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Does The Air Mattress Go Bad? How Long Do They Last?

Air can mattresses can either be a blessing or a curse in terms of the usage, quality and longevity. Air mattresses are known for being accessible, lightweight, and portable. But questions have been raised over its longevity.

It’s time to find the answers to these concerns. Without further ado let’s get started.

Does the air mattress go bad?

Air mattresses can go bad. If air mattresses are properly looked after, then they can last over eight years. But poorly made air mattresses can go bad within a year or two and sometimes even sooner. It mostly depends on the quality and the aftercare as outdoor use can cause the mattress to rupture.

There are various reasons why air mattresses sometimes don’t last that long. One main cause that has come up most of the time is the quality. If you buy a cheap poorly made mattress from a local discount shop, then chances are high that the mattress will deflate within a short span.

Air mattresses need to be kept in a safe environment. Pets can easily scratch and puncture the upper layer and in case of outdoor use, tree branches or sharp rocks can create a hole in it. So, you need to look after your air mattress.

Overfilling the mattress also causes it to deteriorate. The seams of the mattress receive too much pressure and over time the stitching might get loose.

The ideal amount for air intake of a mattress is about 90%. If necessary precautions are taken while handling the mattress, they’ll last longer.

How long can an air mattress last?

Air mattresses can last for 8 to 12 years. The life expectancy of an air mattress depends on how you use it. In some cases, they can last more than 8 years but the National Sleep Foundation advises people to change their mattresses within that time.

People who use air mattresses every day should change their mattress before 8 years. Because of heavy use, the air capacity of the mattress starts to deplete. If you don’t change your air mattress in due time, you might have to face health issues including back pain and neck pain.

How long does an air mattress last if used every day?

While air mattresses that are occasionally used can survive over 10 years but if you use them regularly the air mattress might succumb to pressure within the first 5 years. However, following proper maintenance guidelines will increase its life expectancy.

Cheap air mattresses from local stores go bad even faster. Air mattresses often receive a bad reputation because of such poorly made products that don’t even last for a year.

Can air mattresses be used long-term?

Air mattresses can last for a long time if they’re used occasionally. Plus, you need to use it accordingly and follow all the necessary guidelines. But if you use it daily you may need to run small repairs after a while.

Different studies suggest that sleeping on an inflatable mattress every night may cause back and shoulder pain and stiffness. But you can bypass these issues by using bed sheets or mattress toppers for extra comfort.

How can I make my air mattress last longer?

Don’t overload the mattress:

Filling the air mattress to its maximum capacity is not the right thing to do. It will only decrease its lifespan. By filling the mattress to about 90% of the capacity you will be prolonging its life.

Consider the surroundings:

If you’re setting up your inflatable bed outdoors, then clear the area as there might be sharp objects which will rupture it.

Indoors the risks are limited but it’s better to wipe the area as there might be tiny sharp particles or debris. Mainly try setting up the air mattress in a safe environment.

Try using proper bedding:

By using designated air mattress sheets and bed toppers you will feel much more comfortable and they will also keep the mattress safe. Pets and babies won’t be able to scratch it if there’s proper bedding in place.

On top of all that, proper bedding also keeps the air mattress free of sweat, germs, and releases stretch from the seams.

Safely storing the mattress:

If you’re not going to use the mattress regularly then it’s better to release the air and then store it in a safe place.

Before storing, ensure the air is completely released and wrap it neatly. You should keep the air mattress in a container where there’s no dust or water.

Routine Check:

Every once in a while you should take out your air mattress and inflate it. This will allow you to check for possible issues including scratches, ruptures, and pests.

Cleaning the inflatable bed is very important as it will prolong the life expectancy of your mattress.

When should I replace my air mattress?

When you start noticing definite issues with your air mattress, that’s a sign telling you your mattress won’t last for too long. Normally if there’s a leak in the mattress the air will come out. If you manage to identify the leak you can easily patch it up using the kit that comes with it.

Usually, study tells you to replace your air mattress every 8 years for better health.

In other situations, if the air doesn’t stay still then the valve might be faulty. While the valve is a replaceable element of the inflatable bed, you should start preparing for a replacement. Because in the case of air mattresses, one issue leads to another and before you know it your mattress will become completely unusable.

Bed bugs in the mattress can cause itchiness. Plus, if you feel stiffness or pain in your back after using the air mattress it’s better to replace it.

How to find a hole in an air mattress?

The easiest way to detect a leak in the air mattress is by inspecting or by using dish soap. You can also submerge the air mattress in water and look for bubbles but not every mattress is waterproof. So check the labels and use the ideal method.

Inspecting with the eye takes a bit of time. You have to patiently move your palm over the top layer and keep an ear open for leaking sounds. Try applying a bit of pressure here and there to best locate the leak.

Using dish soap is relatively easy but first, you’ll need to mix the soap with warm water and then spray it on the air mattress. Start with the valve because most leaks occur in that region. Look for bubbles in the soap water and mark the hole with a marker after drying.

How do you seal a hole in an air mattress?

You can easily repair the leak using a patch kit. Normally air mattresses come with a patch kit but if you don’t have one, you can easily get it online or from a local super shop. A bicycle tire repairing kit is also a good replacement for sealing the hole.

After you apply the patch, use a strong adhesive to keep it in place. You can test out the patch by applying weight on top of it. But first, make sure the adhesive is completely dried off.

Why is my air mattress deflating but no holes?

If your air mattress is deflating without any leaks then most likely the valve is faulty. In some other cases, air mattresses can lose air if the seal on the sides is coming off.

Normally air mattresses tend to deflate over time as it nears their end. But the outside temperature, pressure, and structure of it can also cause your air mattress to deflate.

You shouldn’t worry too much if the air mattress loses a minor amount of air as it’s made to function that way.

How long can you keep an air mattress inflated?

There is no specific time frame for keeping an air mattress inflated. However, keeping it inflated makes it prone to different risks. For instance, your pet or your child might rupture the mattress without even knowing.

Having said that, if you constantly inflate and deflate the air mattress, it can harm the air valve. Plus this ongoing cycle will put too much pressure on the seams causing them to tear.

Should you deflate an air mattress every day?

Deflating and then inflating your air mattress 24/7 won’t do it any good. Instead, if you have a guest staying over, keep it inflated as long as the guest stays. After the guest is gone, deflate it and pack it up.

Air mattresses that have been taken good care of, can last for several years. But if you deflate and re-inflate it regularly it will go bad quite fast.

So find a balance between inflating and deflating the mattress according to your needs without putting too much pressure on the mattress.

Is it bad to leave an air mattress inflated?

Leaving the air mattress inflated for long periods will only put it in danger. If you don’t have a designated area for the mattress you shouldn’t just leave it here or there. Because anyone or anything might damage the air mattress.

Especially people who have pets and babies should be more cautious about air mattresses. Once you are done using the air mattress, clean it with a soft cloth and then deflate it. Try keeping the air mattress in a container in a secured place.

To sum it all up, air mattresses are a handy household product to have because of their portability. But over time they can deteriorate. So, you should maintain it following proper guidelines.

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