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How Much Do Snow Boots Weigh? (Quick Answers)

Snow boots are a very good asset to have if you live in a very cold country with heavy snow. Since snow boots are made to assist you in wet, muddy, and very snowy situations, they are made with sturdy and resilient material which gets pretty heavy. 

Snow boots come in handy for various tasks like shoveling the snow out of your driveway or if you just want to go out to have a snowball fight!

How much do snow boots weigh?

Compared to regular winter boots, snow boots are heavier; they can get as heavy as 80 oz. That is because snow boots have a sealed seam that is covered with some kind of waterproof material. They also have very thick rubber soles which make walking on and getting around in snow much easier.

Snow boots are made to keep you dry and warm during harsh winter conditions. To achieve this they are often made of thick outer material, insulation on the inside, and a rubber sole that can withstand snow. These boots can often be of knee height which makes them bulky.

BrandWeight Range
Sorel10-23 oz
Kamik10-27 oz
Merrell33 oz
UGG21-37 oz
North Face5.7-20 oz
Vasque10-12 0z

Here is an estimated comparison of the weight of different snow boots from different brands:

BrandWeight range for Toddler/infant
UGG8 oz
Sorel2-14 oz
Kamik11 oz
Vasque8 oz

Something to keep in mind is that the table is an estimated range of weight as the weight will differ with size as well.

Are snow boots supposed to be heavy?

The short answer is yes, the snow boots tend to be heavy.  Snow boots are made with sturdy and durable material so that they survive harsh weather. Because of this, they tend to have multiple layers of waterproof fabric around the body and thick layers of insulation inside.

Snow boots have completely different constructions than regular boots which make them significantly heavier than normal boots.

Why are snow boots so heavy?

Snow boots can get heavy due to several factors such as: 

Construction of boots:

The materials and the style of the boots is a very important factor that plays a role in the final weight.  Synthetic material such as nylon fabric is lighter on the feet than leather; boots made of leather will be twice as heavy as nylon. 

Rubber bottom sole:

Usually the middle and insole are made of compressed foam which is lightweight. However, that is not the case for the outer sole; if the bottom part of the shoe is covered with thick plastic, it adds about 1-3 oz of the total weight.

The rubber soles can range from 3cm to 5cm in thickness.

Insulation layer:

There are many different types of synthetic insulation that are used in snow boots nowadays. The insulation layer thickness varies as well. It can be anywhere from 3 oz to 7 oz of thickness.

Size of the shoes:

Snow boots come in different sizes from as tall as knee height to as short as ankle height. Boots that are knee height are heavier than ankle height because they require more padding and are tightly hugging the legs.

Are Sorel boots heavy?

Most Sorel boots are made of leather on the upper part of the boot and rubber on the lower part. They tend to have thick rubber outsoles and not all boots have removable liners. Sorel boots are sturdy and durable; however, they are very heavy.

Usually, Sorel boots tend to have their outsoles all around the feet coming up to the ankle. Most Sorel boots tend to be on the taller side, the height plays a major role in weight distribution. 

This is because this gives more surface area to cover. The material along with the height makes Sorel boots very heavy.

How much do Sorel boots weigh?

 On average, a pair of Sorel boots weighs about 5 pounds. This is because most Sorel boots are made of leather and have a thick rubber sole on the bottom. This thick rubber sole adds a lot of weight to the shoe.

 Leather is used instead of synthetic fiber for lasting long, however at a price of weight. 

Synthetic materials such as nylon are lightweight because of their polymer-based construction which makes passing air through them easily, however, leather is not as permeable which makes them heavier.

What are the most lightweight snow boots?

Kamik Canuck:

These are primarily made of synthetic outer lining that is a lot lighter than their counterpart. Synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester are very stretchy and lightweight because of their polymer-based construction.

North Face Nuptse Purna:

These boots weigh about 13 ounces each. They are made of a velvet suede outer shell and an ultra-thin interior which makes them lightweight.

Merrell Thermo Chill Mid Waterproof boots:  

These boots have a layer of leather mesh and nylon on the other casing which makes them light.

Sorel Tivoli ii:

These boots weigh about 2 ounces each. This is because they have thin rubber outer mold which does not go all the way up to the ankle.

Columbia Fairbanks Omni-heat boots:

These shoes are a pair of sneaker height shoes made of lightweight and flexible synthetic material. These shoes are about 15 oz a pair and waterproof.

Bogs Snowday mid Boots:

This pair of boots is about 12 oz. These boots have light fleece insulation and are made of thin nylon which makes them lightweight.

How do I choose snow boots?

Choosing the perfect pair of snow boots can be daunting because after all there are many options to choose from. Having a clear idea of which functionality is your top priority will make choosing easier:


You need to figure out which rise is better suited for you. Do you need a high-rise boot so that you can walk through high piles of snow or are ankle boots a better option because you need flexibility?

Is being waterproof necessary:

Snow boots come in different levels of waterproofing; they can be water-resistant, semi-waterproof, or waterproof.

Most boots that are fully waterproof are made of sturdy outer lining material and can be pretty unattractive.

Insulated or uninsulated:

You need to take into consideration what the temperature will be when you’re wearing your boots.

If you are going to be very active while wearing your shoes, you may require less insulation because your body will produce heat, and this needs to be taken into account.

Function or Fashion:

You may come across a pair of cute boots but they might not be waterproof or have the right amount of insulation. 

At times like these, you can look for boots that fulfill your functionality test first and then choose the most attractive one. However, you might have to decide which feature is more important to you.


Snow boots a big investment and you need to keep a few things in mind. If you are going to use these boots daily then you might want to spend a bit more and get a good quality pair. 

If you only need them for occasional outings, then getting a cheaper alternative is a good idea.

Which is better, Sorel or kamik?

It depends on which style of boots you want as both companies have a wide variety of snow and winter boots. Both companies have boots made of synthetic material as well as leather. Synthetic material such as nylon tends to be lighter on the feet than leather.

For example, the Sorel Caribou line is made of a leather base and weighs about 4 pounds whereas the Kamik nation line features a nylon base which weighs about 3 pounds.

So, if you want to get lightweight snow boots, then kamik should be your choice, as it can be a better option to look for. 

Snow boots are a must-have if you live in an area with heavy snow. They will make your life a lot easier while keeping you warm and making you look stylish!

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