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Is Snow Tubing a Good Exercise? (Read This First!)

Burning calories require following through a well planned workout routine. Which can be fun at times, but most of the times it seems like a burden. We all want a fun way to exercise.

Snow tubing is a good enough sport that will help burn calories just like exercising, but you will actually enjoy the time. This may not be for a regular routine, but this fun activity is perfect for any day you don’t feel like exercising. Get your snow tube out, have fun and burn calories.

Is snow tubing a good exercise?

Pulling a big tub up and over a hill and then sliding down on is not only fun but also a great way to burn calories. Snow tubing is one of those exercises you can do without feeling like you are actually working out. It’s like a fun game to enjoy with your family while you burn away those calories.

Playing any games is a natural fat burner. But for it to be an effective workout you would have to put in a lot of effort. Snow tubing is a fun game which will give you an added benefit of covering for your exercise routine.

There is literally no routine or balance you have to maintain. Just take your tub up a hill and slide down on it, all the while burning fat.

Does snow tubing burn calories?

Any activity that involves physical movement to a point that your heart rate beats more than usual will burn calories. Games and outdoor activities tend to burn calories more effortlessly than any other workout routine or exercise. Snow tubing is one such exercise.

Snow tubing not only involves climbing up a hill, but you have to climb up it with a tub big enough to hold people. Naturally it has enough weight.

Then you can slide down. The fun begins. It is a great way to burn calories. With minimum effort you get a fun ride and as a bonus you shed off those extra calories. 

How many calories does snow tubing burn?

Without much effort or hard concentrated balance, you can burn off calories when you go for snow tubing. As it requires going up a hill and carrying an added weight, it is sure to burn off at least 200 to 300 calories every 30 minutes.

If you take several walks up and down the hill, you can easily burn off a lot of calories than a full fledged workout routine.

Walking on snow requires more effort which naturally burns off more calories. And since you will be taking a huge tub with you it will easily cost some extra effort. Which by equation, will burn more fat.

Around 200 to 300 calories is fairly easy to burn off once you finish your first round at snow tubing. The more rounds you make the more calories you burn.

How do you prepare for snow tubing?

Snow tubing day is all fun and games but you cannot forget about the basics. Being all prepared for a long day of snow tubing is very much crucial so the fun does not have to stop abruptly. The things you should not forget are-

Keep the rope inside

Keep your lanyard or the rope of the tube inside your tub. This is to prevent the rope from dragging while going down the hill.

Make the way clear

Keep a clear path before going down. As there are no breaks in a snow tube, it is absolutely necessary to have no bumps or obstacles on the pathway. Otherwise, you might face serious injuries.

Keep help nearby

This step requires a friend. Keeping a buddy with you will ensure a safety point that you might need if you go out of control. Besides, outdoor sports are always more fun with a friend.

Wear warm clothes

Make sure to wear warm and dry clothing before you start tubing. Try to stay warm so you don’t freeze while you are going down the hill. It can get chilly and cold. Cover up against the harsh, cold wind as well.

Wear gloves

Wear gloves and hats as recommended. Make sure to not fall sick while tubing. It is a fun sport so you should make sure to gear up properly to enjoy it to the maximum level.

Keep an expert nearby

Even though there are no instructions required for this sport, it is best to keep an experienced friend along to guide you through the first round. It is an easy sport so you will get the hang of it pretty soon.

Being prepared will only increase your fun time. All the steps are to prevent you from falling into any unwanted accident and injuries. A little safety and guidance will go a long way.

What winter sports burn the most calories?

Any sort of winter sport burns more calories than any other general sport or outdoor activity. This is because maintaining balance in the snow is more difficult and requires more concentration. But among all the winter sports, Ice Skating burns the most calories.

You can easily burn off up to 900 units of calories after only one round of skating. Skating in general is tough. But ice skating requires more balance and concentration. This is why you can burn more calories. Staying on the ice requires strength. Which burns more calories as well.

if you want an effortless and effective sport to burn calories, all the while enjoying a good time you should definitely go for ice skating. Among all the winter sports, ice skating requires the most strength and concentration and burns more calories.

How fast do you go when snow tubing?

Snow tubing generates much speed. As it goes downhill from a slope with no obstacles, the flow of the speed is a lot. Plus it is snowing. So naturally the speed is high. On average, the speed while snow tubing is around 19 mph.

Snow tubing is a pretty speedy sport. Once you start to go down the slope, the speed gradually increases and picks up almost instantly as there are no obstructions to stop the speed. The average kinetic speed rises from 1872 J. This is within the range of 329-6, 441 J.

The speed range of snow tubing rises from 14 to 25 mph. The average speed of the sport is around 19 meter per hour. It is a pretty fast sport. And the snow makes it easier to catch the speed. 

Is tubing on snow dangerous?

Snow tubing can be dangerous. Snow Tubing is avoided by a lot of people because sometimes there are pretty serious injuries and accidents related to the sport. As the sport is very speedy and there are no breaks, it is very easy to get in between an accident.

Usually, the injuries are related to the head and neck. These are the most crucial parts of the human body. As the tubes go down the slopes pretty fast, any obstruction will end up with the rider falling head first. A serious injury will hit the head and neck all together.

Another issue is that there are no breaks on the tubes. So you can bump onto another rider and there will be no stopping. This is very dangerous. You may be careful but with one troublesome rider, you can face a serious injury as well.

Snow tubing is a fun snow sport. It is widely popular among the thrill loving people as well as family people. Most of the time, this sport is very fun to enjoy. Staying a little careful will help you enjoy this fun sport while getting the benefits of a fun sport as well.

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