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Are Fishing Reels Waterproof?

Anyone who fishes in saltwater or freshwater knows the struggle of not letting your reel get in contact with water.

That’s why they always look for fishing reels that have waterproof facilities but do fishing reels come with waterproof features?

Are fishing reels waterproof?

Yes, fishing reels do come with waterproof installation. The sealed reels from the companies like Shimano and Daiwa have an excellent waterproof feature, giving you tension-free fishing. The waterproof fishing reels come with a better drag system, which will offer you a better casting experience.

Other fishing reels are available in the supermarket that is tightly sealed so that the water cannot get inside the reel. The anglers make sense to spend more money on these tightly sealed and waterproof reels to prevent the water from getting into the bearings and inner gears. 

Waterproof reels will require less maintenance and last longer than those non-sealed reels. They are relatively cheap and affordable and can give you peace of mind with a lot of confidence in fishing.

Which fishing reels are waterproof?

The fishing reels that we will review are mostly perfectly sealed and are known to handle submersion. But there haven’t been any official tests performed on these reels to show precisely how waterproof they are. However, they are indeed water-resistant and will prevent any small material from trying to get inside your fishing reel. 

Here is the top 3 water-resistant fishing reel that is best for the business: 

Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel:

This spinning reel is one of the exceptional fishing reels manufactured by fishing reel companies. The exception of a uniquely-shaped air rotator that cuts out the excess weight makes it lighter to hold and provides a better grip against hard-charging game fish. 

It has:

  1. The body consists of an all-metal frame, side cover, and rotor, which gives your reel strength and durability..
  2. The reel offers you a waterproof drag system and a screw-in handle that will maximize your grip in fishing. 
  3. Easy to adjust, better cast distance, smooth, and fast retrieval.

Best For Balance

Material: Synthetic/Aluminum 

Pean Battle II Fishing Spinning Reel:

Pean Battle II Fishing Spinning Reel is the most durable fishing reel and the body comprises a complete non-corrosive construction, with full metal covering, slide plate, rotor, and bail wire to offer the last standing in wrangling the fishes. 

It includes the following feature: 

  1. The reel offers a more significant drag pressure because of its HT-100 drag washers and carbon fiber drag system. 
  2. It consists of a gear ratio of 6.2:1, which is the best for fast retrieval. 
  3. It has a better front drag system which gives you a controlled drag.  

Best For: All-around performance

Material: Stainless steel/Aluminum

Shimano Sedona Fi Saltwater Spinning Reel:

With an excellent Shimano cutting-edge technology and cold-frame HAGANE gears, Shimano Sedona Fi Saltwater Spinning Reel is the most competitive and budget-friendly option that provides a smooth, healthy, and durable performance.

The performance that it provides are:

  1. It has a magnumlite rotor that offers lighter startup inertia and rotation. 
  2. For longer casting distances, it is equipped with Propulsion Line Management. 
  3. A combination of G-free body and Hagane gearing makes it long-lasting, smooth retrievals and long casts with comfort. 

Best For: Strong & Durable

Material: Synthetic/Aluminium

You can consider another water-resistant reel, but you need to have the best spinning reel with a smooth drag system that will provide you a longer, healthier, faster, and harder fighting with fishes.

Benefits of having waterproof fishing reels: 

The main benefit you can get from having waterproof fishing reels is peace of mind and increasing your fishing focus. 

You can fish without any tension regarding reel damage due to water from waterproof fishing reels. A waterproof reel gives you the chance to go fishing in any weather. 

There are a lot more benefits that you can get from waterproof fishing reels: 

Waterproof Drag System:

The water-repellent drag system restricts water and dust from getting inside of the fishing reel. Also, the improved drag system gives you a steady, smooth, and wide range of drag. 

Durable and long-lasting body:

The body frame is made of carbon composite, making it lightweight but very strong and more comfortable to grip in angling against big catches. You can totally rely on the body frame because with the proper maintenance, and it can last for a long time. 

Retrieval Performance:

The retrieval ratio is literally much higher than any other fishing reel. The improved drag system makes it more resilient and increases its line retrieving power providing a better casting distance than any other regular fishing reels.

Sealed Perfectly:

The waterproof fishing reel is packed with high-quality aluminum and steel materials that entirely shield it from external particles. The reel is also covered with an anti-corrosive coating, restricting the high concentrated particles from getting along. So, there is no chance that your reel will get struck by rust.

Improved Bait Design:

The innovative auto On/Off bait design makes it more unique. The auto bait design lets you throw the line in long distances at any time. Also gives it gives you a better high casting experience.

How do you maintain a waterproof fishing reel?

Yes, the fishing reel needs some maintenance, and that also goes with waterproof fishing reels. The fully sealed waterproof fishing reels play a vital role in preventing the reel from dust, sand, water, and other external materials. 

But these high-quality waterproofs also need some maintenance to stay running smoothly. 

There are a lot of methods through which you can maintain a waterproof fishing reel. If you want your fishing reels to run smoothly and silky, you need to take some measures, especially if you go fishing in salty water, muddy areas, or under conditions that have a risk of damaging your gears. 

The ways are given below: 

  • Rinse with fresh water after every use. 
  • Don’t pressure on any inner gears at the time of washing. 
  • Clean your inner gears properly after fishing in harsh weather or conditions. 
  • Never soak the reel or inner gears for a long time. 
  • Let it dry for a long time.
  • Lubricate the inner gears of your fishing reel once a year  

Dust and water are the two main enemies of reels that will turn a good fly reel into junk. Therefore, you must make your reel clean and dry as long as possible for long-term usage.

Can fishing reels get wet? 

Yes, fishing reels can get wet, and it can cause considerable problems to your fishing gear. 

The first time your fishing reel gets wet, you might worry a little bit that it will not work anymore. It is usual for anybody to worry, but you shouldn’t be concerned because a good fishing reel is built to withstand some water.

It would be better if you worried more about the dust and minerals that got along with water inside of your fishing reel. The water will dry eventually, but the dust, salt, or minerals will remain in there, and it can jam your reel.

Not all the time, it can be just a splash of water, sometimes the water can carry some dust and minerals, especially if you go fishing in muddy water or salt water or sandy water. 

A regular maintenance session will keep your fishing reel useful for a long time. Unless you are bored with the cleaning part, you can go and buy a waterproof fishing reel. The waterproof fishing reel can keep everything off from getting inside of your fishing gears, and it needs less maintenance.

Is rain bad for fishing reels? 

Yes, sometimes rain can be a problem for fishing reels unless your reel is water-resistant. Too much water is nasty for your fishing reels because if you don’t dry the reels after fishing in the rain, it can cause corrosion inside your fishing reel. 

The dust and other minerals can also get inside the fishing reel with rain water and make it jam and hard for you to fish. 

Because the small particles will cause corrosion on the inner gears of your fishing reel

 and therefore, always make sure you maintain your fishing reel regularly.

Do fishing reels rust? 

Yes, fishing reels get struck by corrosive components more than often. 

If iron gets in contact with saltwater and aluminum, then corrosion works its way out. 

Fishing reels rust, especially if you are fishing in saltwater because of the high concentration of salt. Also, other particles, along with water, can be another reason for rust. 

But you can prevent rust if you regularly clean your fishing reel with fresh water and dry it as long as it needs. You can also buy a waterproof fishing reel that prevents particles and moisture from getting inside your fishing reel. 

But one important thing is that to prevent your gears from rust, you should regularly maintain your fishing gears.

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