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Does Fishing Rod Length and Size Matter? (Explained)

Whether you are a full-time pro angler or a seasonal angler if you want to enjoy a productive day catching lots of fishes in water then you must know factors about the fishing rod’s length and size and why do these two facets matter greatly when it comes down to successful fishing. 

Does Fishing Rod Length And Size Matter? 

Certainly yes, the length and size of a fishing rod highly matter because short fishing rods are great for casting in close combat and catching big fishes, whilst long fishing rods cast in great distances covering more water and it is great for fishing in saltwater. 

Short and small-sized fishing rods cast in a short distance and the short body allows them to bend and stretch comparatively less while fighting with a fish, so it is a very good option for the anglers who love to haunt big fishes. 

On the contrary, long and big-sized fishing rods cast in vast distances covering a lot of space in the water. For anglers who prefer saltwater fishing, it is a great tool for them. Also, longer rods work excellently for deep-diving crankbaits and walking baits. 

How Does Rod Length Affect Fishing? 

Fishing becomes a fun as well as a challenging activity depending on your fishing rod’s length because the length highly affects your fishing and determines where you can cast and how much of fishes you can take home.

Yet to clear all your questions regarding how does rod length affect fishing, reasons have been listed below.

Longer Rod Casts In Longer Distance

Longer rods allow you for extended casting in a broad distance and it is comparatively manageable. The length will provide an extra advantage while fighting a fish in the distance. 

If you are a saltwater angler then you will absolutely love a longer fishing rod as it will help you throw walking baits or crankbaits to cover the water quickly and it will help you catch fishes in a vast area. 

Shorter Rod Casts In Close Combat

Shorter rods are best for fishing in a limited distance and for fighting big fishes while catching them. Because these have a short and sturdy body that bend and stretch relatively less and give you more control. 

It really has a great impact if you are fishing from a kayak because in that circumstance short rods will help you handle your target in a better way. 


Longer rods provide more leverage than shorter rods and it affects fishing because a longer rod moves lines faster than a shorter rod. 

Therefore, for having a good grasp over your fishing rod, length matters. 


Fishing rod’s length affects your comfort position as well, as you will be able to catch more fish staying in a comfortable position with a perfect length of rod.

A suitable length of fishing reel helps you to hold a stable position while fishing, therefore, after casting or while fighting a fish you will not lose balance. So, choose a longer or shorter fishing rod as per your comfort and your preferred fishing area. 

How To Choose Fishing Rod Size?

As an angler, you may often feel skeptical when it comes to choosing the suitable fishing rod size, so to make it easy for you a step-by-step guide has been given here. 


Choosing a perfect fishing rod size starts with distance means in what distance( close combat or vast area) you prefer fishing. 

If you like to let your walker bait or crankbait dive deeper into a vast area then, you certainly should choose a larger-sized fishing rod that is over 7 feet tall.

And if you prefer fishing in a short distance and catching large fishes then you should choose shorter-sized fishing rods as they will give you more control while catching big fishes. So you can choose 6 feet or less tall short-sized fishing rod. 


Then comes accuracy, if you want accurate casting then choose a short-sized fishing rod as it is effortlessly maneuverable and takes less strength to put into motion. 

On the other hand, a large-sized fishing rod certainly can cast in a big area but that is not always accurate because it’s tall and a little less manageable. 

So in terms of accuracy, you should choose a short-sized fishing rod.

Getting A Good Grasp 

While choosing a fishing rod’s size, the other important factor you should check is how good grasp it offers you because it controls the action of your total fishing rod. 

In terms of having a good grip over a fishing rod, a large-sized fishing rod is better because it delivers more leverage than a short-sized fishing rod. Also, it can move the fishing line quicker and keeps a fish on a line. 

So, considering the grasping fact, choose your fishing rod wisely. 


The last step is acknowledging your own comfort because the perfect sized fishing rid only can be chosen based on your convenience. 

Therefore, don’t choose any fishing rod by listening to other people’s suggestions, if you a short person, you better choose a short sized fishing rod and if you are a tall person, you should choose a larger-sized fishing rod because it will be more comfortable for you to handle. 

Remember, as much as good fishing depends on the size of the fishing rod, it depends on your convenience too. 

What Size Fishing Rod Should I Use? 

The fishing rod size that you should use depends on two things your own height and the place you want to fish. 

If you are a tall person, you definitely should use a larger-sized fishing rod of 7 feet or more. Because it will help you to have a good command over your fishing rod and while casting you will feel more comfortable, also a larger fishing rod would be more manageable for you. 

And then, if you are a short person, you should use a shorter-sized fishing rod of 6 feet or less because it would be difficult for you to handle a longer rod. Moreover, a shorter rod will provide you more comfort and control while fishing. 

Now come to the fishing area, if you want to fish in saltwater or in a bigger area throwing walker baits or crankbaits then you should use a larger fishing rod as it can cast covering a vast area. And if you want to fish in a short distance then you should use shorter fishing rod because it doesn’t bend or stretch more and gives good control over a fishing rod. 

Do Longer Fishing Rods Cast Further?

Of course yes, longer fishing rods cast further. As the name implies longer fishing rods can cast a lot of further covering a huge area. 

Longer-sized fishing rods mean vast casting because you can use bigger size spinning reels and large-capacity spools with them. Also, crankbaits and walking baits go along with longer fishing rods. Moreover, a longer fishing rod moves the fishing line faster. 

So with all these factors, it is evident that longer fishing rods do cast further coating a vast area in water.

Is A Longer Or Shorter Fishing Rod Better? 

There is no definite answer because both fishing rods have their own advantages and disadvantages and it also depends on your preference, fishing technique, fishing area, and physical structure. 

If you are a tall person or a short person and prefer to fish in vast areas like saltwater, and have more control over long, large rod then undoubtedly a longer fishing reel is better for you. But if you want accurate casting then choose a shorter fishing rod. 

On the other hand, if you want accurate casting, prefers fishing in a short distance and likes to catch big fishes, then regardless of being a tall or a short person, a shorter rod is better for you. 

But as per convenience, a tall person better uses a longer rod and a shorter rod is better for a short person. 

Are Shorter Fishing Rods More Sensitive? 

The quick answer is yes, shorter fishing rods are more sensitive. Because shorter fishing rods are relatively stiffer, don’t bend or stretch much and let you feel even the slightest action in the handle. 

As mentioned before, shorter rods are stiffs, due to stiffness it has proven more sensitive as you can feel the nibbles of the small fishes even as it won’t bend much and create much movement in the water.

Also, when you will catch a big fish because of sensitivity you can feel the fish’s movement and fight with it.

Why Use A Short Fishing Rod?

If you want to cast in a short distance, cast accurately, catch bigger fishes, and feel every movement of fish or nibbling of a fish, you must use a shorter fishing rod.

A short fishing rod accurately casts in a short distance and more like to catch big fishes as it allows to sense every nibbling of fishes regardless of big or small. Also, due to stiff body, it doesn’t lean or stretch much and that gives it the strength to fight with big fishes. 

Every part of a fishing rod has the same significance so does the length. In fact, it is a bit more important factor as the casting, casting accuracy, leverage, and comfort everything depends on the fishing rod length. So, indisputably fishing rod length matter.  

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