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What To Wear If You Don’t Have Snow Pants? (Answered)

Many people out there miss out on snow activities simply because they don’t own snow pants and lack of information about the right alternatives.

So, if you are one of them and saying no to snow activities then you surely would be eager to know the alternative items to wear if one doesn’t have snow pants. 

Therefore, let’s quickly find out.

What To Wear If You Don’t Have Snow Pants?

If it’s not possible to wear snow pants then rain pants, wind pants, fleece pants, sweatpants, fishing waders, leggings/tights (a great option for women), and jeans are the substitutes. And it’s better to carry a second pair of pants if the alternative snow pants don’t have the waterproof feature.

What Can I Use Instead of Snow Pants?

Till now as many of you are turning down a fun-filled snow activity like sledding just because you don’t own snow pants, therefore, this section has brought alternatives to snow pants that already are in your wardrobe. So, try any of these and go shove the slopes. 

  • Rain Pants 
  • Wind Pants 
  • Fleece Pants
  • Sweatpants 
  • Fishing Waders 
  • Right/Leggings (Best substitute for women)
  • Jeans (The very last alternative to snow pants) 

What To Wear Skiing If You Don’t Have Snow Pants?

Before you say no to skiing, check out these explanations given over the alternatives to snow pants to wear during skiing. 

Rain Pants: 

Snowfall is basically a frozen form of rain, so it completely does make sense that rain pants will work as a great alternative to snow pants. 

Rain pants contain a better water-resistant feature.

Rain pants are made of lightweight polyester cloth which is exceptionally water-resistant.  These pants are designed to have a baggier style and that’s what makes them ideal for layering. As there is much room for you to read any other warm cloth or an insulating underneath. 

Wind Pants: 

Wind pants are the other best alternative to wear. These pants are made of lightweight polyester or nylon fabric and are water-resistant and are comfortable to wear and move during skiing.

However, wind pants tend to be wind-breakers for your lower body because they are much more breathable. So, you are suggested to wear layers of warm clothes underneath to keep your lower body warm on icy cold slopes while skiing. 

Fleece Pants: 

Fleece pants can be the most promising alternatives to wear instead of snow pants. 

Fleece pants have an outer coating and a fleece coating inside but if you wish you can choose straight patterned fleece pants too. 

Fleece pants are not made of cotton which makes them perfect for skiing. These pants are not waterproof completely but don’t worry they don’t absorb excess water either. 

What To Wear Snowboarding If You Don’t Have Snow Pants?

Here’re the explanations of the alternatives you can wear while snowboarding if you don’t own snow pants. 

Polartec Fleece Pants: 

Polartec fleece pants is a good substitute that you can think of wearing while snowboarding. 

Polartec fleece pants are made of Polartec material which is a great material that will soak up your sweat moisture and will safeguard you from chilly weather at the same time. 

However, you have to wear layers of thermal underneath so that you can stay cozy and warm while snowboarding on snowy slopes.

Wind Pants: 

Wind pants make an excellent alternative to wear while snowboarding too. 

Since these pants are already out of either nylon or lightweight polyester material, therefore, they are water-resistant and flexible to move around while snowboarding.

If you decide to wear them, wear layers of warm pants underneath the wind pants to stay warm while snowboarding. 

Rain Pants: 

Opt for rain pants because these pants are designed to be waterproof so you won’t get wet. 

Lightweight highly water-resistant polyester fabric is used for making these pants. Also, they are made in a baggier size and style, and that is what makes rain pants suitable for layering underneath. 

So, you can wear multiple layers of warm or insulating fabric underneath these pants to stay warm while enjoying snowboarding. 

What To Wear Sledding If You Don’t Have Snow Pants?

You can give a try wearing all of these alternatives to snow pants that have been suggested for you below. 

Rain Pants: 

Rain pants are the best alternative to wear if you don’t have snow pants. Because these pants are waterproof and made of lightweight polyester fabric, therefore, you will stay dry as well as warm wearing them. 

Also, these pants have enough space for layering underneath. 

Fishing Waders: 

Fishing waders are another substitute that you can wear instead of snow pants. These pants are made of 100% water-resistant PVC, so will keep you dry all day. 

Besides, these pants go up to the chest, therefore, they will keep your upper body warm too. You can wear a layer of regular warm clothes underneath the fishing water to make you warmer, also so that you can take off the fishing waders after sledding sessions. 


All the ladies out there know that tights or leggings that you have in your wardrobe make a great substitute to wear instead of snow pants for you. 

However, the effectiveness of tights/leggings while sledding relies on the type of material and thickness of the pant material. You can some water-resistant and really thick tights/leggings that are both comfy, warm, and flexible for sledding. 


Opt for jeans as the very last option. If you wear jeans, wear extra layering of thermal or any other warm cloth. And carry additional dry pants to change after sledding. 

Why Do People Use Snow Pants?

Snow pants offer real comfort while maneuvering on snowy slopes, complete dryness, and breathability while performing any show activities, therefore, people use snow pants. 

The harsh chilly weather makes snow activities like sledding, skiing, and snowboarding uncomfortable. 

So, to experience these fun times on snowy slopes, people wear snow pants because snow pants are exceptionally warm, comfy, and flexible so they get an elastic motion in the legs to ride on snow regardless of weather conditions. 

Do I Really Need Snow Pants?

You definitely need snow pants because snow pants will create an insulating boundary between you and chilly weather to keep you warm and will not let you get wet as they are waterproof. 

Therefore, owning snow pants is a must, especially if you are a snow activity such as sledding, skiing, and snowboarding lover.

Can You Use Rain Pants In The Snow?

You certainly can use rain pants in the snow because rain pants are completely waterproof and have a lot of room for layering warm clothes underneath that will keep your lower body warm. 

Rain pants are made of lightweight polyester cloth which makes them water-resistant and suitable to wear in the snow. 

Do You Need Waterproof Pants For Snow?

You absolutely do need waterproof pants for snow because snowfall is basically frozen rain, so if you don’t wear waterproof pants for snow, you will get all wet and catch a cold. 

So, if you like to go and hit the snowy slopes in winter, you must purchase snow pants with a pretty decent waterproof grade so that you can stay dry as well as warm.

Is It Okay To Ski Without Snow Pants?

Well, you can ski without snow pants and it’s considered okay to a good extent. In this case of skiing without snow pants, you can opt for wind pants, rain pants, fleece pants, and leggings/tights (best for ladies). 

Any of these will work quite well on snowy hills and will protect you from cold weather. But you have to wear extra layers of warm clothes underneath. 

Can You Snowboard Without Snow Pants?

You can snowboard without snow pants. But to snowboard comfortably without snow pants, you got to wear either Polartec fleece pants, rain pants, or wind pants. Rain and wind pants are the best alternatives but you can go for Polartec fleece pants too if you don’t own rain and wind pants. 

No matter what pants you choose, make sure to wear layers of other warm clothes to stay warm. 

Do Ski Resorts Rent Snow Pants?

Ski resorts rent snow pants but not all ski resorts have this option. Also, if you want to rent ski pants from the resort where you will be skiing it may take a lot of time as you have to wait in a long queue. 

So, it’s better if you rent ski pants from any company or shop to save your time. 

How Long Do Snow Pants Last?

Any good-quality snow pants will last about 350 days of riding wearing them. You may find even some really high-quality and branded show pants that can last up to 5 years if they are taken care of properly. 

Ultimately, it depends on the usage and maintenance of how long a pair of snow pants will last. 

What Not To Wear In The Snow?

Jeans are not actually recommended to wear in the snow because jeans are not made out of any flexible fabric, also can not provide enough warmth to your body, so you better don’t wear them. 

Besides, if you decide on wearing jeans, you have to wear layers of other warm clothing too which will make you feel uncomfortable and stiff, so you can’t even move comfortably. 

What Are The Best Winter Hiking Pants?

Here are the best 6 winter hiking pants’ brand names.

  • Arc’teryx Men’s Gamma LT Pants 
  • Outdoor Research Men’s Ferrosi Pants 
  • Smatwool Men’s Merino 250 Wool Pants 
  • REI Co-op Activator V2 Soft-Shell Pants (For women)
  • prAna Halle Pants ( For Women)
  • Patagonia Women’s Simul Alpine Pants 

You can wear any quite water-resistant, breathable, and warm pants like wind pants, rain pants, fleece pants, etc. instead of snow pants. But it’s always better to wear snow pants.

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