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How To Wear A Ski Helmet With Long Hair? (Explained)

The helmet is a part of skiing as it safeguards the head and prevents life-altering serious head injuries. However, the way a man conveniently can wear a helmet, a woman with long hair can’t because the helmet doesn’t fit well if the long hair is not tied up properly.

Therefore, all the ladies skiers out there, it surely just be your main question that how can you wear a ski helmet with long hair.

So, let us not make any more delay and break the segments of wearing ski helmets properly with long hair.

How To Wear A Ski Helmet With Long Hair?

To wear a ski helmet securely with long hair, tie the hairs up in a long braid, Dutch braids, or in a bun at the center of the neck. And if any hairstyle doesn’t seem suitable, simply tuck the hairs in a balaclava. Or else wear the hairs down, it may seem messy but the ski helmet will fit perfectly.

Can You Wear A Ski Helmet With Long Hair?

Ladies with long hair, just be assured that ski helmets can be worn with long hair as long as the hair is worn in the right manner.

Long hair tied up in a tight long braid is the perfect kind of hairstyle that will keep the hair near to the base of the neck. Because it will actually keep the hair tied up together and out of the eyes.

Even if the hair has a low length but reaches beneath the center of the helmet, it will not create a problem in fitting the helmet.

A low ponytail, a single bun just at the midst of the neck, fishtail braids, and a French braid are also the other suitable hairstyle options that allow ladies with long hair to wear ski helmets.

How Should I Wear My Hair When Skiing?

When you are a woman with long hair who loves skiing, sometimes skiing can get messy due to your hair blocking the eyes or if the ski helmet is not fitting.

Therefore, here 6 different hairstyles have been explained that you should wear while skiing.

A  French Braid:

You can choose to wear a simple and minimalistic French braid if you have shoulder-length hair or really long hair that can come on your face.

Make this braid by taking three sections of hair and switching the sections in a traditional braid pattern. And then keep putting more hair in every individual section as you are braiding down to your scalp. Lastly, tie-up with a rubber band.

French braid is the most natural and comfortable hairstyle that will keep the hair in place underneath the helmet without letting it go on your face.

Simple Low Plait:

If you don’t feel like you wear your long hair in a fact style then go for a simple low plait.

Just take 3 sections of hair from the base of your scalp and near to the hairline ends. Then layer the sections one over the other and make a thick plait down to your back. And there you are done.

Low plait will comfortably sit under the ski helmet while keeping the hair out of your eyesight while hitting the snowy hills.

Dutch Crown Braids:

To get a more chic look with your thick and unruly hair while skiing, wear your long hair in two Dutch crown braids.

Divide your hair into 2 parts and start braiding in the same process as a French braid from the front of both sides. And dangle the plaits over the shoulders or hang them down your back.

Dutch crown braids will stay in place and you can comfortably wear a ski helmet.

Single Bun:

Another effortless hairstyle is a simple regular bun.

Take all your hair and twist them up while holding the twisted hair at the center of the head. Then make a low bun and secure it with either a rubber band or bobby pins.

Wearing a single bun will fit under the helmet nicely without making it wiggly.

Low Ponytail:

The simplest hairstyle you should wear while skiing is a low ponytail. As you know, you just have to compile all your hair together at the base of your head and then tie it up with a hair tie. And there your hair will securely sit underneath the ski helmet.

For any type of hair, you can wear this hairstyle but don’t ever wear a high ponytail as it’s not suitable for a ski helmet. 

Wear It Down:

The very last hairstyle you should wear while skiing is simply to wear all your hair down without any specific hairstyle.

Simply tuck your hair behind your ears and let the hair go down over your shoulder. And wear a ski helmet directly over it.

It may look messy but the safety of your head will be ensured as the helmet will securely fit you.

How Do You Not Mess Up Your Hair With A Helmet?

Messed-up hair while wearing a helmet is a common problem of all women out there. So it’s understandable if you want to know ways/tips for not to mess up hair with a helmet.

Therefore, 5 tips have been deciphered that will effectively help you not mess up your hair with a helmet on top of it.

Consider Your Hairstyle:

Your hairstyle comes first when it comes down to not messing up hair while wearing a helmet. So the first tip for you all women would be to wear the most suitable hairstyle beneath the helmet.

You can wear one tightly braided French/Dutch/regular braid or two Dutch crown braids. If you want something simpler and easy, just go for one/two low buns at the center of your head or a low ponytail.

Any of these hairstyles would keep your hair in place under a helmet.

Wear Balaclava:

When you are skiing, a balaclava windproof face mask is a good option for not having messed-up hairs. It not only will hold your hair in place without getting them on your face but also will prevent the cold breeze from hitting your face.

A Helmet Liner/Cotton Scarf:

You can wear a cotton scarf or a helmet liner underneath the helmet to put your long hair in one spot. However, you may sweat a lot which surely is a problem but your hair will be kept out of your face.

And do make sure that because of the scarf the helmet isn’t slipping off.

Handy Hairbrush:

Keep a hairbrush or comb and a small hair-setting product in your pockets. So that if you really need to put your hair back in place with any hairstyle to avoid messing up the hair, you can do it instantly.

Cover Your Hair:

If you are not doing any hairstyle such as braid, buns, or ponytail then always cover your long locks with a cloth or scarf underneath the helmet. Covering your hair will not let your hair come on your face, neither will it make it messy.

Also, it will keep your exposed hair safe from harsh outer elements.

Does Hair Affect Ski Helmet Size? How Does Hair Impact A Ski Helmet?

Hair does affect the ski helmet size. Especially with long and thick hair.

When you have long and thick hair, you are most likely to do a hairstyle underneath the ski helmet, therefore, the silhouette of the helmet is unlikely to fit your head perfectly and securely.

Also, if you are wearing a balaclava/beanie/scarf under the helmet to keep your hair in one place without messing them up, the size of your ski helmet will be affected.

So, it’s suggested for you to choose a ski helmet with at least 1cm extra-large size than the exact size you prefer.

How Do You Style Short Hair For Skiing?

You can style your short hair by using various hair accessories that would keep your hair out of your eyes while skiing. You can wear bandanas, scarfs, beanies, hair clips to remove hairs from your face and eyes.

Or you can make plaits at the fringe of your hair to keep hair out of your face. Or else, wear your short hair in a semi-updo style. Both will securely keep your hair in one spot without messing it.

Does A Ski Helmet Cause Hair Fall?

It’s medically not proven that a ski helmet will cause hair fall or not. But if you are wearing a poorly-fitted ski helmet the roots of your hair get continuously tugged and such repetitive tension can cause gradual hair loss. And this situation is recognized as traction alopecia.

Is There A Ski Helmet That Doesn’t Mess Up Your Hair?

More or less all ski helmets mess up hair unless you wear the most appropriate hairstyle or wear a balaclava underneath the helmet. So there isn’t any helmet that doesn’t mess up hair.

However, the liner in helmets can prevent your hair from getting messed up while skiing. But in some cases, that also doesn’t work so well.

Can You Ski With Your Hair Down?

You surely can ski with your hair down. Although at the end of the day it may look all messy with frizzy hair, you shouldn’t ever compromise safety for a good-looking appearance.

When you are keeping your hair down, you can wear the exact helmet size and it will also fit securely. So, tuck your hair behind the ears and go skiing.

The secured fitting of your ski helmet depends on how you wear your long hair. So wear the perfect hairstyle that ensures the secured fitting of your ski helmet and you are ready to hit the snowy slopes.

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