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Can a Snowboard Fit in a Car? (Answered)

It can be expensive to transport your snowboards to the resort or hotel using transport services. This is why many people choose to carry them in the car to save money. There are several methods to carry your snowboards using your car. 

Can a snowboard fit in a car?

You cannot fit snowboards in most car seats or trunks, especially if there are other passengers in the car. You can fit snowboards using a roof-top rack or a hitch-mounted rack. If your board is small and narrow then you can fit it in the trunk, backseat, and front passenger seat.

Whether snowboards can fit in your car depends on the size of your car, the size of your snowboard, the number of snowboards you are carrying, and the number of passengers in your car.

The larger your car, the more chances of it fitting inside your car. If you have a full car of passengers, it is highly unlikely that your snowboards will fit. 

This is why it’s better to fit your snowboard in a car using a car rack. However, they can be noisy and damage your car’s finish if you don’t properly fit them.

You might also accidentally drop them on the rooftop which can damage your rooftop. Moreover, they can also affect fuel efficiency. 

How to properly fit a snowboard in the car?

It’s crucial to fit snowboards in the car properly to avoid damage to your board and car. 

Way to fit them properly in the roof rack:

If you’re not using a cargo box or a roof rack, make sure to strap the boards to both the car and the roof rack.

Place heavier boards on top of lighter items. Stack the snowboards evenly. Make sure to cover the entire load to prevent things from falling out. 

Way to fit them in the trunk:

It will fit best if there is passenger compartment space and put in some effort.

Fold the driver’s rear seat back and place the board into the cubby on the passenger side. Have someone close the seat. Get a nylon bag to protect the interior.

Way to fit them in the backseat:

Make sure it is under a correct angle. Put some rugs or put them inside a gear bag for protecting the edges. 

Way to fit them in the front passenger seat:

Strap them using the seat belt in a diagonal position so that it doesn’t move. Recline the seat to the back to prevent it from sliding around.

Do snowboards fit in a trunk?

It is typically hard to fit snowboards in a trunk. You can fit them in a trunk if it’s not too long. The board has to be very flexible. You might have to bend the board a lot which could be too much pressure for the board. 

Regular bindings can be too tight for it to fit in the trunk but if you have K2 bindings then you could try to make it work. 

Fold-down the smaller seat if you have a 3-person back seat. 4 small boards should fit diagonally in the trunk but the 4th passenger in your car has to take the center seat in the back. It will feel highly packed.

Instead of fighting snowboards into your trunk, get a roof rack for driving comfortably. You can also get a window rack which is cheaper than roof racks. If you fold the seats at the back, people on the backseat will be uncomfortable. 

How do you attach a snowboard to a car roof rack?

Select a snowboard carrier or a roof cargo box:

To carry your snowboards on the roof rack, you will need a carrier designed for it.

You can fit up to 4 snowboards there. You can get a roof cargo box instead. They offer better protection while traveling and you can fit more items. 

Place your snowboards:

After you are done installing the cargo box or carrier in your roof rack, load up the snowboards. If you can’t reach the top of your roof to load the boards, a hitch step or a wheel step can help you load the snowboards.

Simply, place them in the carrier and lock the carrier arms. When it comes to a cargo box, load your snowboards inside, then close and lock the cargo box. 

Can you fit a snowboard in a 4 door sedan?

You can. You can either use a rack or fit it diagonally in the backseat.

If you want to keep in the front passenger seat, make sure to buckle the board using a seatbelt for safety. It might slide around when you’re driving.  Kid sizes should easily fit and even snowboards as long as 163 cm should fit fine in the back.  But it will not fit in the trunk. 

It might not be the best option to fit it inside the sedan if you’re with passengers. This is why you should purchase a roof rack. If it is too expensive, then you can even rent one. 

Besides that, if it is a temporary thing then you could make one of the passengers sit in the middle of the backseat with the front seat being occupied by snowboards.

What size of a snowboard fit in a car? 

It’s obvious that the smaller the snowboard size, the higher chances of it fitting in a car. You should be able to fit kid sizes easily but for the large ones, you might need a roof rack. 

If it will fit in the trunk or not depends on your car. In many cars, you can fit snowboards that are 156 cm in length whereas in others you can’t even fit 146 cm in length.

Removing the bindings from the board can help reduce the size. It is usually the small and narrow ones that fit in easily inside the trunk. 

To find out if your snowboard will fit in your car, use a measuring tape to differentiate between the lengths. 

Is it illegal to strap things to the roof of your car?

It is not illegal to strap things to the roof of your car in the US but there are some rules and limits that you need to follow for safety.

A large number of accidents happen due to objects falling from vehicles which is why stricter laws were made. The item must be safely tied and should be under the weight limit to not get arrested and penalized. 

The most common rule is that if anything falls from the roof of your car, you will be fined. The heavier the object is, the more ropes you will need.

You should have enough ropes to tie down the object. You should not exceed the vehicle roof limit. Usually, most vehicles have a roof weight limit of around 70 to 165 pounds. 

To be more cautious, you should get the laws of the state you are currently in. They may have different laws for carrying things on the roof of moving a car. 

What size snowboard should I get?

Snowboards come in a variety of sizes with different flex levels, materials, and shapes. The right snowboard size for you depends on several factors such as your weight, boot size, riding style, height, and ability level.

However, the most important factor is your weight. The more you weigh, the greater the size of your snowboard. 

The main suggestions that you should keep in mind before choosing the size of your snowboard are:

Weight capacity:

Each snowboard is designed to carry a certain weight. The heavier you are, the longer your board should be. 


If you are a beginner, you should go for shorter and narrower boards. They are easier to control than long and wide ones. After you reach the intermediate level, switch to a longer board. 

Boot size:

The width of your snowboard depends on your boot size. If you have a boot size of more than 11.5, you should purchase a wide snowboard. The width is divided into four groups, and they are narrow, regular, mid-wide, and wide. 

Ride style:

If you are a freestyle rider or mostly ride in the park, you can benefit more with a lighter board. They offer more flexibility for performing tricks and stunts. 

Your preference also plays a role. Many riders prefer lighter boards and vice versa for their comfort.

How do you make a snowboard rack?

Building a snowboard rack can make things more convenient for you if you own more than two snowboards. 

You will need some tools such as measuring tape, circular saw, chop saw, drill, spade bit, stud finder, mallet, pipe cutter, level, pencil, screws, wood glue, carpenter’s square, socket wrench, and safety goggles.

You will also need 3 boards of these sizes: Two 8 foot 2 x 4 boards and one 8 foot 2 x 6 board. Either you can buy them or make one. You will also need two 5 foot metal conduits and two 5 foot PVC tubes. 

First, choose a location and make sure it is wide enough for your boards. Cut the boards into the following sizes: 

  • Two boards that are 53.5 inches long. (Front-facing boards)
  • Two boards that are 42.5 inches long. 
  • Four 7-inch boards (touching the wall)
  • Two 28.5-inch boards (touching the wall)

Mark the places where you want to drill the peg holes using a pencil. Place the screws and attach the boards using wood glue and wood screws. Drill the peg holes on the pencil marks you made.

Position the cut segments of the 2 x 6 boards where you want. Glue it then join with screws. Pound the pegs into the drilled holes using a mallet. Sleeve PVC piping (after measuring and cutting it).

Attach the rack to the wall using a socket wrench, washers, and lag screws. And your snowboard rack is complete! Watch a tutorial for a better idea.

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