discussed the importance of sharpening your snowboard and the best possible ways to do it.

Do snowboards need to be sharpened?

Snowboards need to be sharpened whenever the edges of a snowboard turn to rough, rusted, scratched, or dull as dishwater. Sharpening the edges of your snowboard will keep it in better condition and ensures you a smoother ride as well as better carving performance.

A perfect hedge is one that is sharp, safe, and flawless. New edges are generally similar to the standard, but regular usage, dirt, park riding, corrosion, and road pollutants will damage and fade them.

You have to take care of your snowboard’s edges when they show the sign of being rusted, have scratches from hitting rocks, or won’t stick on heavy snow.

You have to make sure that the edges are in good shape to get them tuned by a skilled shop regularly. They’ll use a combination of tool and hand methods to ensure your bases are level and your edges are sharpened perfectly.

Do new snowboards need to be sharpened?

Well, new snowboards do not need to be sharpened, but it’s better if you check all the edges after pulling out the plastic cover off from the surface.

As part of the manufacturing process, snowboards usually come sharpened edges from the factory, where they provide the snowboards with some basic tune. However, many experienced snowboarders tend to prefer their edges to have some level and curve.

Therefore, they will sharpen the edges of new snowboards before skiing them to ensure that they got the edge profile that they want.

You won’t know the difference whether your edges have a bevel or not if you are an inexperienced snowboarder.

How often do you need to sharpen your snowboard?

Sharpening or tuning the edges of your snowboard is necessary for an enjoyable and safe ride on the slopes. In addition, it is essential to have confidence whenever you are snowboarding to have a safe and enjoyable ride.

How many times can you sharpen your snowboard’s edges can vary depending on how much you use it. If you’re a professional snowboarder, you can get it sharpened at least once a year, or if you are a starter, then you might want it sharpened more often.

But in the beginning stages of learning snowboarding, it is better to tune your snowboard twice a week, and eventually, you can have it tuned up once a week after you become a pro at snowboarding.

If you buy a new snowboard, you might need to check the edges are in the right shape, although they come pre-sharpened from the manufacturers.

How do you know when your snowboard edges need sharpening?

Sharp board edges are more of a personal choice than a requirement, but you need to sure they are maintained regularly.

You’ll be able to tell when they’ve been dulled. If you gently hit your fingernail against the edge at a 45-degree angle and see a shaving of your nail left over, you know the edge is very sharp.

Here are some facts we have researched for you through which you will know when your snowboard needs sharpening:

Feeling Blunt:

It is the time to get your edges sharpened if your edges seem to be blunt or blurred. You can check it by simply rubbing your thumb along the edges of your snowboard.

Being rusty:

If the board is exposed to oxygen and the air is humid, which is more prevalent in the south and around the coasts than in the mountains, the edges will rust.

Scratched from stones:

Your snowboard will decay due to the friction from the rocks and other dust presents on the surfaces of the mountain.

Weather impact:

Cold weather makes the edges less sharp and dull. The moistures also play a damaging role on the surface of the snowboard and the edges.

How to sharpen snowboard?

If you’re new to snowboarding, you may not notice that your board needs to be tuned up every once in a while. Although the procedure isn’t complicated or costly, the most important thing is that it is necessary.

As a result, all boarders should be aware of maintaining their equipment to achieve the best possible results.

We have noted all the best steps that will make your edges of your snowboard sharper, along with the tools you will need:

You’ll need a small number of tools to sharpen the edges on your own. The list of the tools you will need is given below:

  • Screwdriver
  • Nylon brush
  • Edge file with an angle guider.
  • A wax iron
  • Scraper
  • Table

You will be ready if you have any of the above equipment. However, if you don’t have one, there are various snowboard tuning kits available for purchase online.

The guidelines you need to follow to sharpen your snowboard is given below:

Set up your workstation:

Place a solid bench or table and then set up a good workspace. Make sure you have taken the snowboard’s straps off.

Place the board:

Place the board frame on the work area.

Angle adjustment:

Make sure your guide is at the right angle. Usually, people prefer 90 degrees, but you can choose to go a few degrees less if you have a personal choice.

Mark the lines:

Draw a light line over the side of the board with the marker. This will be helpful to you in determining which places are sharp and which require more sharpening.

Place the sharpener in the right area:

Place the sharpener on edge and make sure it is flat on edge, with the angle direction in the proper spot.

Make the motions with the sharpener:

Now, from the top to the board’s tail, you will use long movements. You don’t want to go simply back and forth because it would damage the edge.

Start the process:

To begin sharpening the points, gently press down on the file and make slow, smooth motions.

Continue sharpening until the marker path you drew is no longer present. Then, repeat the procedure until the board has rough edges on both ends.

Finishing touch:

Always remember you will not sharpen the board and tail. If necessary, finish with a fresh coat of wax and let it cool and dry.

Finally, you can see everyone can sharpen their board’s edges. Also, You will complete the task in a short amount of time until you have the appropriate equipment.

If you learn the process and know how to do it yourself, you can cut the extra expenses by not going shopping to sharpen the edges.

How to sharpen snowboard edges at home without a tool?

Well, sharpening a snowboard without a tool is quite impossible, but you can do it by using some basic tools in your home.

Firstly In the guide, you have to place the file and then file down the lip with the teeth running parallel to the edge, which will remove any nicks, burrs, or rust with longer movements.

In this technique, the only tool you will need is a file, and it is very easy to sharpen any snowboard edges with a file.

What to use to sharpen snowboard edges?

You’ll need to purchase some equipment in order to get your snowboard edge sharpened. But it’s not very expensive instead you’ll save money on shop facilities in the longer term. The requirement tools are as follows:

  • Edge sharpener with screwdrivers
  • Plastic scraper, nylon brush, and wax iron
  • You’ll need a place to put your board down.

How much does snowboard sharpening cost?

Well, the cost of sharpening varies from shop to shop, but the fast tunning where they will provide edge sharpening and hot wax will going to cost you $20.

While if you want to go for the basic tune where they will provide you the same service as fast tunning, it will only cost you $30.

There is another service they provide which is a full tune where they will provide all the service but no base work, and it will cost you $40.

Where can I get my snowboard sharpened?

The only way to ensure that the edges are in fine condition is to get them tuned on a daily basis by a skilled shop. They’ll use a mix of tool and hand methods to guarantee your bases are even and your points are correctly sharpened.

The factory-trained technicians will use the latest snowboard tuning machines to turn your rusty snowboard into a brand new snowboard.

How many years does a snowboard last?

Well, the longevity of a snowboard depends on its brands and its use, but if the board is kept dry, well maintained, and waxed, it can provide its service for more than ten years without decaying.

Your snowboard can last beyond your expectations if no significant damage is done to them. Also, you can follow the path of experienced riders where they store their snowboard for more than six months because of the off-season.

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